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  1. WMania

    Why did CN bury The Mr. Men Show?

    Doubt they'd bring it back or reboot it, but I enjoyed it. Can't believe it's nearly been 15 years(!) since it ran on CN.
  2. WMania

    ACME Night News & Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I get it. Like I said, I know CN is trying to orient themselves as a more family-friendly channel and promote existing shows in the WarnerMedia umbrella. I just hope it doesn't become a trend with other shows that do not have upcoming specials. Side note: so strange that they are making...
  3. WMania

    ACME Night News & Discussion Thread

    Nice to see CN have some new variety. I understand the concept of ACME Night and why WarnerMedia has been pushing existing IPs to tweens and turning CN into a more family-centric channel. I'm a bit baffled by airing Family Matters post-movie. TBS has lost some shows lately and is trying to...
  4. WMania

    The Amazing World of Gumball Movie and series greenlit
  5. WMania

    What Was Your Least Favorite CN Era?

    Fall era is my choice. Would've been fine if the bumpers aired in the Fall, but they had those bumpers going for almost a WHOLE YEAR. The Nood era is nostalgic to me and undeniably creative, and everything CN has tried since has paled in comparison.
  6. WMania

    Official Cartoon Network Fantasy Schedule Thread

    JUNE 2021 UPDATE: Hello ToonZone, it's been nearly three years since my last post. I've been lurking, but some of the recent announcements about Cartoon Network and HBO Max inspired me to update my fantasy chedule from a few years back to include recent cartoons such as Looney Tunes Cartoons...
  7. WMania

    Total DramaRama

    A new episode called "Duck Duck Juice" was just added online. Link: Total Dramarama | Free Online Videos | Cartoon Network
  8. WMania

    Toonzone News WB Launches Boomerang Streaming Service Hosting Over 5,000 Classic Cartoons

    So much positivity and excitement in this thread. Very cool to see them be straightforward about what shows are the most requested.
  9. WMania

    Wish a Member a Happy Birthday

    Thank you. Much appreciated. :)
  10. WMania

    Cartoon Network Avatars

    Ben 10: new background Ben 10: Alien Force: new background Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: new background Ben 10: Omniverse: new background Chop Socky Chooks: new background Generator Rex: new background The Secret Saturdays: new background • Over 50 new Ben 10 avatars...
  11. WMania

    Cartoon Network Avatars

    Chowder: new background Courage the Cowardly Dog: new background Dexter's Laboratory: new background Ed, Edd n Eddy: new background • I have various Craig of the Creek characters ready, but there's no picture of Craig that I really like so far. I'll wait until the international websites...
  12. WMania

    Boomerang (US) News & Discussion II: Rebrand

    Eh, would've rather them keep all three as nightly shows, but I welcome the addition of Flapjack. That was the last major cartoon not on Boomerang that I wanted to see on the channel (not counting Chowder, which just left the schedule).
  13. WMania

    Official Cartoon Network Fantasy Schedule Thread

    He and I mentioned that I left them out, along with some rational behind my other changes.
  14. WMania

    Official Cartoon Network Fantasy Schedule Thread

    I ended up making a Best. Summer. Ever. schedule. I won't make it an official fantasy schedule, but this is what I would do for the scattered premieres. HIGHLIGHTS: • Six new episodes on weekdays, with reruns of the new episodes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. • Two new episodes on...
  15. WMania

    Flapjack turns 10 years today

    Like Chowder, the show peaked with a strong first season. Even still, great memories. Cannot believe it's been ten years. Here's a classic commercial CN used to run 10 years ago to celebrate:
  16. WMania

    CN Schedule Updates Part 2

    What's most shocking to me is that Gumball has only 58 airings this week. Love the diversity this week -- CN has made a lot of progress here and Boomerang of late. Let's hope they keep this good momentum.
  17. WMania

    Official Cartoon Network Fantasy Schedule Thread

    JUNE 2018 UPDATE: Over the last few months, this has turned from more of a Dream schedule to a Realistic/Ideal schedule. With the Boomerang streaming service, the need for classic cartoons isn't as dire for me. I'd imagine we will see Foster's Home, Billy and Mandy, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's...

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