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  1. Nelson

    Cartoon Network at this year's Comic Con

    Hey everyone, I usually don't post on this board, but I just wanted to inform anyone(if this has not been mentioned already)that Cartoon Network will have a live panel at this month's San Diego Comic Con.I know that many of you that not been thrilled in the direction that CN has been taking...
  2. Nelson

    The Alvin Show is coming to dvd

    Just heard the 20th Century Fox home video will release the classic 1960s cartoon series "The Alvin Show" on dvd later this year to tie-in with the feature length verison on The Chipminks.No word on when a relase date but will keep everyone informed.
  3. Nelson

    Universal to release Woody Woodpecker on dvd

    I'm here to spread the word that my good friend, animation historian Jerry Beck, has told me that this July, Universal Home Video will release their classic animation library to dvd for the very first time.Although details are not offically announced, but the set will contain 75 classic Walter...
  4. Nelson

    Universal to release Woody Woodpecker on dvd

    Just got the word from my good friend, animation historian Jerry Beck, that Universal Home Video will release a dvd collection of the classic Woody Woodpecker shorts and other rare Walter Lantz cartoons in a big dvd collection this July.There has not been an offical announcement regarding this...
  5. Nelson

    Is Underdog coming back on Boomerang?

    Someone told me that Boomerang is bringing back Underdog next month.Is this true??
  6. Nelson

    Metalocalypse:Offical soundtrack????

    I have been a Heavy Metal fan for over thirty years(or just call me a metalhead)as it should come as no surpise that I am a huge fan of Metalocalypse.Beside the great animation, great vocal talent(James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet and King Diamond)and good storylines and the music to this series is...
  7. Nelson

    Who's ready for some "REAL" Disney animation?

    Okay gang, just two more weeks for the highly anticpiated release of the newest Disney Treasures release, "More Silly Symphonies" and a highly recommended release.This will complete the entire SS cartoons ever produced for home video and the cartoons will be totally uncut and uncensored for...
  8. Nelson

    What's with this crap on Boomerang

    Ah, I see that Boomerang is doing another character of the day and I see that the channel has schedule another 24 hr. marathon of "What's New Scooby Doo".Now didn't Boomerang(late last month)show a 24 hr marathon of this series and a couple of weeks later, a 48 hr marathon and now we have to...
  9. Nelson

    Febuary Boomerang schedule

    Does anyone know what the schedule for Febuary on Boomerang will be?Since next month is the release of the Pink Panther remake. wouldn't make sense to have a weekend long Pink Panther marathon or make him the character of the month?
  10. Nelson

    Question in regards to Underdog on Boomerang

    Now that Underdog is finally back on Boomerang, I wanted to ask some of you that have caught the new look series, on how the show looks fully restored and re-mastered.Also, does the show contain the Underdog theme song, that was missing when the show aired the last time on Boomerang?
  11. Nelson

    Let's try again...Underdog coming to Boomerang

    Now it appears that Boomerang will add Underdog to their roster starting on Oct.24th at 5:30pm replacing Two Stupid Dogs.
  12. Nelson

    Question about Tickle U

    Since you guys know that I'm a Boomerang watcher, but everyone is started to get sick & tired of these two to three minute TU bumpers that air every half hour on Boomerang which also causes shows to start a few minutes late because of these overlong promo spots.I do know that many of you, don't...
  13. Nelson

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force question

    Have a couple of questions regarding ATHF. 1.Are new episodes in production? 2.What about this ATHF feature film, i've been hearing about? Thanks:frylock: :shake: :meatwad:
  14. Nelson

    Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi News

    For fans of the Cartoon Network series "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" I do have some news regarding the musical duo.Now I am not a fan of this show, but I know that some members here are and if any of you live in the New York City area then I have some news for you. For the first time here in the U.S...
  15. Nelson

    Toonheads coming to Boomerang

    Just heard that Boomerang will bring back on Cartoon Network's best series, "Toonheads" on the 18th of April at 10:30pm(est).
  16. Nelson

    VCR ALERT:Benny Hill Marathon this weekend

    For those who are fans of legendary British comedian Benny Hill, I am please to announce that for anyone who gets BBC AMERICA, that this weekend, the channel will present a six hour classic Benny Hill marathon on saturday and sunday from 12pm to 6pm (est). enjoy and get those vcr's ready.
  17. Nelson

    Wave 4 of the Disney Treasures

    I am really surprised that no one has mentioned the latest dvd classic collection of the Disney Treasures wave 4 on this board.Disney has just made home video history "AGAIN" with this set and it seems that people only want to talk about The Proud Family, Toon Disney, Kim Possible and Lizzie...
  18. Nelson

    USA Today reveals Mickey Mouse Titles

    In yesterday's edition of the USA TODAY, than ran an article in their home video section, than on the upcoming Mickey Mouse In Black And White, Volume 2, the newspaper leaked out two of the b&w Mickey Mouse titles that will be featured on the collection. MICKEY'S CHOO, CHOO (1929) MICKEY'S...
  19. Nelson

    Wanna see a very funny cartoon short?

    I just had to share this with everyone here on a website that I just discovered that features a hysterical cartoon with George W.Bush and Senator John Kerry in a two minute musical cartoon short titled, "This Land". Go directly to this link...
  20. Nelson

    OT:Slapstick Comedy and Silent cartoons on dvd.

