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  1. Dynamite Soldier

    Is The Loud House losing acclaim and popularity?

    I've been wanting to get this off my chest for quite some time, but here it goes. It appears since season 4, The Loud House has gotten more and more criticism for its flanderization of certain characters, rehashing episodes from past seasons, having more mean-spirited undertones, creating more...
  2. Dynamite Soldier

    Has The Fairly OddParents became one of the biggest examples of seasonal rot?

    Note: This topic will be based more on general consensus. Between 2001 and 2004, The Fairly OddParents was well-liked by nearly everyone (including teenagers and adults) for its unique premise, likable characters, and charming humor. The show was at the height of its popularity. Between those...
  3. Dynamite Soldier

    Adult Swim 24/7 launches in Canada on April 1st

    I'm just as surprised as you are. First Ever 24-Hour Adult Swim Channel Coming To Canada Next Month Discuss.
  4. Dynamite Soldier

    Lost "Lloyd in Space" Episode?

    According to the Lost Media wikia, there was apparently one additional episode of Lloyd in Space (titled "Picture Perfect") that only aired exclusively in Asia. It aired there on February 26th, 2003. Here's the episode's synopsis: Unfortunately, no images or videos from this episode has...
  5. Dynamite Soldier

    AS/Toonami Schedule Updates

    I'm surprised this thread hasn't existed until now. Anyways, let's discuss Adult Swim and Toonami's schedule here!
  6. Dynamite Soldier

    Should AS lose the 8 p.m. hour offically?

    I, for one, would really want CN to take back the 8 p.m. hour again. At the very least, I could see them air premieres/encores of their older-skewing shows (Steven Universe, Infinity Train, Victor & Valentino, etc.). Let's face it, ever since 2014, AS has not done anything special for that hour...
  7. Dynamite Soldier

    Gravity Falls Sucks

    I simply hate this overrated show so much. It's an uninspired ripoff from Scooby-Doo, not to mention the characters are extremely annoying, except for my boy Soos. Also the show's animation looks pretty terrible (just look at the gif below). Overall, Gravity Falls is just a watered-down...
  8. Dynamite Soldier

    Building Up Nicktoons

    The Nicktoons channel has recently removed a lot of live-action from its schedule (not all though; roadblack premiers and NickSports reruns will still continue, sadly). While that is one step up, there are still other problems Nicktoons needs to work on. Re-airing older cartoons from Nick is...
  9. Dynamite Soldier

    Other methods of CN celebrating its 25th annivarsary

    It's possible that we won't be getting a special schedule on October 1st (or all next month for the matter), but I think there are other methods Cartoon Network should do with its upcoming anniversary besides airing more old shows on its live feed. -Pretty much everyone is aware that CN is...
  10. Dynamite Soldier

    How long could Gravity Falls last on Disney XD (in terms of reruns)?

    I'm just really curious about this. It's been a little over a year since Gravity Falls ended, with 40 episodes aired. Since then, reruns continue to air on Disney XD, airing between 6-8 times a weekday. Now, I get that the show was one of Disney Channel/XD's biggest animated hits, but based on...
  11. Dynamite Soldier

    "Chuck's Choice" (Talkback Thread)

    Apparently, this new Canadian cartoon directed by Rob Boutilier (creator of Kid vs. Kat) premiered on YTV a few weeks ago. Here's the premise (from DHX Media): Any thoughts on this? For me, I saw some episodes and I think it's okay at best (grade for it would be a C+, so far). The concept is...
  12. Dynamite Soldier

    Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, or Star vs. the Forces of Evil?

    They're the most talked about on 4chan/8chan, so I figured that I could make this thread based on which of the three shows you like most. Out of the three, I personally would go with Gravity Falls, only because of the comedy. I like the other two, but their humor sucks IMHO. Gravity Falls...
  13. Dynamite Soldier

    Thoughts on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

    What are your thoughts on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja? I personally thought the show was pretty good (but horribly underrated, sadly). While it's not one of my favorites, I enjoyed watching it throughout its run. Though, I do think the second season turned out better than the first...
  14. Dynamite Soldier

    Characters You've Grown to Like

    What are some characters that you hated at first, but then started to have a soft spot for them? Here's my list (so far): Benson (Regular Show) - When Regular Show first started, I absolutely hated Benson for being an obnoxious hardbutt towards Mordecai and Rigby. Come season 3 though, he has...
  15. Dynamite Soldier

    The real reason behind CN's (recent) poor treatment with Steven Universe...

