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  1. Mario500

    Civility and the Internet

    Has the Internet changed your perception of civility in society? Reading messages on various message boards and weblogs have left me with feelings of hopelessness, as many people don't care what they post online just as many people don't care what they say to other people and the feelings they...
  2. Mario500

    "Walt: The Man Behind the Myth"

    The Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) will present "Walt: The Man Behind the Myth", a biographical movie about the life of Walter Elias Disney, today between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM (Central time) and again between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM. The movie is currently scheduled to be presented again...
  3. Mario500

    "Twice Upon a Time" Available Online from Comcast

    The animated movie "Twice Upon a Time" is now available online as part of Comcast's Preferred Collection. The movie is available only to cable TV customers with subscriptions to the Preferred Collection as part of their Digital Prefer or Digital Premiere services...
  4. Mario500

    "The Wizard" on the Gospel Music Channel

    On Friday, January 7th, the Gospel Music Channel will present "The Wizard" beginning at 7:00 PM and again at 9:00 PM Central time. The cable and satellite TV network presented the movie last Sunday and I discovered it about an hour into the presentation. This was the first time I've seen the...
  5. Mario500

    Toon Zone Talkback - Lee Mendelson on "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

    This is the talkback thread for Lee Mendelson on "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Comic Riffs is a Washington Post weblog.
  6. Mario500

    TV Networks Leaving Out the Word "The"

    Have you noticed promotions for broadcast networks and cable TV networks which had the word "the" in their names originally excluding the word? I remember when Cartoon Network was called "The Cartoon Network" and FOX Family was called "The FOX Family Channel". I still refer to the latter...
  7. Mario500

    Internet Petition to Repeal Children's Television Act of 1990

    I have typed "Repeal the Children's Television Act of 1990" into Internet search bars numerous times and received few results in which this idea was expressed. Yesterday, I found a petition to repeal the legislation passed by the Congress of the United States. Here is the address...
  8. Mario500

    Toon Zone Talkback - "Adventure Time": You Can Believe the Hype, Sort Of

    This is the talkback thread for "Adventure Time": You Can Believe the Hype, Sort Of. I don't care for TV ratings, as they are distracting on screen and give show creators reasons to push the limits of what viewers may consider acceptable content.
  9. Mario500

    Surname References

    Have you ever found last-name only references in writing or broadcasting to be unhelpful or disrespectful in a way? When I'm reading about a person I'm not familiar with and only the surname is used after the first reference, I want to look back at the first name to get the know the person. Some...
  10. Mario500

    "However", "But", or "Though"

    Do you prefer to use "however", "but", or "though" sometimes? Here are some examples of usage: I know your family, but I know you even better. I know your family, however, I know you even better. I know your family, all though I know you even better. All though I know your family, I know...
  11. Mario500

    "A Birthday Forever Changed"

    Here is a link to an article from Parentdish titled "Born on September 11: A Birthday Forever Changed" along with hundreds of comments:
  12. Mario500

    Names on Second or More References

    How would you refer to a certain person after the first reference in writing?
  13. Mario500

    "Rethinking the Children's Television Act for a Digital Age"

    At 1:30 PM Central time on Wednesday, July 22nd, the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation will hold a hearing titled "Rethinking the Children's Television Act for a Digital Age". Here is a link to an article related to the subject...
  14. Mario500

    Overused Words and Phrases

    What words or phrases in your life do you believe are overused in either the spoken word or the printed word? As someone who pays close attention to news reporting and how it all works, I have gotten tired of hearing the words "apparent" or "apparently" every time a reporter or newsreader...
  15. Mario500

    New "Twice Upon A Time" Article Thanks to a search engine, I have found a new article about the 1983 movie “Twice Upon A Time” at the weblog Ward-O-Matic. It includes the writer’s fascination with the movie, an interview with Taylor Jessen (he...
  16. Mario500

    "The Underdog Show" on the Black Family Channel

    The Black Family Channel (formerly the MBC Network) began airing "Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales" and "The Underdog Show" Monday at 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM CST respectively, replacing "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego" and the animated "Dennis the Menace". Not every episode of "Dennis" (78...
  17. Mario500

    Mobile Register Removes Sunday "Comics"

    (A True Story) Mobile Register Does Away with "Peanuts", "Beetle", "Garfield", "Frank and Earnest" ect. -THE MOBILE REGION-June 13th, 2004, a day that will live in infamy among readers of South Alabama's 190+ year old newspaper, The Mobile (Press) Register. It was on that day, for the...
  18. Mario500

    The Cable Evolution Continues: TBS

    It all began as a small station in Atlanta under the call letters WTCG, which would become WTBS, best known across the nation as Superstation TBS, which would become just plain TBS, and a few years later they brought back the name "Superstation" making the channel "TBS Superstation". In recent...
  19. Mario500

    "(First and Last Name) Living"

    So many homemaker programs on the TV nowadays and now they're on the search for just 1 to replace someone in particular. :rolleyes: CBS ANNOUNCES PLANS FOR A NEW REALITY SERIES THAT SEEKS TO FIND AMERICA’S NEXT DIVA OF DOMESTICITY 12 People Compete To Be The Ultimate Maven of...
  20. Mario500

    C-SPAN: The First Season

    (Something's wrong about this) :rolleyes: House gavel-to-gavel DVD to feature director’s commentary, surround sound HOLLYWOOD — Millions of eager fans of the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network have started camping outside video stores around the nation as “C-SPAN: The Complete...
  21. Mario500

    The Game Show Network (1994-2004)

    "The End of Game Show Network" By Mario F. Hundred Monday, March 15th, 2004, 8:59 PM, a day that shall live on with many of the biggest game show fans. It was on this day that it all ended. After almost 10 years of entertaining viewers everyware with thousands upon thousands of episodes...
  22. Mario500

    Vote For "Price" Announcer

    That's right, the public can get their say on who should be The Price is Right's new announcer. Go to and participate in the poll they recently put up with the following announcer choices: Randy West Burton Richardson Art Sanders Daniel Rosen Who knows, this poll could very...
  23. Mario500

    Ten Commandments Back In Alabama Judicial Building

    (Montgomery, Alabama-AP) Feb. 6, 2004 - The Ten Commandments are back in the Alabama Judicial Building, this time in an exhibit that features copies of seven other historical documents. The display stands just across the rotunda from the spot once occupied by the granite monument to the...
  24. Mario500

    Comic Strip Collecting

    Anybody here collect comic strips too? I've been collecting Sunday comic strips out of the Mobile Register since January 2000, shortly after Schultz announced the retirement of Peanuts. Only missed 3 Sunday pages since then. Early this year, the Register figured it was about time to print color...
  25. Mario500

    Local Radio Programs/Personalities

    Know any local radio folk and/or that you think deserve a little more attention? Well, then post about them here! Oh by the way, I' new to posting at ToonZone. Been reading messages here for a couple of years now and I finally decided to join in on the fuss. Ok, now the topic..... Mobile...

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