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    Has streaming been better for adult animation than kids' animation?

    For the Amazon kids shows, you can blame lack of good marketing. For Hello Kitty Super Style, the show's December 7 premiere was announced on November 15, which is fine, but clips and trailers only started coming out two days before then. Do, Re, And Mi got good advertising in 2021, but after...
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    Has streaming been better for adult animation than kids' animation?

    There is Angry Birds: Mystery Island coming later this year. Hello Kitty: Super Style has also been out since December. As for Netflix, they seem to be leaning more into preschool kids shows over non-preschool kids shows. I mean, their last non-preschool kids show that wasn't based on an...
  3. SweetShop209

    "Spidey and His Amazing Friends" News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    So here's a Halloween music video sung by Zola. It's definitely a good case of Trevor Devall's singing. Also, it sounds like Peter is voiced by someone who isn't Benjamin Valic.
  4. SweetShop209

    DreamWorks Animation News and Discussion Thread Amongst various Netflix preschool shows, the Dreamworks news includes Gabby's Dollhouse getting more episodes and a show based on Universal Monsters combined with talking...
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    Dee And Friends In Oz (Netflix Jr. Show) A new preschool show based on The Wizard Of Oz called Dee And Friends In Oz is coming to Netflix next year. The showrunner is Halcyon Pearson and produced by Brown Bag Films...
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    Mighty Monsterwheelies (Netflix Jr. Show) So here's something unexpected. A new preschool show from Dreamworks Animation Television is coming to Netflix next year called Mighty Monsterwheelies. It's a show that reimagines the Universal monsters as talking vehicles. The...
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    Hot Wheels: Let's Race (Netflix Jr. Show)

    So here's something unexpected. A new Hot Wheels series produced by Mattel Television and called Hot Wheels: Let's Race is coming to Netflix next year. The catch here is that this is a preschool show focusing on a new generation of racers. The series is developed by Jordan Gershowitz, has...
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    Barbie Netflix/YouTube Projects (News And Discussion Thread)

    So here's an interesting tweet thread from Amber May, who voiced Barbie Brooklyn Roberts in Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams. She recently put out a tweet talking about the Barbie: A Touch Of Magic episode "Skate To Me Barbie", for which she has a story credit. She said quite a few interesting...
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    Mickey And Friends: Trick Or Treat (Disney Junior Special)

    Yeah I'm looking forward to this.
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    Mickey And Friends: Trick Or Treat (Disney Junior Special)

    Similar to the Mickey Saves Christmas special from last year, we're getting another stop motion Disney Junior Mickey special produced by Stoopid Buddy Studios. It's coming October 1 at 7:00pm, simulcasting on Disney Junior, Disney Channel, and Disney XD. In the special, Mickey and friends go to...
  11. SweetShop209

    Princess Power (Netflix Jr. Show)

    New episodes return October 23. Also, here are the full episodes.
  12. SweetShop209

    Strawberry Shortcake: Berry In The Big City (YouTube/Netflix Series)

    Here's the full trailer. Edit: Nicole Oliver said how she's the voice director for the special.
  13. SweetShop209

    "Star Trek: Prodigy" News & Discussion Thread

    Probably the only other streaming service I could see that would host the show would be Netflix given all the various Nickelodeon projects there. Either way, the show going through this fate is not cool.
  14. SweetShop209

    "Big City Greens" News And Discussion Thread

    Here's the season 4 premiere.
  15. SweetShop209

    Does Disney Junior Use Icon Creative Studios Too Much?

    A common complaint I've seen lodged against Disney Junior shows is with how they tend to use CGI too much, often causing them to look too similar. However, within this subset of complaints, I've heard some people say that they use the Canadian animation studio Icon Creative Studios too much. Is...
  16. SweetShop209

    DreamWorks Animation News and Discussion Thread

    I created a thread for the show.
  17. SweetShop209

    Strawberry Shortcake: Berry In The Big City (YouTube/Netflix Series)

    It looks like the special is coming to US Netflix on October 2.
  18. SweetShop209

    Has streaming been better for adult animation than kids' animation?

