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  1. ToonsJazzLover

    Cartoon Network Eras Ranked

    From worst to best Dimensional = Mashup (they both equally suck, though I always get both branding mixed up) CHECK IT 3.5/4.0 (The start of the Miller era and it felt like CN has stopped caring about its live feed as they started focusing more on its less than stellar app) Noods (Scheduling was...
  2. ToonsJazzLover

    CN Schedule Updates Part 3

    CN's 30th birthday schedule is the most colorful it's been in many years. I'll be tuning in to celebrate. I wish Sunday would lay off the rotating marathons, though.
  3. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon Schedule Discussion Part 6

    I can't wait for the schedule to finally return back to normal. Still wish they stop using movies as lead-ins for premieres, though...
  4. ToonsJazzLover

    R.I.P. David A. Arnold

    He also wrote a few episodes on Side Hustle for Nick. Nick in particular posted the full episode of one of his written episodes last year. This particular premiered on Jules LeBlanc's birthday and revolved on Lex and Presley's friendship.
  5. ToonsJazzLover

    WarnerMedia sold to Discovery Networks, renamed Warner Bros. Discovery

    If there’s one thing I learned from this merger is that I won’t be touching a Discovery network any time soon (even the Food Network and Science Channel, the only channels from them I could stand since Network Decay took a toll on most of their channels). I was never big on unscripted content to...
  6. ToonsJazzLover

    Unpopular Opinions

    Honestly, it’s sad that his former co-writers Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert (as well as other kidcom creators/writers like Terri Minsky, Phil Baker & Drew Vaupen, John D Beck & Ron Hart, Dave Malkoff, etc.) seem to have better way at understanding their characters. Their shows Austin & Ally...
  7. ToonsJazzLover

    Unpopular Opinions

    Ever since Dan Schneider was let go, I feel like the quality of Nickelodeon's live-action shows (sitcom or drama) have gotten up. Yes, I might be too old for these type of shows, but if you were to compare the tone for a Cyma greenlit sitcom to a Robbins greenlit sitcom, you'll be amazed how...
  8. ToonsJazzLover

    TeenNick General Discussion

    Bummer, this channel was slowly improving this week. The only good thing I can say is that they still actively play ended shows (can't say the same for Nicktoons). With the way TeenNick schedules things, why is it that the only way to become a successful Nick sitcom nowadays is to have...
  9. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon cancellation/renewal thread part 2

    Considering they used to write with Dan Schneider back in the 90s, it sucks that Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert can't never have a successful sitcom at Nick (they were able to find one for Disney with Austin & Ally). Warped! was too good to be on Nick, it should've been on Paramount+ due to the...
  10. ToonsJazzLover

    Big Nate (News And Discussion Thread)

    I should watch the show right now on Paramount+, which I recently signed up, but since I have trust issues with streaming lately, I'm going to tune in on Nick instead.
  11. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon Schedule Discussion Part 6,-Programming-Nickelodeon/-in-New-York,NY?jid=c7e3db5970c5abdc&lvk=MnsnMzeTkFTGUP6tTLU-zw.--M_4-31wYN With how bad Nick's scheduling is lately, I think it's time one of us to have 5 years of experience in program scheduling so we could...
  12. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon Acquires New The Smurfs CG-Animated Series

    Good for them, but I can't help but feel bitter they're treating this show the same way they did with Alvinnn!!! when it was new: Giving it so much screentime while refusing to air their new original Nicktoons. Really shows you their favoritism with established properties over news ones.
  13. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon Ratings Thread Part 9

    Nick's top rated telecast from 2006-present. The late 2000s is top 5 since there's not enough ratings info back then, and 2022's top 10 only goes up to this month so far (assuming ratings go up again, the ranking might remain the same at the end of the year).
  14. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon cancellation/renewal thread part 2

    I really hope they renew the non-black sitcoms (Dylan and Lay Lay were already renewed a while back). I think the big problem comes from the fact Danger Force share a crew team with Fairly Odder (Christopher Novak runs both shows) and John D Beck and Ron Hart work on both Side Hustle and That...
  15. ToonsJazzLover

    International Nickelodeon Thread Part 12

    European Nick feeds schedule dump. Take a look at what shows they air over there and which feed you prefer the most.
  16. ToonsJazzLover

    CN Schedule Updates Part 3

    The afternoon schedule is a tad better than the past couple months. Almost all of the current airing shows get an equal amount of screentime, something that other networks need to do more often instead of playing favorites.
  17. ToonsJazzLover

    CN Ratings Thread Part 18

    That gotta be Cartoonito's highest ratings in months.
  18. ToonsJazzLover

    A Timeline of the Tom Ascheim Era

    Ascheim was the reason why CN’s live feed became alive again after stagnation. It’s a shame that he was let go so soon, but I hope Ouwleen does a good job.
  19. ToonsJazzLover

    CN Ratings Thread Part 18

    Weird to see TTG reach this low. I guess We Baby Bears and Craig hadn’t dropped below the six digits
  20. ToonsJazzLover

    To celebrate 40 years of The Weather Channel, enjoy this playlist of the Local on the 8s...

