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    Cartoons celebrating 50 years!!!!

    Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary for 3 cartoons
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    The Firestarter Trilogy

    It started in 1984 with Drew Barrymore, then 18 years later with Marguerite Moreau and now with Ryan Kiera Armstrong. Please let's discuss the movies of Stephen King's Firestarter and no bashing any of these films, at all!!!!!
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    Who did better Popeye cartoons, IYO?

    There were many animation companies who've made cartoons of Popeye. IYO, who did the best ones?
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    Science Ninja Team Gatchaman 50th Anniversary Thread Discussion

    This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the classic Anime, "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman", the show that gave us Battle Of The Planets, G-Force: Guardians Of Space and Saban's Eagle Riders, Come post your thoughts
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    America's Best Dance Crew Appreciation/Discussion Thread

    Let's discuss and show appreciation to "Randy Jackson Presents America's best Dance Crew". Post who your fave dance crews who were on there and don't just say JabbaWockeeZ either. they're cool, but show some other crew love too. IMO, my fave crews are JabbaWockeeZ Kaba Modern Super CR3W...
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    The Party Appreciation Thread R.I.P. Tiffini Hale (1975-2021)

    I want to show some love to one of my fave groups, The Party and pay tribute to their fallen member who passed this past Christmas, Tiffini Hale (July 30, 1975 - December 25, 2021)
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    Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson.Paak)

    Who here likes the new joint from Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson.Paak)?
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    Soul Train 50th Anniversary Thread

    Today, on this day in 1971, Don Cornelius (RIP) brought his local hit music show to syndication called, "Soul Train"
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    The Chase Discussion Thread

    Who here has ever watched the game show, "The Chase"? I only know of three versions of this show The UK Version The US (GSN) Version The 2nd US (ABC) Version
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    WOW - Women Of Wrestling Talkback Discussion

    As many of you know (who has AXS.TV), WOW - Women Of Wrestling premieres tomorrow night at 9/8C on AXS.TV. Who here is gonna watch tomorrow night?
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    The Archies: 50th Anniversary Thread

    This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the animated adaptation of the Archies. Lou Scheimer and Co. at Filmation would create what was to be the first animated Archie cartoon, with the help of Don Kirshner and his team of songwriters and producers, "The Archie Show" was a ratings hit...
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    Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out

    Who here watches Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out?
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    If NICKSplat finally became a channel and you were in control of it.........

    ........., what would you show on there, besides classic NICK shows? If you ask me, my NICKSplat schedule would go like this: SUNDAYS Each Nicktoon will have a one-hour block Special Delivery takes over after that WEEKDAYS (Re-Vamped just for this channel) To be...
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    Who here likes Exposé?
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    Boogie Nights 20th Anniversary Thread

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the hit movie, "Boogie Nights", directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring (Marky) Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds, Don Cheadle, John C. Reilly, Julianne Moore and Heather Graham. The story is about how adult film director Jack Horner discovers a young...
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    2017 BET Awards Disscussion Thread

    Who's gonna watch the BET Awards tonight? If you are, who are you most excited to see tonight?
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    Cast The Marvel Universe

    I know there are a lot of Marvel Comics characters that you like or love and there are some favorite actors or actresses you like and love as well. Who out there in LaLa Land or anywhere would you like to see cast as any of your fave Marvel character(s)? As for me, here are a few I'd like to...
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    MunchPak Thread

    Who here has ever heard of MunchPak before?
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    Spider-Man (1967-1970) 50th Anniversary Thread

    I know its a bit early for this, but this year marks the 50th (Golden) Anniversary of the very first Spider-Man cartoon. The series ran on ABC from 1967 to 1970 and produced by GrantRay Lawrence Animation and Krantz Films (same people behind The Marvel Superheroes [one year before Spidey] and...
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    Music Stars who had their on shows

    As many of you know over the decades, many music were given their own TV shows, whether it be live action or animated, it would leave a lasting mark on their careers. Now I will do this in different parts. In the 1960s, we had the Beatles and then came, the Monkees More to...
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    "The Marvel Superheroes - 50th Anniversary" Talkback (Spoilers)

