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  1. TheMisterManGuy

    Adult Swim reference in Camp Lazlo

    Adult Swim got its name from an actual term used to designate the time period in which minors under 18 are prohibited from entering a public swimming area. So that line isn't really a reference to the TV network. Sent from my CP3669AS using Tapatalk
  2. TheMisterManGuy

    Trope Talk: Cartoon Characters who act much younger/older than their age

    12 (and to lesser extents 11 and 13) is a super weird age in that it's a transition between being a kid and a teenager. You get a lot of kids that age who still look and act like they're 9. But then you get just as many who look and act like they're 14. Puberty affects kids at different times...
  3. TheMisterManGuy

    “Inside Job” News & Discussion Thread

    One thing I would like to see in Part 2 is (especially considering the Part 1 finale) more emphasis on Cognito, Inc.'s role as Villain Protagonists. The series already establishes them as not really being the good guys, so more episodes focusing on the company's various cartoonishly evil and...
  4. TheMisterManGuy

    “Inside Job” News & Discussion Thread

    Whether the "Deep State" is real or not shouldn't bother you. Let people believe what they want. There should be more shows like this that parody our incompetent leaders like this. Sent from my CP3669AS using Tapatalk
  5. TheMisterManGuy

    Did Disney Channel and The WB follow a similar trajectory?

    The Disney Channel for the longest time, was The Walt Disney Company's flagship tv property. Originally being a channel for Disney characters and content aimed at a family audience, it has since pivoted to producing live-action "tween" shows staring squeaky-clean teens and preteens in...
  6. TheMisterManGuy

    Which modern Kidcoms are worse, Nick or Disney?

    For the past couple decades or so, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel have been locked in a heated war, the children's live action series. While each network presented their own flavor at first, with Disney shows tending to favor kids in fantasy scenarios, and Nick shows bending more towards...
  7. TheMisterManGuy

    Are teen characters underrepresented in modern cartoons?

    I think they're over represented TBH. Just about every children's animated series protagonist these days is Middle or High School aged, and Adult Cartoons always have at least one teen supporting cast member. College and grade school ages are hardly featured anymore.
  8. TheMisterManGuy

    Disney Channel has never really had a "Cynical Cartoon"

    Disney has made some dark shows before such as Gargoyles and Gravity Falls. But the Disney Channel has yet to have made a show that was, more "Pessimistic" in tone. A show about cynical/morally bankrupt assholes being horrible people to each other in an exaggerated setting showing just how...
  9. TheMisterManGuy

    Trope Talk: PG-13 as a forbidden fruit in kids cartoons

    Yeah, that's what annoys me sometimes. Letting an 8-year old see a PG-13 movie unsupervised is obviously going to raise some eyebrows to people, so it was a bit more believable when Arthur did this trope. It's a bit more nonsensical when this trope is being done with characters who are 12. Is a...
  10. TheMisterManGuy

    Trope Talk: PG-13 as a forbidden fruit in kids cartoons

    It's a trope that pops up a couple times in kids shows, especially when the protagonist is under 13. A kid sees a cool movie, but it barred from entering because of its PG-13 rating. Even if the character is close enough to the suggested age range. In children's cartoons, PG-13 is sometimes...
  11. TheMisterManGuy

    The Replacements - When gimmick premises fail

    It was in a section of The Horn Book Magazine titled "Apples to elephants: artists in animation." In any case, I think The Fairly OddParrents had a much more versatile premise. You can do a lot more with wish granting fairies than you could with a people replacement service. Which is why Season...
  12. TheMisterManGuy

    The Replacements - When gimmick premises fail

    As much success that Disney Channel has had with its tween live-action shows in the 2000s, animation wasn't the channel's strongest suit during that period. While the network had some good cartoons in that era such as Kim Possible or American Dragon: Jake Long, most of its cartoons during this...
  13. TheMisterManGuy

    Pepper-Ann - The birth of the G-Rated Middle School cartoon

    True, but Pepper-Ann was still a pretty sanitized version of what being a middle schooler was like. The show never touched on older pre-teen issues like drugs, alcohol or puberty directly. They were always referred to in metaphors and allegories, and delivered in a comedic, slice-of-life manner...
  14. TheMisterManGuy

    Pepper-Ann - The birth of the G-Rated Middle School cartoon

    Unfabulous is pretty underrated too. I think a lot of people wrote it off as just a Lizzie McGuire knock off, but honestly I prefer it to that show (Lizzie started getting too ridiculous and unrelatable towards the end of its run, whereas Unfabulous was much more grounded).
  15. TheMisterManGuy

    Pepper-Ann - The birth of the G-Rated Middle School cartoon

    Also, fun fact, Sue Rose after Pepper-Ann, went on to create Unfabulous for Nickelodeon, which pretty much had the same premise of about a 7th grader and her friends surviving middle school. In fact, you could argue Unfabulous is just a Live-Action Pepper-Ann.
  16. TheMisterManGuy

    Pepper-Ann - The birth of the G-Rated Middle School cartoon

    My school originally had 6th grade in middle school, but it was shifted to elementary school the following year. 6th grade is a weird transition period, where some kids still want to be kids for another year, and others want to start doing more mature stuff, so some schools will either let 6th...
  17. TheMisterManGuy

    Pepper-Ann - The birth of the G-Rated Middle School cartoon

    Technically speaking, the Nick seasons of Doug were set in Elementary School (6th grade), Disney aged up the characters to middle school when they took over. 6th grade is weird because many U.S. schools place it in Elementary School, instead of Middle School.
  18. TheMisterManGuy

    The Rarity Of College In Animation

    It's the same reason why nobody wants to touch middle school as a setting unless you're making a children's show. High School is an overused setting for a reason, it's the easiest setting to write. It's the time of many firsts. First car, first job, first time in bed. And the various adolescent...
  19. TheMisterManGuy

    Pepper-Ann - The birth of the G-Rated Middle School cartoon

    As an aspiring writer, I've always been fascinated by Middle School as a setting. Sure, actual middle school is a hellhole that nobody likes to remember, but when used in fiction, it could be a unique and refreshing change of pace from the usual "High School" setting. When done right, it can let...
  20. TheMisterManGuy

    Liquid Television was ahead of its time

    Back in the days of the early 90s, MTV, before it became the vapid, corporate, reality-centric glitz machine it is now, was an edgy, young-adult focused network focused primarily on Music Videos. Videos dominated the entirety of the channel's early schedule. But as we moved into the 90s, MTV...

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