    Found this on 4chan: OK Cartoon Network, that explains why you haven't been promoting and airing reruns of Steven Universe (even if I don't agree with this logic). But now can you explain why you haven't been airing and/or promoting Justice League Action, Clarence, Mighty Magiswords, The...
  16. Dynamite Soldier

    Supernoobs Might Get a Second Season

    A few months ago, after Teletoon rushed through all 26 episodes in one month and Cartoon Network screwing over it, I was beginning to suspect that Supernoobs might have been cancelled, until today, when I did some research and found out that there's currently 104 11-minute (52 half-hour)...
  17. Dynamite Soldier

    Butch Hartman or Seth MacFarlene?

    Which creator would you prefer? They're both considered "dinosaurs" after all. Personally, I don't watch both of their own cartoons (and I cannot tolerate some of them), but if I had to make a choice, it'll probably be Hartman. I'm not really a fan of his work (though, I gotta admit that some...
  18. Dynamite Soldier

    Steve Wilkos vs. Cory in the House vs. The Nutshack

    Which anime would you perfer? The Steve Wilkos Show? Cory in the House? Or IT'S. THE. NUTSHACK. You decide.
  19. Dynamite Soldier

    April Fools 2017 Megathread (Disney edition)'s finally happening! This, along with DuckTales are the only reboots I'm looking forward to this year! Aren't you excited?!
  20. Dynamite Soldier

    Does Teen Titans Go! deserve the hatred it gets?

    I'm sorry, but this is starting to get ridiculous... I (and a few others here) honesty feel that Teen Titans Go! is overhated for no particular reason (I've already made the same exact discussion towards Johnny Test last year or so, but this is a much worse case here). Yes, it's not really a...
  21. Dynamite Soldier

    Rate/Grade Current Disney Cartoons

    Which current Disney cartoons are you watching right now, and how would you rate (out of 10 stars) or grade them? Below is a list of Disney cartoons currently running (acquisitions and Disney Junior cartoons included): Scores (on a scale of 1 to 10)/Grades: 1 = Terrible (F-) 2 = Terrible (F)...
  22. Dynamite Soldier

    The Replacements

    Does anyone here remember The Replacements? It ran on Disney Channel from 2006 to 2009 and lasted only 2 seasons. I thought this show was pretty solid. It started out a bit bland with cliched plots, but by the second season it went from an okay cartoon to a good cartoon. The show's concept was...
  23. Dynamite Soldier

    Steven Universe reruns pulled again

    In quite possibly the worst schedule CN has had since late summer 2015, it manages to screw up even more by removing reruns of Steven Universe. Unless you have access to the internet and/or on-demand, (as of next week) the only time you'll be able to catch Steven Universe is when it premieres a...
  24. Dynamite Soldier

    Favorite CGI Nicktoon?

    What the title says. My favorite CGI Nicktoon would definitely be The Penguins of Madagascar. The characters were unique and funny, the plotlines were bizarre yet exciting and the humor is so classic. Also, the CG animation looks really good for a TV series. The show came out during Nick's dark...
  25. Dynamite Soldier

    A Huge Problem With Most Adult Cartoons

    This is one problem that is really starting to annoy me. For a long time, I've been noticing the same cliche in almost every adult cartoon out there. They try their hardest to be shocking, insulting, and disgusting as much as possible while actively trying to tick people off. Basically, when a...
  26. Dynamite Soldier

    Counterfeit Cat (Series Talkback)

    I'm surprised no one's talking about this show. It's easily Teletoon's best cartoon in recent years and I'm so glad Disney XD brought it to the US. It currently has a 8.1 rating on IMDb, and many people outside of TZ have given lots of praise to it. Anyway, let's begin the discussion.
  27. Dynamite Soldier

    PBS Kids Channel Launch Schedule

    Here's the official schedule for the new PBS Kids 24/7 channel launching in most areas on January 16th. Effective: Monday, January 16, 2017 Everyday: 06:00AM Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman 06:30AM Cyberchase (x2) 07:30AM WordGirl 08:00AM Arthur (x2) 09:00AM Peg + Cat 09:30AM The Cat in the Hat Knows...
  28. Dynamite Soldier

    Is Disney Channel's Stuck In The Middle a rip-off from The Loud House?

