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  1. NixcoBox12

    International Kids Channels Thread

    In this thread, talk about international kids channels, stuff about them, past and present, schedules, news about them, dubs, general stuff about them, videos and screenshots. What counts as international? Anything outside of the US. What channels can we talk about? Any international kids...
  2. CartoonLover2604

    Nick Jr. Fantasy Schedules

    I don’t think there’s a thread made for Nick Jr. fantasy schedules so here it is as well as my fantasy schedule with more variety and old/new. EVERYDAY: 6AM - Blue’s Clues 6:30AM - Dora the Explorer 7AM - Peppa Pig (x2) 8AM - Team Umizoomi (x2) 9AM - Bubble Guppies (x2) 10AM - The Adventures of...
  3. KeldeoKitty

    Remember Oswald?

    If you know me I love Harvey Beaks for its down to earth nature, atmosphere, quirky cast of non-human characters, and charming stories. But 14 years earlier Nick Jr. had something kind of similar and it was Oswald. Oswald came out in August 2001 a year after Dora the Explorer. Unlike Dora...
  4. maddiegirlforever

    What Nick Jr Show has this character

    She's the character next to Kai-Lan and below Dora.
  5. superkeegan9100

    Nick board April Fools 2018 Thread

  6. Antonio Bravo

    Nick Jr. Fantasy Schedule.

    Well, I was thinking we didn't do this before even though today's schedule is ok at best but I liked the old one more. I don't have a fantasy schedule planned but you can. Enjoy the post and have fun.
  7. slai

    Nickelodeon Presents Second Seasons of "Kuu Kuu Harajuku" and "Teletubbies" in July on Nick Jr.

    slai submitted news Nickelodeon Presents Second Seasons of "Kuu Kuu Harajuku" and "Teletubbies" in July on Nick Jr. Continue reading on Toonzone News.
  8. D-nice is the man.

    May 2017 Nick Premieres

    Here are some of the Premieres in May on the Nick Networks so far. This list is currently incomplete and will change as the days go by. Nickelodeon ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks Monday, May 1st - 5:30 pm - "He Said She Said" Tuesday, May 2nd - 5:30 pm - "Attack of the Zombies" Wednesday, May...
  9. D-nice is the man.

    April 2017 Nick Premieres

    Here are most of the Nick premieres for April 2017, here are most of them. Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Friday, April 7th - 12:30 pm - "Piggy 500" Friday, April 14th - 12:30 pm - "Pickle Power" Friday, April 21st - 12:30 pm - "Mega Mud Robot" Friday, April 28th - 12:30 pm -...
  10. D-nice is the man.

    March 2017 Nick Premieres

    Here are some of the premieres for March of 2017 on the Nickelodeon channels. Plus, the Kids Choice Awards 2017 is rearing it's face there. Nickelodeon ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks Saturday, March 4th 11:00 am "Viral; Brothers of Dagarack" Saturday, March 11th 11:00 am "Overlooked; Wish Upon a...
  11. M

    2017-2018 Upfront Dates Revealed

    Nickelodeon will be the earliest again with their upfront happening on March 2nd, then Disney has theirs on March 13-15. seems Cartoon Network might be having their upfront on the Turner press fold. but it's still early to tell, so you never know...
  12. Ed Liu

    Melissa Rauch Guest Stars on "Blaze and the Monster Machines" on January 6, 2017

    ed-liu submitted a new blog post Melissa Rauch Guest Stars on "Blaze and the Monster Machines" on January 6, 2017 Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  13. Spengebab

    Oobi (Nick Jr show)

    This is one of the most underrated kids shows of all time. Here's the theme song Anyway the show's surreal nature makes the show hilarious and just makes me wish it got more episodes. All of the show is uploaded to YouTube BTW. I highly recommend it.
  14. toonmaster17

    Cyma Zarghami steps down from Nickelodeon

    I have some good news guys!(Especially for those who loved Nick prior to 2006) Cyma Zarghami the current president of Viacom/Nickelodeon is stepping down after being seriously criticized for the currently horrid state of Nickelodeon and it's sister channels. Finally we very well could be...
  15. superkeegan9100

    Nick Jr. and TeenNick still called Noggin and The N during DST on Nickelodeon's Website (LONG TITLE)

    Don't believe me? Apparently, SOMEONE at Nickelodeon thinks Nick Jr. and TeenNick are still called Noggin and The N.
  16. M

    2016-2017 Upfront Dates Revealed

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but MediaBizBloggers (Now Media Village) has posted upfront information on when the networks are going to be having their upfronts. Disney via Disney Media has upfronts on February 29-March 1, and March 7-March 9, Nickelodeon will be having theirs on March 2nd...

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