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  1. Perla Magica

    Syfy Rebrands as TZGZ Jr.

    Following the success of Adult Swim Jr. Syfy rebrands itself as TZGZ Jr. on April 1st 2021. A new channel for kids and the smaller kids with the greatest taste of humour. The schedule includes all favorite shows like "Alien News Desk Reborn", "Magical Little Girls Squad", "The Cartoon Show" and...
  2. Perla Magica

    "Alien News Desk" Talkback Thread

    I decided to make a thread about the latest SyFy late-night cartoon that premiered a month ago (27 February, 2019). It's an weekly late-night news hosted by alien news anchors – Drexx Drudlarr (an alien) and Tuva Van Void (an robot). In every episode, Drexx and Tuva talk about various events...
  3. Perla Magica

    Freeform's "Sticks" - Talkback (Spoilers)

    I know it's too early to talk about it but Freeform has greenlit an animated pilot.
  4. Perla Magica

    Freeform announce "Pretty Little Liars Go!" - new animated series

    As the original live-action series is going to end soon, Freeform already made announcement about the animated comedy spin-off. "Pretty Little Liars Go!" will go the same way as the original series but instead make fun of characters and situations. There will be a lot of flanderization. Coming...
  5. Perla Magica

    Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa

    I saw few reviews about this movie, they said it's the WORST Christmas special ever made, because of it's animation and storyline. Well, I say... I can't believe it's exist! It's so frickin' bad! :eek: What do you think?

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