1. KeldeoKitty

    April Fool Threads 2022 [Cartoon Network]

    It was announced Cartoon Network has acquired Miracle Star. It’s a Chinese knock-off of the Amazing World of Gumball that has been derided by everyone to the point Gumball mocked it. But now Cartoon Network bought it and now it’s an official Cartoon Network program. Starting tomorrow all future...
  2. wiley207

    April Fools 2022 Megathread

    Here's a pretty shocking article for Looney Tunes fans... While protests are usually not a good thing, I wonder if this means Warner Bros. will have a change of heart and we'll see Speedy's cartoons on HBO Max? If you want, you can see the article with its' accompanying video HERE.
  3. NixcoBox12

    International Kids Channels Thread

    In this thread, talk about international kids channels, stuff about them, past and present, schedules, news about them, dubs, general stuff about them, videos and screenshots. What counts as international? Anything outside of the US. What channels can we talk about? Any international kids...
  4. SportyAnimates

    What do you think the future of (CN, Cartoonito, and AS) will be (2022 to beyond)?

    In 2021, Cartoon Network has started to make some changes: adding a preschool block again, greenlighting live-action shows for the first time since 2013, as well as adding a family movie night block (ACME Night). In the Tom Ascheim era, it seems that one thing will be very important: targeting...
  5. superkeegan9100

    Cartoon Network April Fool 2021 Megathread

    Adult Swim Junior, after a successful launch in the US, is launching in the UK, replacing Cartoonito. The Adult Swim-based spin-offs will replace the likes of Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder.
  6. superkeegan9100

    April Fool's Day 2020 Thread Collection

    The TARDIS has taken “Doctor Who” through time and space and landed on Cartoon Network. The network will air seasons two through four — the ones starring David Tennant as the Doctor — of the eccentric BBC science-fiction this summer. The second season will preview May 9 with episode one, titled...

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