    To celebrate 40 years of The Weather Channel, enjoy this playlist of the Local on the 8s segments I recorded during my early years at YouTube.
  21. ToonsJazzLover

    Which Cartoon Network block was your most favorite growing up?

    Fridays and Toonami, although I'm nostalgic for Miguzi as well.
  22. ToonsJazzLover

    Cartoons You Wish You Paid More Attention to as a Kid

    Most of the Nicktoons during the mid-late 2000s. Although I wasn't into ATLA as a kid, the other Nicktoons (which were episodic) deserved much better and I didn't watch much of them since I was still obsessed with SpongeBob. So, even though I blame SB fans for refusing to check out new Nick...
  23. ToonsJazzLover

    “It’s Pony” News & Discussion Thread

    So the show is set to finish by the end of this month, but for whatever reason, they only need #206 to air since one of the segments is a summer themed episode. Had the second season aired on Nick, it would have aired last summer instead.
  24. ToonsJazzLover

    Nicktoons (the channel) News and Discussion Thread 4

    Like MTV celebrating its 40th year on the air, Nicktoons' 20th anniversary had to fall on the worst possible day since every Sunday in the past several months have been an almost all day Alvin marathon, which isn't even a Nicktoon.
  25. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon Ratings Thread Part 9

    With KCA’s slightly improving from last year, I hope the annual declining ratings ends, especially once companies start looking for alternative ways to measure viewership. (I always thought the Nielsens favor people aged 50 more because they still actively watch tv due to their lack of...
  26. ToonsJazzLover

    "Middlemost Post" News & Discussion Thread

    Covering Nick news is so stressful when you have to put up with situations like this
  27. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon Schedule Discussion Part 6

    Is that supposed to be their Spring Break schedule, then they could’ve done it this week or last week.
  28. ToonsJazzLover

    "Middlemost Post" News & Discussion Thread

    Glad to know the show is coming back sooner than I expected…I predicted May 6 the earliest or June 3 the latest
  29. ToonsJazzLover

    CN Schedule Updates Part 3

    I wish Nick could take notes and air marathons of different shows every weekend instead of the same two shows
  30. ToonsJazzLover

    CN Ratings Thread Part 18

    No wonder they're giving it another slot starting tomorrow. Today's generation of kids deserved better.
  31. ToonsJazzLover

    Nick Jr News And Discussion Thread Part 2

    And to think Nick Jr was the last place to not have an overnight schedule consisting of one show leaving Nick @ Nite the only one without this (assuming they don't play Friends all night long)...
  32. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon Advertising/Promotions Thread Part 2

    I expected Alvin not getting promoted since Nick always forgets about it, but Loud House not being promoted just feels strange since it has been SpongeBob's second fiddle for nearly 6 years
  33. ToonsJazzLover

    TALKBACK - Victor and Valentino - "The Matchmaker"/"Pastry Peril" [3/7]

    Another show I'm falling behind so I'm afraid I'm going to skip this week of premieres because of continuity (since every cartoon needs lore, even if I think V&V improved).
  34. ToonsJazzLover

    Cartoon Network March 2022 Premiere Info

    Other than Cartoonito taking a good amount of premieres, it's yet another dry month for Cartoon Network. Hey CN, you promised us that there won't be that many dry months since the rebrand. Lots of people have been waiting for Mao Mao's return (and it's longer than any Nicktoon that goes on 12...
  35. ToonsJazzLover

    Nickelodeon 2022 Upfront predictions and hopes

    It's been such a dry year for Nick news that all of the good stuff are going to be saved for the upfront. I knew something was off when they didn't revealed Avatar Studios projects last month (since they're pretty much going to be on Paramount+). And while some shows are getting new seasons...
  36. ToonsJazzLover

    “It’s Pony” News & Discussion Thread

    I've been falling behind on this show lately. Maybe if the incompetent schedulers at Viacom/Nick didn't pulled the new episodes last March, they would've still aired on Nick (although on Saturday mornings since Friday night is getting crowded).
  37. ToonsJazzLover

    "Middlemost Post" News & Discussion Thread

    I said the same thing about It's Pony last year around this time and guess what happened? Got pulled at the last minute. Maybe it's not worth celebrating unless they all aired for real. I understand Alvin needs some new episodes, but they better have this show back by May or June before a...
  38. ToonsJazzLover

    The Loud House News and Discussion Thread 2

    Well, this show is going to have more episodes than FOP and Rugrats (episode total count) due to every single season having 26 half hours.
  39. ToonsJazzLover

    The cartoon community claim that Nickelodeon relies too much on existing properties, yet ignore...

    The cartoon community claim that Nickelodeon relies too much on existing properties, yet ignore for the original shows they keep begging for until they're screwed over.
  40. ToonsJazzLover

    Upcoming Nick programming thread part 3

    I'm glad Nick's upfront has always been held in March. Waiting until May for the exciting news like series renewal, announcement, etc is tedious.

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