    For all of our members who love silent slapstick comedy and silent cartoons, get ready to save your money cause in August and September some great classic films will be making their way to dvd for the very first time. Kino International has announced the upcoming release of three new dvd...
  21. Nelson

    An historical find...Check this out

    Hey guys, you'll have to check out this extremely rare photo that Jerry just sent me a few seconds ago. This photo was just found a couple of weeks ago of the Charles Mintz Studio of this 1933 Christmas Greeting card.The picture was found at Mintz's...
  22. Nelson

    Date set for Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2.

    Just read this on that Warner Home Video will release LTGC Vol.2 on November 2, 2004... For more info, visit their web-site I can't wait:D
  23. Nelson

    My new major film project

    Well fellas, it's been a while since i've posted and maybe(just maybe, lol) some of you have been wondering my whereabouts during the last couple of weeks, but I have been working on a very serious film project and what I hope that I can get out off all of this, is to see these long lost...
  24. Nelson

    OT:Marlon Brando passes away

    Wanted to post this for everyone, but sad news came from Hollywood earlier this afternoon, that legendary Hollywood actor Marlon Brando died today at age eighty. He will be sadly missed:( "Hey I couda been a contender"
  25. Nelson

    Question about theTom And Jerry dvd collection

    Since the contents have been revealed last week on the LTGC volume2, I was wondering if the contents for the upcoming Tom And Jerry collection will be coming out soon and if the street date has been annouced yet?I know that the set will be out in Sept and I wonder how many discs will be in the...
  26. Nelson

    Another historical toon milestone

    Since 2004 has been anniversary on famous cartoon characters such as Donald Duck's -70th aniversary and Popeye's -75th anniversary and we've been talking about famous birthdays, but we all forgot one legendary screen character that is celebrating a huge milestone this year.... Felix The Cat...
  27. Nelson

    More "extremely rare" cartoons coming to dvd

    Due to a "major" project that I have been working on, I haven't been able to post or do anything else and uh, what news have I missed out on? lol Anyway, I wanted to make a special post for fans who are into silent films and of course, cartoons.I just got word that the Natioanl Film...
  28. Nelson

    Toon dvd in the second half of 2004

    Now that the year is half over, I thought that I would see into the future of the next six months for classic animation to be released on dvd later this year. June 04: The Winsor McKay collection July 04: Not much being released that month Aug 31st 04:Rocky And Bullwinkle Season 2...
  29. Nelson

    Mighty Mouse

    Over the holiday weekend, I got in the mail from Aaron Higgins a three disc collection of classic Mighty Mouse cartoons.There is well over sixty five Mighty shorts on this dvd collection and the film prints are sharp and amazing as well a great video quality.Some have their original title...
  30. Nelson

    WORST cartoon ever?

    Now we've all seen thousands and thousands of classic cartoons, but what would you consider is the worst theatrical cartoon you have ever seen? Well mine, is :eek: a Disney cartoon. The worst cartoon that I have ever seen in my natural born life, is the 1929 "Silly Symphonies" one reeler...
  31. Nelson

    Memorial Day Greetings

    I wanted to wish all my toon family here at the TTTTP, a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.So here's a few suggestions on how to offically start the summer off, with seven easy steps. 1.The beaches are "offically" open for business 2.Go out and see a great baseball game in your city...
  32. Nelson

    May I have your attention, Disney fans?

    I hope that all of you Disney fans haven't forgotten, that tomorrow marks that big day that Wave 3 of the Disney Treasures is finally released in stores. Great Disney cartoons presented uncut and uncensored and will be seen for the very first time in over sixty years..... So get ready for...
  33. Nelson

    FINALLY:The review is in for The Chronological Donald

    Just checked out and they have posted the first offical review of wave 3's The Chronological Donald.Here's the direct link... Del Walker who wrote the article even feels the same way that I do, as the Donald Duck collection has recieved the least...
  34. Nelson

    A Termite Terrace Trading Post Exclusive

    I am proud to announce to all the great members here, that I'm going to be conducting my very first interview ever, with renowned film historian and one of our very own Toon Zone members, and my very good friend, JERRY BECK. I will be doing an "exclusive" one on one interview with Jerry, that...
  35. Nelson

    Wave 3 Disney Treasures Countdown:Wave 4 revealed

    I don't know if this has been posted on the other Disney post, but at the ON THE FRONT LINES screening, Dave Bossert revealed last night, the contents of wave 4 of the Disney Treasures and here is the set list. MICKEY MOUSE IN BLACK AND WHITE:Vol 2 THE COMPLETE PLUTO THE MICKEY MOUSE...
  36. Nelson

    H-B Top Cat dvd collection.

    I'm so glad that Warner Bros. announced that there will be a TOP Cat dvd collection and has there been any word to when this collection will be released?
  37. Nelson

    A Disney Treasures Suggestion

    I wanted to ask all of our members to see if you listen to my purposed idea to honor May 18th for the release of the Disney Treasures.The idea I came up with is like how the TTTTP moderators change the board every April Fool's Day under a different board for just one day.I gave it some thought...
  38. Nelson

    Disney Treasures Countdown:Donald Duck

    As the countdown to the May 18th of wave 3 of the Disney Treasures, let's all share on what your favorite DONALD DUCK cartoon of all time is?
  39. Nelson

    Disney Treasures Countdown:Favorite Disney Treasures collection.

    So far with wave 1 and wave 2 in our hands, do any of you have a personal favorite DT collection?And share it with all of all of us :D 15 DAYS AND COUNTING.....
  40. Nelson

    Any new series this summer on Boomerang?

    Always around this time, we hear if Boomerang has picked up new series for their summer line-up that begins in June.So has anyone heard or know if Boomerang is going to aquire any new cartoon shows for summer 2004?Cause they(Boomerang) really have to do some serious re-vamping on their channel...

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