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  1. RandomMe

    Television in Tibecuador

    TV channels receivable in Tibecuador as of April 1, 2022: 2 - Tibecuador TV 4 - Tele Rebelde Cuando No Sigo Los Demás (youth channel) 6 - Tulavisión 8 - TN8 (relay of the Nicaraguan channel since 2008) 10 - El Tiba es Canal 10 12 - Tibavisión
  2. RandomMe


    No joke.
  3. RandomMe

    The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants gets a merman season!

    Or more accurately merman character, Kai, a near-lookalike of Harold Hutchins that the kids discovered at recess and will be added to the main roster of characters. An underwater storyline without Krupp/CU is underway, because Krupp loses his powers underwater.
  4. RandomMe

    King Neptune's Adventure live-action adaptation in jeopardy

    A recent operation by Jason Momoa, who starred in the Netflix live-action adaptation of King Neptune's Adventure, is putting the adaptation in jeopardy. However Jason thinks that he has had it with the adaptation of the animated series, itself adapted from an unlicensed NES game. The...
  5. RandomMe

    Disney and Paramount announce Mermanity

    Both Disney and Paramount have pooled their resources to announce Mermanity. The following shows involved will be: Phineas and Ferb Fish Hooks Gravity Falls Penn Zero SpongeBob SquarePants The Fairly OddParents The Loud House iCarly The premise is a joint property featuring the main characters...
  6. RandomMe

    Who is this Pokémon?

    All that we know is that: -is Cearese -is a mermaid -always gives thumbs up to everything
  7. RandomMe

    Mermanity - April Fools Day 2022

    Do you feel like waking up one day and finding out you're in a world where everybody's a merperson or meranimal, everything's a mercreature? Welcome to Mermanity. Also known as Mermankind.
  8. RandomMe

    1 year since the Toonhouse Comix revival of The Hub

    Exactly one year ago today, George Beard and Harold Hutchins, who apparently bought the rights to The Hub's likelihood, have relaunched the brand. Aiming at cord cutters, the channel has started a number of feeds worldwide and has since surpassed other channels in ratings. With a diverse and...
  9. RandomMe

    The future of television is theatrical

    In countries like mine, interest in going to the movies is decreasing, and decreased a few years ago due to rising ticket prices. But now I think that the solution has been found: Big Screen TV. Applied halls will have a screen for Big Screen TV's satellite and closed-circuit programming...
  10. RandomMe

    TN8 Appreciation Thread

    Well, what else can I say? TN8 isn't just another television channel, TN8 is a way of life. Its programming is so great, it feels like it needs to be the next international television powerhouse. And they also have the world's best kids show. What else? TN8 is love, TN8 is life!
  11. RandomMe

    Kahootia - April Fools Day 2022

    Welcome to the official page of the Kingdom of Kahootia, located in the north Caribbean, and also in the Root Beerian world. First colonized by mostly black merpeople of West African and Caribbean descent and brown bears from the USA mainland, Kahootia became a country in its own right in 1919...
  12. RandomMe

    Merpeople in Canadian/American animated series

    Had this idea yesterday and I'm recovering from the April Fool's ruckus (merpeople rule!), so I had this idea, a near-exhaustive list of merpeople in Canadian and American animated series (yes, I know that other regions have featured merpeople but that would take longer to finish, besides, H2O...
  13. RandomMe

    Total Merworld

    Fresh TV announces that it will continue Total Drama in new ways - after proving that the reality show format was outdated when they came up with Total Dramarama, it's time to see TD contestants AS MERPEOPLE. No contestants here. The show will be called Total Merworld. Here's a general poster...
  14. RandomMe

    George Beard and Harold Hutchins Under the Sea! Talkback

    Toonhouse Comix announces its first television series for The Hub: George Beard and Harold Hutchins Under the Sea! Two clones of everybody's favorite pranksters try to make ends meet as merpeople in the underwater world. Unlike the picture above, the style will resemble their Netflix series...
  15. RandomMe

    Sonic the Merhog announced

    People are making a theatrical Sonic the Merhog to be released before Sonic's sequel. Paramount is handling everything and hopes that the merhog will end up rendered flawlessly. Sonic the Merhog will be set in Florida. Due to the rising trend of merpeople (and meranimals), hopes for a sequel...
  16. RandomMe

    Demand for animated series with root beer floats surging

    Demand for animated series with root beer floats surging That's right, you've read the title. Although root beer floats like Kahoot are deprived from moving because they don't have arms, legs and a digestive system, they want to make more series with Kahoot the Root Beer Float in them. Expect...
  17. RandomMe

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to get live-action series

    First The Powerpuff Girls. Then Ed, Edd n Eddy. Then Steven Universe. And now Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. A new series that will air on The CW will tackle Mac as an 18-year old falling under massive drug problems while seeing that the imaginary friends that he once cherished are more...
  18. RandomMe

    Loja Brinquedo Morsa

    Welcome to Loja Brinquedo Morsa's official ASF page. What do you want from our store?
  19. RandomMe

    Live-action adaptation of King Neptune's Adventure to be made for Netflix soon

    Two years ago, an animated adaptation of King Neptune's Adventure was made. Since the company that owned the game (Color Dreams - now Wisdom Tree) doesn't want to talk about its past as an unlicensed game maker, the copyright of the game passed on to the producers. Now a live-action series will...
  20. RandomMe

    The Hub is back

    This time as a diginet. The Hub will become the first non-educational diginet in the USA. This won't be payback for the shutdown of Qubo as this time the Hub is controlled by Hasbro at 100%.
  21. RandomMe

