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  1. Dylan James Yi

    Many animated/anime shows with limited animation

    Well, I know I like every cartoons and anime shows I know, but I think there were other animated/anime shows that have limited animation for this. My instance for this that Meeow!, Teamo Supremo, Home Movies (mostly the first season), Cyborg kuro-chan, Nontan anime series, Schoolhouse Rock! and...
  2. Dylan James Yi

    Clone High Reboot will even think will be a season 2 revival finale

    Hey, as I heard that Clone High is returning, I know that Clone High will even get an season 2 finale with 39 episodes.... Also I hope more clone characters to be added as due to others being off-screen: H.A. Rey Margret Rey George Albert Smith (director of the 1898 film Santa Cluas) Harold...
  3. Dylan James Yi

    Some animated/anime shows that never have other dubs

    Hey there buddies! I like enjoying many animated shows when dubbed into many languages and animes dubbed in english and others. But some shows never got many dubs. Here is some shows that never got many dubs: Clone High - Never got an japanese dub, germany dub, korean dub, also the icelandic...
  4. Dylan James Yi

    Some animated shows of 1990's and 2000 that doesn't used cel animation

    Hey, do you know some late 1990's and Early 2000's animated shows had used cel animations? Well I think I knew.... Many animated shows of 1990's and 2000's that does not used cel animation. Here is this some examples: -Caillou (Season 1) - Does not used cel animation, instead used Ink and Paint...
  5. Dylan James Yi

    Some voice actors which did not voiced in many shows.

    While since I have reached some actors, some voice actors or the regular voice actors does not voiced many characters for the show. Here's some examples to this: -Dee Bradley Baker - He does not voiced many characters on Blue's Clues, Little Bill, Dora the Explorer, Wonder Pets!, Nature Cat...
  6. Dylan James Yi

    Some shows/films/others never have overseas animation

    Well, for some every US, UK, France, Canada, Japanese or other of this were animated overseas in Korea, Japan or something (Such as Saerom, AKOM, Rough Draft Studios/Rough Draft Korea, Dong Woo Animation, Hanho Heung-Up, DR Movie, Sunwoo Entertainment, Digital eMation, Hong Ying, Rainbow...
  7. Dylan James Yi

    Some animation look-alikes similars

    Hmmmm, bet this animation on TV shows, films, live-action with animations and anime was really good, but some animation was kinda getting worse, here some every animation was so worse or even worse: -Ed, Edd n Eddy (Season 1) - The animation for the first season of the show looks like the...
  8. Dylan James Yi

    Children's programming block idea: Kids-Power TV!

    Guess what, my upcoming children's programming block idea is to replace Kids Click for Syndication will be Kids-Power TV!, Kids Click will be replaced with the new block. Original programming Magical Beast Sherbert (english dub as original after when the upcoming anime series debuts, here this...
  9. Dylan James Yi

    Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power and Hey Arnold! ended 15 years ago!

    HEY THERE! The old Nicktoons; Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power and Hey Arnold! had ended 15 years ago, the shows ended in 2004, I hope that Rugrats is returning (I hope it will be a tenth season) and getting a fourth movie (A live-action/CGI movie). Hey Arnold! had returned for Hey...
  10. Dylan James Yi

    Some characters voices sounding like someone

    Well, after my post for characters sounding like some other characters, here is some more characters even sounded like other characters on some shows that it was so stupid and annoying: Mr. Messy (US dub for Mr. Men and Little Miss 1995 TV show; as The Mr. Men Show 1997 TV show): He sounded...
  11. Dylan James Yi

    New show idea: Andy and his Gang

    Hey guys, my show idea for Cartoon Network will be Andy and his Gang, the show will be created by the art director of the animated scenes of Lizzie McGuire, done in the same art style as the animated scenes of Lizzie McGuire, animated by Debra Solomon . The music for the show will be Composed by...
  12. Dylan James Yi

    Castle Thunder sound effect not heard in Some Shows

    Hey Bubs, why does the Castle Thunder sound effect is not heard in Some Shows? You see the Castle Thunder sound effect is even head for example: Peep and the Big Wide World episode "Stormy Weather", But the Castle Thunder sound effect does not even heard in some any shows. Here's how the...
  13. Dylan James Yi

    Characters' voice sound likes

    Hi, I was even thinking that Characters' voices are sounded likes. Like This: Peanut Otter's voice on PB&J Otter is sounded like Reginald from the Schoolhouse Rock! Song Interjections! or the Boy from the Schoolhouse Rock! Song I'm Just a Bill. Little Quagmire from the Family Guy episode...
  14. Dylan James Yi

    RUMOR: Meeow! Returns? Meeow revival Ideas

    Oh Hi There, Meeow! is gonna revival for a season 2? MaisieMac is Back?!? Here's Changes: The New Voice Actors for all characters instead of Stanley Baxter The show is switched from 4:3 ratio to 16:9 New Intro Theme Song: The Intro Theme Song is Remaked to be 16:9 ratio New Ending Credits...
  15. Dylan James Yi

    RUMOR: Sergeant Stripes Series 3 Revival?

    Hey and Hello Everyone, is Sergeant Stripes is Coming Back and Revival for a Series 3 on Cbeebies?
  16. Dylan James Yi

    Shows that Never Aired in the USA

    Hey, you see, the shows never even aired and picked up in The USA. Here's Examples of Shows never even aired and picked up in The USA: Sergeant Stripes Meeow! Angelmouse Nellie the Elephant Junglies Philbert Frog Puppydog Tales (AKA: Rosie & Ruff in Puppydog Tales) Timbuctoo (TV series) Fly...

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