1. R

    Raya and the Last Dragon: A Victim of Executive Interference?

    I can give credit that WDAS' "Raya and the Last Dragon", is a step beyond what we have got in the post-Lasseter/Catmull era. Compared to Tangled, or Frozen, the female characters have different nose sizes and body proportions. "Encanto" took this approach even further in addition to giving...
  2. T

    Best president of Disney Channel

    Picking up from my previous thread that asked about the best head of programming over at Cartoon Network, this is likewise, asking the same question for Disney Channel. It just occurred to me that a exactly a year from now will officially mark 40 years since Disney Channel officially launched...
  3. Eggy

    Channel [V] returning on the other side of the global

    While I was channel surfing through a multitude of satellite channels available via my far-ranging inter-dimensional satellite this morning, I noticed something bizarre. The defunct Southeast Asian feed of the once popular Channel [V], which got shut down by Disney last October after being owned...
  4. SweetShop209

    Disney/Pixar Forum April Fools 2022 Megathread

    Remember that one episode of Fish Hooks where everyone became humans? Now we're getting a full series based on the concept.
  5. T

    When will Disney change their art style?

    I like Disney movies. You like Disney movies. The movies we grew up with. Don’t get me wrong, they make great movies as any other animation studio out there. It’s just that keep using the same art style for a while now. That was in 2010. It’s about time that they should experiment more. When...
  6. T

    Moon Knight in animation

    Moon Knight is getting his own live-action series, but how should he handled in animation? Moon Knight is pretty dark, dealing with issues like mental illness (with Moon Knight having Dissociative identity disorder), Moon Knight willing to kill his enemies and has a lot of monstrous enemies...
  7. SoundDestroyer

    Disney April 2022 Premieres Schedule

    Yes, I have to make the schedule using my Tablet. And it's not an April Fools joke. Anyway, to the premieres. Disney Channel Alice's Wonderland Bakery 01 Apr 10:30AM (110) Potato Potahto/Hattie's Inside-Out Cake 08 Apr 10:30AM (111) Easy Breezy/Walk the Jabberwock 15 Apr 10:30AM (112) Roamin'...
  8. SoundDestroyer

    Disney March 2022 Premieres Schedule

    Spring has sprung! And so are premieres for shows. Check out the schedule for the first month of Spring! Disney Channel Alice's Wonderland Bakery 04 Mar 10:30AM (106) Cookie's Day Off/Picture Furfect 11 Mar 10:30AM (107) Order Up!/Teeny-Tiny Venture 18 Mar 10:30AM (108) Another Alice/Fergie...
  9. T

    What if indie studios will someday never win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature?

    Disney and Pixar are the big dogs in the animation world. Indie studios get nominated. What if the small dogs never win?
  10. T

    When will The Owl House celebrate its 10th anniversary?

    The Owl House is a show that came out in 2020. A decade from now, it will be a decade old. How will Disney celebrate it?
  11. T

    What if Disney Channel did a show like KaBlam!?

    KaBlam! is a great show on Nickeldeon. It had different styles from different animators. A great idea for Disney to do like a show like this. Like a mixture of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. It can have new and old shorts along with new pilots to decide on what would the big next show. Who’s interested in...
  12. SoundDestroyer

    Disney February 2022 Premieres Schedule

    Here's the schedule for the most romantic month of the year! Disney Channel Alice's Wonderland Bakery 09 Feb 10:30AM (101) Unforgettable Unbirthday/Picnic for One (Series Premiere) 10 Feb 10:30AM (102) Try Again Tart/Pie Pressure 11 Feb 10:30AM (103) No Palace Like Home/A Royal Remembrance 18...
  13. SoundDestroyer

    Disney January 2022 Premieres Schedule

    Early Happy New Year everyone! Here's the schedule for first month of the following year! Disney Channel Holly Hobbie 06 Jan 07:00PM (201) A Whole New Holly (Season Premiere) 06 Jan 07:30PM (202) The Thwarted Thespian 13 Jan 07:00PM (203) The Salty Songstress 13 Jan 07:30PM (204) The Cranky...
  14. Elijah Abrams

    2022 predictions for The Walt Disney Company

    What are your predictions for The Walt Disney Company in 2022? Here are some of mine: Pixar "Turning Red" releases in theatres in March (no simultaneous Disney+ release, not even a theatre-skip to the streamer) A movie based on the Sam & Max comics, directed by the original creator, Steve...
  15. T

    Why is that some African animators don't want to work for Disney and wants to be independent?

    I know African animators are doing Kizazi Moto with Disney for Disney+. But some of them don't wanna work for Disney and want to be independent. Why is that?
  16. CNC

    King of the Hill returning to Adult Swim after 3 years

    According to the official [adult swim] schedule, it looks like the FOX show King of the Hill is returning to the block after a 3-year absence, starting with the Season 6 episode Bobby Goes Nuts. (“That’s my purse! I don’t know you!”) ….which is absolutely weird to me. Because this time...
  17. T

    What if Disney did a show from the Caribbean?

    I want Disney to do a show about the Caribbean. The countries are lots of stuff to explore. I want a Caribbean Disney Princess and make a movie about it. I also want them to collaborate on a short film series with Caribbean animators or just a typical show. Who's interested?
  18. T

    Why is that not every animator can rely on Disney or any other big animation studio to get their ideas made?

    Some animators rely on a big studio like Disney to get their ideas made, but not everyone can. Why is that?
  19. Elijah Abrams

    Will Disney renew their film financing deal with TSG Entertainment?

    I wonder if Walt Disney Studios will renew their film financing deal with TSG Entertainment, which they inherited from their purchase of 20th Century Fox? If they do, maybe under the new deal, TSG could finance films released under the Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm labels...
  20. T

    When will Disney release Sade?

    Disney announced they were doing an African Disney princess movie named Sade in 2018. It's almost already four years and still no movie. I'm worried it'll never see the light of day. Why is that? When it will come out?

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