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  1. ToonsJazzLover

    Longest Nicktoon Hiatus

    Let's take a look at all of the Nicktoons' longest hiatuses: Doug: 280 days (season 1 finale to season 2 premiere) Rugrats (production hiatus doesn't count): 266 days (season 1 finale to season 2 premiere) Ren and Stimpy: 181 days (season 2 finale to season 3 premiere) Rocko's Modern Life: 294...
  2. ToonsJazzLover

    Entertainment Networks Schedule

    Since there haven't been a thread on other TV networks schedules (that isn't aimed at kids), I wanted to create a thread specifically for them. I'm mostly typing comedic/Viacom owned channels such as Comedy Central, TBS, TV Land, BET, etc. but I will occasionally do non-comedy channels like Syfy...
  3. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon Schedule Archive Wiki

    No April Fools joke, but the Fandom Wikia dedicated to Nickelodeon history is now open to honor 41 years of the network. Nickstory Wiki There is currently 1,910 pages at the moment. It was founded by VHS collector CDCB2 (follow him on Twitter for Nick history). The Wiki is dedicated to the...
  4. ToonsJazzLover

    Emmys 2019 Animation Nominees

    Animated Program Big Mouth ("The Planned Parenthood Show") Bob's Burgers ("Just One Of The Boyz 4 Now For Now") BoJack Horseman ("Free Churro") Adventure Time ("Come Along With Me") The Simpsons ("Mad About The Toy") Short Form Animated Program Love, Death & Robots ("The Witness") Robot Chicken...
  5. ToonsJazzLover

    Animation Bump

    Which seasons/episodes of a cartoon feature noticeable usage of the trope, animation bump? If you don't know what that means, it is when the animation is very fluid and tend to have expressive facial expressions. It can also be when the animation was its best/peak. I'll add some examples of...

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