    At first, I didn't really know where to post this since Stuck in the Middle is a live-action sitcom from Disney, but I thought it would be more suited here since The Loud House is an official Nicktoon. Now I really like both shows, but I've noticed they're are quite similar to each other...
  29. Dynamite Soldier

    Disney XD 2016 Holiday Schedule

    Hey y'all. Since it's officially the holidays, I've decided to set a holiday schedule calendar for Disney XD this year because its holiday lineup looks awesome so far. This opening post will frequently update (until either Christmas or New Year's) as I gather more schedule listings. Holiday...
  30. Dynamite Soldier

    Does Johnny Test really deserve the hate it gets?

    During the show's prime years, Johnny Test would easily get bashed a lot. But the question is why? Sure, the show can get repetitive at times and some of the characters (including Johnny himself) were irritating and obnoxious, at least the show doesn't insult its viewers (*coughs*Teen Titans...
  31. Dynamite Soldier

    Should Disney Channel axe the Disney Junior block already?

    Seeing how all the DJ premieres recently moved to the 24/7 network really brings me up this question. I was actually surprised they added back more hours for the block for the fall schedule because I thought the block was starting to fade away. But I think it should. Make Disney Junior a basic...
  32. Dynamite Soldier

    I'm really starting to dislike Disney XD...

    Almost everything this channel has done in the past year or so is really starting to bug me. -Nearly every acquisition Disney XD has tends to get screwed over so quickly. Doraemon and Boyster lasted for about a year (the latter still has some unaired episodes), Camp Lakebottom lasted for almost...
  33. Dynamite Soldier

    New Disney Channel schedule

    New schedule for Disney Channel starts Monday, June 13th. Phineas and Ferb (really surprising considering it hasn't aired on DC in over a year) and I Didn't Do It are both returning to the schedule. Also, the Disney Junior block is shortened to two hours on weekdays and all of its premieres will...
  34. Dynamite Soldier

    Johnny Test returns to Cartoon Network

    Johnny Test has now been renewed up till its 20th season. Starting this summer, new episodes return to Cartoon Network and Boomerang in the US and Teletoon in Canada. And this time, the show will suck even harder than its 6th season. Isn't that exciting! :D
  35. Dynamite Soldier

    Steven Universe is cancelled

    Cartoon Network confirmed today that the episode "Log Date 7 15 2" would be the series finale, ending the show with a cliffhanger. This means there won't be any third, fourth or fifth season after all. Sorry, SU fans. But on the bright side, at least we're getting more Teen Titans Go!.
  36. Dynamite Soldier

    Disney Junior (channel) Fantasy Schedule

    Disney Channel and Disney XD both have fantasy schedule threads, so why can't Disney Junior?
  37. Dynamite Soldier

    Doraemon Cancelled on Disney XD?

    I haven't seen Doraemon on Disney XD's schedule since late September when the new crappy marathon schedule occurred, causing the show to fade away quietly. Is the show not having a third season? I certainly hope it's not true (then again, I wouldn't be that surprised considering how Disney XD...
  38. Dynamite Soldier

    Why are Canadian cartoons hated so much recently?

    I just don't get it. From my looks of it, people seem to hate those kind of cartoons with a passion for some petty reason. True, some of them do actually suck *coughs*Johnny Test*coughs*, but not all of them are that bad IMO. Ruby Gloom, Detentionaire, The Untalkative Bunny, Camp Lakebottom...
  39. Dynamite Soldier

    Boomerang TALKBACK - The Garfield Show - "The Lion Queen: Life of Outside" [10/13]

    Tonight will only have one segment instead of two like last week. After Garfield and Odie got chased away from the plane they found a group of monkeys with a baboon to take care of them by feeding them morden foods, while Jon is worried about them. This episode premieres tonight at 8:30PM on...
  40. Dynamite Soldier

    Boomerang TALKBACK - The Garfield Show - "The Lion Queen: Melody Zoo / Welcome to Africa" [10/6]

    The first new episode of The Garfield Show since 2012. New episodes will now air exclusively on Boomerang instead of Cartoon Network starting tonight. Liz, Jon, Odie and Garfield went to a rich man's private zoo where he imprisons rare and endangered animals. After Garfield fed all the...

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