    George Beard and Harold Hutchins buy dormant KidsCo brand name and Universal Kids

    George Beard and Harold Hutchins buy dormant KidsCo brand name and Universal Kids Elementary school pranksters George Beard and Harold Hutchins have decided to buy the Universal Kids network because of two factors: the channel was unappealing and their show (The Epic Tales of Captain...
  22. RandomMe

    A look at bipedal bears and merbears in the USA

    The past few centures saw the birth of bipedal bears (aka walking bears) and immortal merbears. While merbears can be found in states like California and Florida, they too are widespread across the Rocky Mountains. According to current census data gathered in the United States of America: As...
  23. RandomMe

    Adult Swim April Fool 2021 Megathread

    An independent production company has accepted a deal with Warner Channel's Brazilian feed to air a Bonde da Stronda animated series on its [adult swim] block. Named Mansão Thug Stronda (Stronda's Thug Mansion) after their hit song from 2010, the series will be an animated retelling of the ups...
  24. RandomMe

    Demand for animated series with merpeople surging

    There has been a surge in the demand for animated series with merpeople. Expect tons of these to come in the next few years.
  25. RandomMe

    Ask Kahoot the Root Beer Float

    "Awesome apart; even more awesome together." -kickingcones Hi, I'm Kahoot, a plastic talking root beer float, and last year's Q&A with me as a merfloat didn't work. Basically what I'm going to do this year is take part in two animated series, Rooty's World as a secondary character and Kicking...
  26. RandomMe

    I woke up as a merman again

    However this time it was Timmy Turner that made everything :P And this time I'm not alone, because somehow this also affected by buddy Gatordragon, so us two are merpeople now
  27. RandomMe

    Disney/Pixar Forum April Fools 2021 Megathread

    Disney-owned A&W mascot gets animated series for Disney Channel and Disney+ After an anticipation that started on August 6 last year, the Walt Disney Company through its A&W Restaurants division that they bought in order to try new business sectors, is finally doing the impossible: A&W’s...
  28. RandomMe

    Farewell, Flash

    This may seem like a sad time for me, at a time where I am reflecting over the loss of my YouTube channel, but for many people who browsed the net since their childhoods, it's the last day of Flash support. Flash content is still playable until January 12. I know that Flashpoint exists, but...
  29. RandomMe

    The Hub is 10

    Tomorrow should have marked the tenth anniversary of a channel that had so many potential in becoming the fourth name in joining the Big 3: CN, Disney and Nick. The Hub replaced the vegetative Discovery Kids, whose mindset in the USA was still in a way true to what it was for most of its...
  30. RandomMe

    RandomMe's Skills of an Artist

    Decided to start today. I've been doing a few sketches on Paint (sadly I don't have good drawing skills, and that's the reason why I won't use this often). I was inspired by what @Gatordragon does (and still does on his Twitter account where he's more active now) but I still need to practice. I...
  31. RandomMe

    April Fool's Day 2020: The Aftermath

    Anyway, I don't know if it's a good idea, but anyway. Yesterday Google refused to do April Fool's Day pranks because of coronavirus-related issues. This is not the first time they miss out, they did the same back in 2001 and 2003 for unknown reasons. Back then, Google was just a site. This was...
  32. RandomMe

    Best commercial?

    This? Or this?
  33. RandomMe

    Nickelodeon India sold to Sun Group and starts showing Tamil serials

    Nickelodeon India has been sold to Sun Group in preparation for Viacom18's upcoming linear Wow Kidz and Wow World channels (Nick Jr., Sonic and HD+ remain unaffected). The new channel, Sun Serial, is starting broadcasts with uninterrupted marathons of Vasantham and Atthi Pookkal...
  34. RandomMe

    April Fool's Day 2020 All Threads

    And how do we know that? He is a merman! Like Michael Phelps!
  35. RandomMe

    Ask Kahoot the Merfloat

    Hi, I know I’m a bit too shy to appear on camera, but let me introduce myself. My name is Kahoot and I am a merfloat. If you don’t know what a merfloat is: you already know about merpeople and meranimals, but I’m a unique kind of merfolk. The top half is like the average root beer float. The...
  36. RandomMe

    Woke up an hour ago

    And as usual, I'm a merman, is anyone else in the same state?
  37. RandomMe

    The List

    The purpose of this game is simple. One user will give a list related to one topic (maximum at least 20 items) and the rest will eliminate, one by one, until the winning item is revealed. The winner will then select a new list. Starting with a simple one: Doraemon characters (Japanese names)...
  38. RandomMe

    Your 2010s

    It's going to be a long shot, but since everyone is talking about this so-called "end of decade", allow me to introduce myself. I've been here for most of the 2010s. The first few years (until 2013 at least) were the end of my "childhood", assuming I had 15 years worth of that. Portugal was...
  39. RandomMe

    2018 FIFA World Cup Discussion Thread

    Four years ago, I started a thread for the Brazilian World Cup. Four years later, I repeat my duty. We're nearly three hours away from the first match. This world cup is notorious for the absence of Italy and the United States, the Ivorian and Ghanaian qualification streaks being broken and the...
  40. RandomMe

    Why do today's kids repel from watching old cartoons?

    I know that this is kind of divisive, but this post was written from a European (specifically Portuguese) perspective. Anyway: For many years, kids of most of the world were raised on watching cartoons from prior generations. I for one, in my kindergarten years, was raised not only on the...

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