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  1. hobo 7


    Has anyone here ever watched Pivot? It was a TV channel that shut down some time ago. I never had it, but I heard they used to air Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  2. hobo 7

    "Gary And His Demons" coming to SYFY

    As listed on TV Passport, the VRV animated series Gary And His Demons will be making its US television debut on the SYFY channel come April 19th. Source: TV Schedule for Syfy - Eastern Feed Seems like the channel's been pushing animation on its schedule again ever since buying Futurama reruns...
  3. hobo 7

    Casting Calls for a short film I'm making

    I wrote the script to a short film called "Coffee Curse" and am currently working on the animation. I just need voice actors. Casting Call: Coffee Curse (Non-Paid)
  4. hobo 7

    Do you guys think CN and [as] should merge?

    I don't really mean as in mixing the shows around day and night, but maybe something like using the CN name (but with different branding of course) during Adult Swim shows. Either just as a screen bug or using the CN logo on [as] bumps like before 2004. What do you all think?
  5. hobo 7

    SYFY Channel Talkback

    Welcome to the news and discussion thread for the US feed of SYFY (formerly The Sci-Fi Channel), where we discuss things about the channel's schedule, upcoming events led by the channel, new episodes/premieres of SYFY original programming and ways in which the channel can improve. I've noticed...
  6. hobo 7

    Ghost and Pig: an animated short I just finished

    Prepare your god-forsaken eyeballs for what is probably the biggest animated waste of time you'll ever witness, Ghost and Pig, a short by yours truly: You can rant about it if you want, I won't be hurt.
  7. hobo 7

    Eli's Soop: This webcomic I make for some reason a year ago, I decided to make this random webcomic called Soop (later renamed Eli's Soop), which features original comics, parody comics, and other stuff I guess. You can give it a read if you want. It's a pretty cool comic.
  8. hobo 7

    Nickelodeon Fantasy Branding Thread

    I made some cool Nickelodeon logos and wanted to share them to you guys You can also make your own and post them on this thread if you want! (the eDasmy logo is my signature by the way)
  9. hobo 7

    Kix UK has been added to Filmon TV

    A UK boy-centric network known as Kix been added to Filmon TV (probably a month ago but still something to talk about) I might be spending a lot of time on this channel. I originally found out about Kix a while ago but never got the chance to watch it since I live...

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