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of The Marvel Superheroes. Produced by GrantRay/Lawrence Animation and Krantz Films, the series featured 5 of Marvel Comics most popular superheroes: Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner, The Mighty Thor and Iron Man. The...
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    Super Retrovision Saturdaze

    If Nickelodeon ever get off their butts and do a Nick Rewind channel, they should definitely bring back this:
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    Lip Sync Battle

    O.K., who here watches or has ever seen the Spike TV hit series, "Lip Sync Battle" hosted by LL Cool J with colorful commentator, Chrissy Teigen?
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    The Mistreatment Of Daffy Duck

    Back in the day, Daffy Duck had a lot of traits that Warner Bros, used, sometimes he could be as crazy as a fox, stingy as Yosemite Sam and as smart as Bugs Bunny. But nowadays, they're just making him more stupid as ever, examples are in shows like The Looney Tunes Show and Duck Dodgers. IDK...
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    Real Husbands Of Hollywood Thread Talkback

    I'm surprised no one here has started a thread about Real Husbands Of Hollywood. Well, I'll started where you talk about every episode on here
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    98 Degrees Reunion Tour This Summer

    Will 98 Degrees still be hot after all these years? The singing quartet made a brief but huge splash during the boy band craze that was the late 90s and early 2000s, and now it seems as if they might be getting back together, at least for a bit. Members Nick Lachey, his...
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    New Edition

    Who here likes New Edition?
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    Take That

    Any fans of Take That?
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    Adult Swim should show Gatchaman!!!

    Who here would like to see Gatchaman on AS? Mod's note: DO NOT POST FULL EPISODES FROM YOUTUBE. THANK YOU.
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    The Jackson Family Discussion

    Since there were some threads on Michael Jackson, I wanna do a thread devoted to the entire Jackson family. Here you can talk about any of your fave Jackson siblings, whether it be MJ, Janet, Jermaine, LaToya, Tito or who ever you want, just as long as its not in negativity or mockery on anyone...
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    Isley Brothes Talkback

    Who here likes the Isley Brothers?
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    The WWE Network Talkback

    WWE recently took out a $200 million line of credit with JP Morgan Chase Bank to finance the planned WWE Network and help the company expand its digital library. - At this time, WWE has not yet finalized exactly what will air on the network. Of course, the backbone of the network will be WWE’s...
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    Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman Discussion II

    I wanna continue the discussion of
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    The Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman DVD Discussion

    For those who have recently got the official releases of "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman", come and discuss them here.
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    An official Madonna biopic? (Pre-Release Discussion Spoilers)

    I know there was an unauthorized biopic of Madonna that aired on TV, what if Madonna herself, were to make her own film about herself, who would you like to see her play herself in her younger years? If you ask me, Kirsten Dunst would be perfect as Madge
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    The Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman Appreciation Thread

    As we get close to their DVD releases next month, I want to do a thread devoted to and NOTE: No bashing!
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    Ideas for a She-Hulk film

    I've read internet rumors about a possible She-Hulk film, it's been said that Megan Fox wants to play the main character (LMAO) and there's another rumor that Beyonce wants to play the She-Hulk in the up-coming Avengers movie (LHM). But if I were to do it, here's how I'd cast and create the...
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    If Spider-Man 4 were to get back on track, ...

    ....... Sony were to reconcile with Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire, how you think would go through with the (now canned) 4th installment? Here's how I see it: Spider-Man is still world famous, while Peter Parker is still strugging with finding a good job and dealing with J. Jonah Jameson's...
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    Beavis & Butt-head Meets Ren & Stimpy?

    With Beavis & Butt-head preparing to make a comeback soon, who would like to see MTV do a special where they meet Ren & Stimpy? Meets
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    Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman Appreciation Thread

    I decided to do an appeciation thread devoted to the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, so come and post your fave memories and pics of both shows and most importantly...................NO BASHING!!!!!!!!!!!

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