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    about; NOW nick mobile device

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    Nicktoons (the channel) News and Discussion Thread 4

    I'd be EXTREMELY shocked if this channel or TeenNick did anything out of the ordinary for Halloween this year. Definitely no reason to with Paramount+. :/
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    Complete failures that happened during Nickelodeon's history

    NickRewind aired Teenage Robot a few different times last year on the block. Most of this was to promote Paramount+. Though El Tigre aired several mores times last year both on NickRewind and Nicktoons and it has yet to be added to Paramount+.
  4. toonmaster17

    October 2022 Nick Premieres

    So is the Monster High series a mini-series airing through Halloween, Monday the 31st?
  5. toonmaster17

    Complete failures that happened during Nickelodeon's history

    Yakkity Yak was NOT a Nicktoon. It was originally broadcasted on Teletoon (Canada).
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    Nickelodeon cancellation/renewal thread part 2

    13 episodes? Usually that means it'll be its last season.
  7. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon cancellation/renewal thread part 2

    Shocker! That leaves Danger Force, That Girl Lay Lay, and Young Dylan left, for now…
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    August 2022 Nick Premieres

    At this point all their current sitcoms will be canceled by years end.
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    August 2022 Nick Premieres

    Clearly Thursday nights don't work! :/ (Wake up Nickelodeon...)
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    Nickelodeon Schedule Discussion Part 6

    Honestly, I'd be really surprised if Nick ever confessed anything considering flipping Dan Schneider. They obviously covered his butt for the pasty 2+ decades, why stop now?:rolleyes2:
  11. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon splits with Dan Schneider

    I knew that someone would eventually come out about this. It doesn't really surprise me that it was Jennette McCurdy of all people.
  12. toonmaster17

    August 2022 Nick Premieres

    So I wonder which shows will replace Dylan and Lay Lay when they go on hiatus? Since Side Hustle and Warped were canceled and a season 3 renewal for Danger Force is still pending. That means we’re likely to see a new sitcom or two debut this fall.
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    Nickelodeon Branding Thread

    I’ve been saying this for several years now! Unlikely to happen in my opinion since Robbins focus is mostly on Paramount+. A 2009-esque rebrand would be nice but let’s just hope we get something subtle like 2017 at this point.
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    "Middlemost Post" News & Discussion Thread

    I wouldn’t say that. They did the same with Alvinnn! and The Smurfs in June and July. But I saw a tweet yesterday on Twitter saying that Middlemost Post is done after Season 2 and that the cast has moved on.
  15. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon cancellation/renewal thread part 2

    Don’t shoot the messenger but I hear Middlemost Post will end after Season 2. Also concerning Warped. I think it’s pretty obvious that it too was canceled since Side Hustle is. Warped had far worse ratings than Side Hustle. Great Job Brian Robbins! Keep up the horrible work. It’s days like...
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    Nick on Paramount+

    Still waiting patiently for Paramount+ to add obscure shows like Just Jordan, The Naked Brothers Band, Catscratch, The X's, The Romeo Show, and Unfabulous.:confused:
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    about; NOW nick mobile device

    Just as TeenNick pulls its Sunday afternoon marathon of Zoey 101 after one week the show page gets added to Of course its hidden so you got to manually type it in.
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    Nickelodeon Branding Thread

    Well I’ll give it that they’re slightly unique from the last two summers. Still this channel is overdue for a rebrand, the last was March 2017. But since Robbins focus is mostly on Paramount+ I doubt we’ll see one.
  19. toonmaster17

    June 2022 Nick Premieres

    "We Have a Bingo!" is the S2 Finale of Side Hustle, hopefully they'll renew it!
  20. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon Advertising/Promotions Thread Part 2

    Same reused Summer branding as the last two years… YAWN!
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    Nickelodeon cancellation/renewal thread part 2

    So I'm guessing they gave up on Warped! then? That finished Season 1 on March 31st. With the ratings of everything now being abysmal they should just move everything to Paramount+ and shut up shop on their cable networks.
  22. toonmaster17

    May 2022 Nick Premieres

    Same! Hopefully now they’ll renew it along with Danger Force and Warped! for new seasons.
  23. toonmaster17

    Who has been Nickelodeon's best president thus far

    Anyone but Cyma or Brian.:lol:
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    Nicktoons (the channel) News and Discussion Thread 4

    I hate to say it but this channel and TeenNick are probably on the verge of being shutdown here within the next few years in my opinion. Just no purpose of them anymore especially now that Paramount+ exists and NickRewind ended. Besides TeenNick at least is airing less commercials I hear which...
  25. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon Branding Thread

    And yet still no long overdue rebrand after 5 years...
  26. toonmaster17

    April 2022 Nick Premieres

    Apparently, can’t imagine how that’ll work!
  27. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon Cancellation/Renewal Thread
  28. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon Cancellation/Renewal Thread

    It was! But you know how Nickelodeon loves its way over milked Sponge.
  29. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon Cancellation/Renewal Thread

    WTF! Will someone just put Nickelodeon out of its misery already!?:mad: I'm making a bold statement that Nickelodeon won't be on cable anymore come 2025.
  30. toonmaster17

    February 2022 Nick Premieres

    So they're going to air the Season 6 premiere two days before the Season 5 finale? Classic Nickelodeon logic at its finest!:lol:
  31. toonmaster17

    Best and worst of Nickelodeon in 2021

    Best: NickRewind bringing back some classic Nicktoons throughout the year. Worst: Paramount+, which is slowly but surely killing off Nickelodeon.
  32. toonmaster17

    NickRewind News & Talkback Thread Part 2

    RIP NickRewind! Paramount+ was the nail in the coffin.
  33. toonmaster17

    January 2022 Nick Premieres

    Well you’re going to be waiting the rest of your life then! Most likely a P+ exclusive at this point. Ever since Paramount+ launched early this past March Nickelodeon has been heading the same path that Disney Channel has with the existence of Disney+.
  34. toonmaster17

    December 2021 Nick Premieres

    Gone from Nickelodeon, off to better places!
  35. toonmaster17

    October 2021 Nick Premieres

    What’s up with all these Loud House Christmas behind the scenes? They’re going to spoil the movie before it premieres!:lol:
  36. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon Ratings Thread Part 9

    Well since Kamp Koral is not doing too well on tv maybe we should stop milking the freaking old Sponge and put it to rest! Obviously The Casagrandes should be airing at 7pm, The Smurfs at 7:30, and Kamp Koral at 8. HOPEFULLY that Sandy spin-off is being questioned now.
  37. toonmaster17

    September 2021 Nick Premieres

    I don't know what's going on but has Unfiltered listed on its homepage for Friday Nights and The Loud House listed for Saturday Nights? Likely a typo but that would be an interesting swap if it was legit.
  38. toonmaster17

    Nickelodeon Branding Thread

    Figures they would recycle it from last summer. When it comes to Hallowen, the Holidays, and Summer they seem to have been using the same seasonal branding for two years over the past 4-5 years.
  39. toonmaster17

    June 2021 Nick Premieres

    Apparently Unfiltered has four more episodes premiering at 7pm Monday June 14th through Thursday the 17th. Wasn’t this show supposed to be over with back in March?

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