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    Best president of Disney Channel

    Picking up from my previous thread that asked about the best head of programming over at Cartoon Network, this is likewise, asking the same question for Disney Channel. It just occurred to me that a exactly a year from now will officially mark 40 years since Disney Channel officially launched...
  2. SoundDestroyer

    Disney May 2022 Premieres Schedule

    April showers bring May flowers... Well, not here. Anyway, here are premieres in May! Disney Channel Alice's Wonderland Bakery 13 May 10:30AM (114) Fergie Suits Up/Look Who's Knocking Amphibia 07 May 08:00PM (317-318) All In 14 May 08:00PM (319) The Hardest Thing (Series Finale) Mickey Mouse...
  3. SweetShop209

    Disney/Pixar Forum April Fools 2022 Megathread

    Remember that one episode of Fish Hooks where everyone became humans? Now we're getting a full series based on the concept.
  4. T

    Study: Kids' TV viewership on broadcast and cable TV suffers a steep decline

    The article mentions the proliferation of streaming services as one of the causes. SOURCE: INDIEWIRE Time spent viewing kids’ programming on linear television collapsed by a massive 53% from 2019 to 2021, MoffettNathanson says it found in its “State of Linear Viewing (2021)" report. Cartoon...
  5. NixcoBox12

    International Kids Channels Thread

    In this thread, talk about international kids channels, stuff about them, past and present, schedules, news about them, dubs, general stuff about them, videos and screenshots. What counts as international? Anything outside of the US. What channels can we talk about? Any international kids...
  6. Elijah Abrams

    2022 predictions for The Walt Disney Company

    What are your predictions for The Walt Disney Company in 2022? Here are some of mine: Pixar "Turning Red" releases in theatres in March (no simultaneous Disney+ release, not even a theatre-skip to the streamer) A movie based on the Sam & Max comics, directed by the original creator, Steve...
  7. CanalPlusFan1980

    CanalPlusFan1980's Arts

    Welcome to my thread, where i post my arts made in Paint.NET, and you can discuss about them if you want. I will start with these two arts. Cartoon Network Poland Check it 4.0 next bumper (regular and new) if it kept Polish text.
  8. DogBoneController

    Gary Marsh stepping down from Disney Branded Television, signs multiyear overall deal with Disney

    Longtime Disney Channel head Gary Marsh, who has been with Disney since 1988, is stepping down and transitioning to a producers deal with the company...
  9. Bigawesome2000

    Disney August 2021 Premieres

    Disney Channel: Puppy Dog Pals Fri Aug 6 - 8:30AM - 412 - The Soapbox Derby Heroes/Rubber Ducky Rescue (Premieres on DJ at 6:30PM) Spidey and His Amazing Friends Fri Aug 6 - 9AM - 101 - Spidey To the Power of Three/Panther Patience (Series Premiere) (simulcast on Disney Junior) Fri Aug 6 -...
  10. Bigawesome2000

    Disney July 2021 Premieres

    I will now be posting premiere lists on the third Friday of every month. This means that the August premieres will come out on July 16th, and the September premieres will come out on August 20th. Disney Channel: Bunk’d Fri Jul 2 - 8PM - 517 - Crushin’ It Fri Jul 9 - 8PM - 521 - Camp Creepy-Waka...
  11. Bigawesome2000

    Disney June 2021 Premieres

    Disney Channel Bunk’d Tue Jun 1 - 8PM - 510 - Pop Pop Poppin’ In Wed Jun 2 - 8PM - 511 - Roll Models Thu Jun 3 - 8PM - 512 - Gi Whiz Fri Jun 4 - 8PM - 513 - Dancin’ Up a Storm Fri Jun 11 - 8PM - 515 - Out of the Doghouse Fri Jun 18 - 8PM - 514 - The Great Awkward Bake-Off Fri Jun 25 - 8PM - 516...
  12. Bigawesome2000

    Disney May 2021 Premieres

    I have made a few changes to the way I set this up. First of all, I will only be including shows that have new episodes during the month. I will also be setting them up by premiere dates, rather than alphabetically. Other than that, it is the same. Disney Channel: Amphibia Sat May 22 - 8PM -...
  13. RandomMe

    Disney/Pixar Forum April Fools 2021 Megathread

    Disney-owned A&W mascot gets animated series for Disney Channel and Disney+ After an anticipation that started on August 6 last year, the Walt Disney Company through its A&W Restaurants division that they bought in order to try new business sectors, is finally doing the impossible: A&W’s...
  14. Bigawesome2000

    Disney March 2021 Premieres

    Disney Channel Amphibia Sat Mar 6 - 9:30AM - 211 - Night Drivers/Return to Wartwood Sat Mar 13 - 9:30AM - 213 - Ivy on the Run/After the Rain Sat Mar 20 - 9:30AM - 214 - The First Temple Sat Mar 27 - 9:30AM - 215 - New Wartwood/Friend or Frobo? Big City Greens Sat Mar 6 - 9AM - 226 -...
  15. Bigawesome2000

    Disney February 2021 Premieres (Now including Disney+)

    Disney Channel Amphibia No New Episodes Big City Greens Sat Feb 6 - 9AM - 224 - Mages and Mazes/Okay Karaoke Sat Feb 13 - 9AM - 225 - Date Night/The Room Bluey Fri Feb 5 - 11AM - 210 - See Saw/Movies/Grandad (airs on Disney Junior at 5:30PM) Fri Feb 12 - 11AM - 211 - Library/Swim School/Bin...
  16. T

    Should Cartoon Network and Disney Channel also produce a special, separate live sports telecast like Nickelodeon

    After seeing what Nickelodeon did with their simulcast of the Bears-Saints NFL playoff game last Sunday, I immediately wondered if or when their competition would try their own unique live sports telecast. In the past, the NFL's Pro Bowl has been simulcast on ESPN, ABC, and Disney XD. On...
  17. Bigawesome2000

    Disney January 2021 Premieres

    Here’s the first Disney premieres list of 2021: Disney Channel Amphibia No New Episodes Big City Greens Sat Jan 16 - 9AM - 221 - Chipocalypse Now Sat Jan 23 - 9AM - 222 - Rent Control/Pool’s Gold Sat Jan 30 - 9AM - 223 - Big Resolution/Winter Greens Bluey No New Episodes Bunk'd Fri Jan 15 -...
  18. Bigawesome2000

    Disney December 2020 Premieres

    Disney Channel Amphibia No New Episodes Big City Greens No New Episodes Bluey Fri Dec 11 - 10:30AM - 209 - Verandah Santa/Christmas Swim/Sleepytime/Double Babysitter Bunk'd No New Episodes Coop & Cami Ask the World No New Episodes Disney Fam Jam Fri Dec 4 - 8:45PM - 108 - Jolly Holidance...
  19. Bigawesome2000

    Disney November 2020 Premieres

    Disney Channel Amphibia No New Episodes Big City Greens Sat Nov 21 - 8PM - Special - Shortsgiving (series of shorts) Bluey No New Episodes Bunk'd No New Episodes Coop & Cami Ask the World No New Episodes Disney Fam Jam Mon Nov 23 - 7PM - 115 - Reynoso & Dawson Mon Nov 23 - 7:30PM - 116 -...
  20. G

    Disney Channel at Night.

    Why doesn't the Disney Channel have nighttime block for adults like the other family networks? The Cartoon Network has Adult Swim, Nickelodeon has Nick at Night, but what about the Disney Channel? They need one for their late night ratings. Kids go to bed, you know.

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