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  1. Elijah Abrams

    "The Night Gardener" News & Discussion Thread

    Another project from Laika, the creators of Coraline, ParaNorman, Kubo and the Two Strings, and the upcoming Wildwood, has been announced, and it looks like it's going for a more mature audience and tone! The Night Gardener will be helmed by Travis Knight, from a screenplay by Ozark creator Bill...
  2. Elijah Abrams

    "Netflix" News & Discussion (Spoilers)

    Let's face it everybody, with the recent plummet in subscribers and the demise of their in-house animation department. Netflix is on track to go under. I doubt their proposed free-with-ads plan will save them.
  3. Elijah Abrams

    MGM's future

    Now that Amazon has purchased MGM, how can said tech giant try to make the historic film studio one of the big majors (alongside WB, Universal, Disney, Paramount, and Sony Pictures) again after 36 years? Perhaps acquire the historic Culver City lot from Sony and make it the media HQ for Amazon...
  4. Elijah Abrams

    Future Entertainment M&As you'd like to see happen

    Which mergers and acquisitions in the entertainment industry would you like to see happen? I am making this thread for @lowell and @PF9 to discuss here, so they don’t bring other ones into an off-topic state.
  5. Elijah Abrams

    Nickelodeon 2022 Upfront predictions and hopes

    With the 2022 upfront for Nickelodeon coming March 24th, what are your predictions/hopes for what will be announced at it? Here are some of mine (will be updated whenever I feel like it): - Jimmy Neutron revival - The Patakis (Hey Arnold spin-off for Paramount+) - Nickelodeon acquires the...
  6. Elijah Abrams

    Shows with 16-minute episodes

    Besides SpongeBob SquarePants, what other cartoon shows had occasional 16-minute episodes?
  7. Elijah Abrams

    What would happen if Shari Redstone decides to sell Paramount Global

    If Shari Redstone and her National Amusements company finally decide to sell Paramount Global, what I would like to happen is for Sony to buy it, and then sell their existing Sony Pictures (Columbia TriStar) division to someone else, like MGM Holdings. With that, MGM and old SPE would merge into...
  8. Elijah Abrams

    Animated Warner Bros. film ideas you'd like to see get made (non-Looney Tunes)

    What ideas for an animated Warner Bros. film would you like to see get made, that aren't based on Looney Tunes? Ideas can be for theatrical, direct-to-video, and HBO Max Original films! Here's some of mine: The Christmas Pig - A theatrical film adaptation, produced by Warner Animation Group and...
  9. Elijah Abrams

    My ViacomCBS/NBCUniversal joint-venture idea

    My idea for a joint-venture between ViacomCBS and NBCUniversal would be where both companies have a 50/50 ownership in their existing cable networks (Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, USA Network, Syfy, etc.). I know I have said this many times, but with this venture, said channels, especially...
  10. Elijah Abrams

    Netflix cartoons/anime 2022 predictions

    What predictions for next year do you have related to Netflix on the animation and anime sides? Here are some of mine: The Cuphead Show premieres in early 2022. Green Eggs and Ham Season 2 premieres. The new season of Disenchantment premieres. Inside Job Season 2 premieres. A "magical...
  11. Elijah Abrams

    Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick, Nick Jr., Nick on Paramount+ 2022 predictions

    What predictions do you have for Nickelodeon and its other units in 2022? Here are some of mine: "Kwarantined Krab", "Hiccup Plague", and "Patrick's Tantrum" air on Nick USA, finally bringing SpongeBob's twelfth season to an end. The Loud House is renewed for a seventh season, along with the...
  12. Elijah Abrams

    2022 predictions for The Walt Disney Company

    What are your predictions for The Walt Disney Company in 2022? Here are some of mine: Pixar "Turning Red" releases in theatres in March (no simultaneous Disney+ release, not even a theatre-skip to the streamer) A movie based on the Sam & Max comics, directed by the original creator, Steve...
  13. Elijah Abrams

    Theatrical Paramount Animation features

    Will Paramount decide to cancel the theatrical releases for all of their Paramount Animation films after the release of "Rumble", not because of the current pandemic? The studio's next fully-animated feature after "Rumble" is "Under the Boardwalk", and that will be released July 22, 2022.
  14. Elijah Abrams

    Amazon Cinemas

    If Amazon ever wanted to start a movie theatre division, and would most likely do in the future, here’s how I would imagine what the chain would be like: The cinema chain would exhibit all the movies you would find at places like AMC, as well as indie/art house films, and Amazon...
  15. Elijah Abrams

    Will Disney renew their film financing deal with TSG Entertainment?

    I wonder if Walt Disney Studios will renew their film financing deal with TSG Entertainment, which they inherited from their purchase of 20th Century Fox? If they do, maybe under the new deal, TSG could finance films released under the Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm labels...
  16. Elijah Abrams

    Will "Ron's Gone Wrong" affect the release strategies for the next animated features after it?

    I'm asking this, because I took a look at the seating charts for showtimes at different theatres (in the weekend afternoons and early evenings), and they’re not looking rather good in terms of attendance, hence an incoming box office bomb, which would show that families are now reluctant to go...
  17. Elijah Abrams

    "Wildwood" News & Discussion Thread

    Laika, the stop-motion animation studio behind Coraline, ParaNorman, and Kubo and the Two Strings has announced its sixth feature, Wildwood, now in production. Directed by studio founder and CEO Travis Knight and written by Chris Butler (ParaNorman, Kubo and the Two Strings, Missing Link), the...
  18. Elijah Abrams

    Ideas for films based on children's books

    Which films based on children's books would you like to see? Here are mine: The Story of Babar (Histoire de Babar) - A two-part live-action/CG adaptation of the French children's book series by Jean de Brunhoff (later continued by his son, Laurent). The plot would adapt "The Story of Babar"...
  19. Elijah Abrams

    A better name for post-Disney 20th Century Fox besides "20th Century Studios"

    I really don't like 20th Century Fox's new name being "20th Century Studios", because it doesn't really "pop" and is rather outdated (it ain't the 20th century no more, people!). I think Disney should rename the studio again, but this time to "Hollywood Pictures"! Unlike the old "Hollywood...
  20. Elijah Abrams

    When will "Unfiltered" end?

    I know this isn't animation-related, but I am tired of having to see promos of that awful remotely-produced Unfiltered show on Nick and skim through recordings of it just to watch for Nick promos (which is something I like to do), and keep in mind that remote TV production is beginning to...

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