    1. It does remind me of this 2019 article talking about Amazon cutting down on kids shows to focus more on older audiences. You can see this in effect with how, of their shows in the 2020s, only their adult shows (except Fairfax) are released weekly while their kids shows still follow the method...
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    Curses (Apple TV Dreamworks Show)

    Plus, DreamWorks already has shows on Apple TV (Doug Unplugs and Pinecone And Pony). This isn't surprising.
  20. SweetShop209

    Curses (Apple TV Dreamworks Show) Curses is an upcoming horror themed Dreamworks show coming to Apple TV on October 27. Here's what it's about: "When a generations-long family curse turns Alex Vanderhouven to stone, it’s...
  21. SweetShop209

    Fright Krewe (Dreamworks Show) A new Dreamworks horror series called Fright Krewe is coming to Hulu and Peacock on October 2 with 10 episodes. The series is created by created by Eli Roth (Hostel film...
  22. SweetShop209

    Barbie Netflix/YouTube Projects (News And Discussion Thread)

    The first episode of Barbie: A Touch Of Magic (which came out on Netflix today) is on YouTube. Since Ann Austen is working on the show (working for a Barbie TV show for the first time since Dreamhouse Adventures ended), it's much more in line with what she established in the first series.
  23. SweetShop209

    Strawberry Shortcake: Berry In The Big City (YouTube/Netflix Series)

    Here's the trailer for the Frightfall special coming later in the fall. On Family Jr (which is in Canada), the special is coming September 22.
  24. SweetShop209

    "Batwheels" Season One Talkback (Spoilers)

    The first episode to not have all the Batwheels was "Ride Along", which is episode 24. It aired July 10, with Bam being the only one of the Batwheels to appear in that episode. As for this week's episodes, I'm liking them so far. It's hard to believe it took over for 30 episodes to have a role...
  25. SweetShop209

    Possible Legal Issues In Using Elements Created For Disney Junior Shows In Other Disney Media

    You might be wondering what I mean by this. Let me explain. In October 2021, someone asked Muppet veteran Kirk Thatcher if the Muppet Babies character Summer would appear in regular Muppet media. He then said that it's not up to him since a different division does the show, though could ask...
  26. SweetShop209

    Kung Fu Panda 4 In Development

    The general plot of the movie was announced many months ago. It's certainly interesting.
  27. SweetShop209

    Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (Netflix Series)

    Season 3, the final season, came out September 7. It has 19 episodes, putting the series at 42 episodes. This makes the show the second longest running Kung Fu Panda show.
  28. SweetShop209

    "Tiny Toons Looniversity" Season 1 Talkback (Spoilers)

    So, I've only seen the first 2 episodes (I like taking my time when watching something), but I think this is a good start. Unlike the Animaniacs revival (which yes, is very clearly a revival despite its acknowledgements of being a reboot), this is very much trying to be its own thing. Your...
  29. SweetShop209

    Phineas & Ferb Series Talkback (SPOILERS)

    We all know about how Phineas And Ferb was announced to be getting a 2 season revival back in January. Well, we have some more details on it. Back when the revival was first announced, it only made mention of Dan Povenmire, and not Jeff Swampy Marsh. Well, as mentioned in this article from...
  30. SweetShop209

    Dew Drop Diaries (Netflix Jr Show)

    Dew Drop Diaries is a Dreamworks Jr. show that came out on Netflix on July 24. It follows a trio of three inch fairies called Dew Drops, and named Eden Lily, Phoebe Rose, and Athena Sage (respectively voiced by Scarlett Estevez, Sydney Mikayla, and Viviann Yee) as they secretly help out the...
  31. SweetShop209

    Firebuds (Disney Junior Show)

    Sorry for the late response, but better late than never. I do wonder how different season 2 will be in terms of writing staff. Story editor Matt Hoverman only worked on season 1 (writing only 1 episode) and Craig Gerber only wrote the pilot, with the rest of the episodes being written by Krystal...
  32. SweetShop209

    The Micronauts Series Is Cancelled

    I mentioned this in the thread for Angry Birds Mystery Island, but this deserves its own thread, especially since the threads were not working at the time. Anyway, a series based on the Micronauts was to be produced by Hasbro, and was in development for many years. According to this May tweet...
  33. SweetShop209

    "Batwheels" Animated Series News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    We have one episode involving the late Adam West and another involving Ace. This should be fun.
  34. SweetShop209

    "Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur" (Animated) News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    The How Not To Draw videos basically take simple "how to draw" videos and turn them on their head. Here's the one for the show.
  35. SweetShop209

    Alice's Wonderland Bakery (Disney Junior Show) When season 2's June 28 premiere date was announced, it was said that Kathryn Beaumont would be a guest star this season. That sounds pretty cool. It's definitely interesting how she came out of her...
  36. SweetShop209

    Firebuds (Disney Junior Show)

    I guess this is why the show feels different writing wise compared to Craig Gerber's other shows. It only sticks to the core writing team without any freelancers. Also, season 2 comes out in November...
  37. SweetShop209

    So I want to show an article I posted in July talking about the possible reasons why Polly...

    So I want to show an article I posted in July talking about the possible reasons why Polly Pocket changed so much.

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