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  1. ShadowBlinky

    Animation on FOX Talkback 2021-2022 (Spoilers)

    Actually it's not. I've seen it before, albeit rarely. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not here. Either way, they definitely ran out of ideas a loooooong time ago. Have these writers forgotten that Stewie was pregnant before? That's one of the VERY few jokes I chuckled at; it may...
  2. ShadowBlinky

    Powerpuff Girls Live Action CW Series In Development

    The original voices of the Powerpuff Girls themselves were not involved at all. And even if they were, it doesn't matter if the executions/stories are god-awful, which in the reboot they most definitely are. And many, if not most, believe so as well. Otherwise it might still be around or at...
  3. ShadowBlinky

    Lost Media You Want to See (Animation Edition)

    I wish I could see the lost Archies Music Videos from 1969: The Archie Comedy Hour (partially found song segments of CBS animated series based on comic book series; 1969-1970) - The Lost Media Wiki
  4. ShadowBlinky

    Why exactly have Marvel never made a movie about Squirrel Girl?

    I guess squirrels can be rather polarizing. :)
  5. ShadowBlinky

    C&C - Assassination Classroom - "Valentine's Day Time" [5/7]

    Isn't saying how many episodes are left kind of a spoiler?
  6. ShadowBlinky

    So why exactly has The Loud House been in decline?

    Even smart people have limits. And heaven knows its not always easy to come up with GOOD new jokes and stories.
  7. ShadowBlinky

    The Owl House News And Discussion Thread

    For an episode in which none of the stars are involved, it is pretty good!
  8. ShadowBlinky

    Unconventional or unpopular opinions you have (re: animation)

    Cartoons with limited animation can be just as entertaining and engaging as those with full animation, although I have boundaries *COUGH*MarvelSuperHeroes1966*COUGH*. Out of curiosity, is there anyone here that believes there's such a thing as TOO fully animated? That would probably be one of...
  9. ShadowBlinky

    Ruby-Spears Heathcliff vs. DiC Heathcliff

    Is there a reason in particular you posted this?
  10. ShadowBlinky

    "Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?" Series Talkback (Spoilers)

    For anyone interested, they are showing new(er) episodes on Boomerang now.
  11. ShadowBlinky

    What is to be learned from 4kids demise?

    Don't go overboard with censoring things.
  12. ShadowBlinky

    Animation on FOX Talkback 2021-2022 (Spoilers)

    Why is one of the few things I found funny in tonight's Family Guy is Lois being thrown off the cliff?
  13. ShadowBlinky

    "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" (Netflix) News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    Either that or they're gluttons for punishment. Whatever the case, I'm still not watching any of it.
  14. ShadowBlinky

    What Are Animated Franchises That Have Sustained Longevity No Matter What?

    Even though it technically didn't start off as an animated franchise, I find it amazing that the awful first movie (or the awful first series) didn't destroy the Transformers brand. I guess one could say the same for Sonic with Sonic 2006. It's just a good thing that TF and Sonic are...
  15. ShadowBlinky

    Unconventional or unpopular opinions you have (re: animation)

    I did; in fact I made a thread here concerning an issue he brought up in the book: Did Mickey's Ears and Size Contribute To His Demise?
  16. ShadowBlinky

    Is animation beyond saving?

    At least their animation was better than Filmation's. HB looked like Disney compared to them.
  17. ShadowBlinky

    ACME Night News & Discussion Thread

    Why in the world would CN show this? o_O
  18. ShadowBlinky

    Happy 35th, Simpsons!

    Actually, "Some Enchanted Evening" was the real pilot episode of the series, but...well, this video will explain:
  19. ShadowBlinky

    Happy 30th, Kirby!

    That's a name you should know! :)

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