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    Herman and Katnip and Harveytoons DVD sets

    Wow I'm so happy my information is still here. I was a regular here with the crowd that became Golden Age Cartoons, and the crowd that was the Big Cartoon Database before the Toonzone years. I realize there is probably a reference thread or something somewhere with these basic questions but...
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    What was the shortlived Western with fat woman and the headless man (ghost?) in the cave?

    I meant that it came on after The Young Riders went off the air, not after The Young Riders every week. There were alot of short lived Sci-Fi Westerns in the mid to late 90s. I wish I could find a complete list of them somewhere. Wiki has list of "examples" which means it's incomplete but it's...
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    What was the shortlived Western with fat woman and the headless man (ghost?) in the cave?

    I didn't say anything about The Long Riders, and if it were a film it I wouldn't have referred to it as shortlived and I wouldn't have compared it to the TV series I mentioned.
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    What was the shortlived Western with fat woman and the headless man (ghost?) in the cave?

    I've been trying to figure this out for forever. I clearly remember the fat woman and the headless figure. The fat woman had an accent and the headless thing appeared in 1 episode, leading men on horses through a forest. This came on right after The Young Riders ended. I remember that because I...
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    Gif questions

    I have a gif that I want to make smaller than 8 MBs without losing any frames or video quality lol! I made it at a place called gifsforum. It was the first youtube to gif site that I could find which actually after going through many since Gifsoup took a dump. Gifsforum didn't have an option for...
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    Are there any lawyers here?

    Wound to tight are we? I posted it just because I was wondering and wasn't doing anything else.
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    Are there any lawyers here?

    I was just wondering. Like I'd take action on any advice given by someone whose not my lawyer?
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    Are there any lawyers here?

    I have to go see mine tomorrow but he doesn't know it yet. He'll be "busy" and we'll have to do an appointment later in the week. I got CANNED Monday because some corporate level jerk at Scholastic Bookfairs saw my file on a computer screen and decided I couldn't work there anymore. That's in...
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    Bowflex dumbbells

    Does anybody own a set of these? I'm not asking about any of the screwy gadgets they have on TV, I'm asking about the dumbbells. The dumbbells look like they're, well, actually dumbbells and not some gimmick. I'm looking to atleast get some curls in to puff up my arms after I dropped 20 pounds.
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    Overplayed Songs on the Radio

    I listen to rock and metal so I dunno about the songs above but I definitely know the feeling. It stinks even worse that the overplayed songs were never that great to begin with... All of My Love - Is the the best Led Zepplin they can find? Schism - Same is Tool's case. Take Me to the...
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    Joe Satriani help

    It's not a ballad like "Always...," but it's not a shredder either. Some further searching has led me to believe it wasn't even from one of his albums. It was a soundtrack or one of his deals with Steve Vai, who stayed on the radio a little more over the years.
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    "TNA iMPACT!" 11-15-07 Talkback (Spoilers)

    Where's Sting? I miss something?
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    Joe Satriani help

    What was that last Joe Satriani song that got scant airplay into the early 90s? I know your saying HOW AM I SUPPOSSED TO KNOW when the song of obviously has no lyrics but it was the last song of his that got on the radio a few times. It ended with a fadeout, also. I've listened to countlees...
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    Postal employees?

    Anyone work or the post office? How hard is the exam? Employees know what I'm asking about I presume.
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    "TNA iMPACT!" 5-10-07 Talkback (Spoilers)

    I posted my favorite part of iMPACT somewhere else when this forum was down last night :D
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    There is not enough old game compilations

    I'd definitely buy these comps if they were released. I'm on dial up and I kindaaaaa hate computers anyway. I mean, I enjoy the forums and I enjoy making cheaper purchases of all kind on the internet but I'm not a computer guy. I don't know much about them either. Downloading games sounds a...
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    1,000 best games in the world

    Make this a ballot that's officially over after x number of posts, and we'll have possibilities here. It'll mean alot of work for somebody, I presume, but it could work. 67. Double Dragon 68. Double Dragon 2 69. Double Dragon 3 70. WCW/NWO Revenge 71. Area 51 72. Ninja Gaiden 2
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    Top 10 Worst Consoles Of All Time

    Could somebody cut and paste? The link wouldn't work for me.
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    Best Wrestling Game Ever?

    OMG Revenge blows those games to heck and back.
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    Best Wrestling Game Ever?

    Ummmm that's like saying Slayer was heavier than Black Sabbath or something. That might be true but there would be no Slayer or Metallica or anything without Black Sabbath. Revenge was the first game to really raise the bar in wrestling video games. Every game that improves to this day can...

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