1. Elijah Abrams

    Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick, Nick Jr., Nick on Paramount+ 2022 predictions

    What predictions do you have for Nickelodeon and its other units in 2022? Here are some of mine: "Kwarantined Krab", "Hiccup Plague", and "Patrick's Tantrum" air on Nick USA, finally bringing SpongeBob's twelfth season to an end. The Loud House is renewed for a seventh season, along with the...
  2. T

    Which shows that was rejected by Cartoon Network?

    I know Nickelodeon rejected Adventure Time and many others but what about Cartoon Network. Which shows got rejected by them?
  3. LinusFan303

    Nickelodeon to air Young and The Restless Spinoff

    Part of Viacom CBS' synergy and to get younger viewers interested in their programming, they are making "Youth and The Restless" a spinoff the long running soap "Young and the Restless" . Youth will be a soap airing Nightly at 8pmet on Nick and the next day on the NIck app and on demand. The...
  4. superkeegan9100

    April Fools 2020 Megathread

    Following the recent news of CBS simulcasting its NFL telecasts with Nickelodeon (no joke), CBS Sports has teamed up with Nickelodeon to revive Nicktoons' "NickSports" block. Unlike its predecessors, this incarnation of the block will showcase all the sports CBS Sports Network currently has the...
  5. Elijah Abrams

    Should Nickelodeon do commercial-free premieres?

    With Disney Channel these days making their Friday and Sunday night premiere blocks free of commercials, should Nickelodeon do the same, especially with their Saturday morning and Saturday night premiere blocks?
  6. Kaitlin Tailor

    Anime Forum April Fool 2019 Megathread

    I have been watching One piece for as long as I can remember. I’ve laughed, cried, and cheered Luffy on for most of his adventure. With a heavy heart, I have come to say, “I believe Luffy will die at the end of One Piece”. What is the One Piece? An immense treasure left behind by Gol D. Roger...
  7. KeldeoKitty

    Why can’t other networks pick up Nicktoons that we’re screwed over?

    Nick has a bunch of cartoons that they pretty much just threw away, most of them being burnt off on Nicktoons. Notably Making Fiends which was going to be on Nick, ended up being Nicktoons exclusive before it even aired. Why can’t competing networks like CN and Disney rescue shows that we’re...
  8. Dora the Explorer

    There are a few episodes of paw patrol I actually like

    Yes as you all know even thou I hate Paw patrol and it’s constant overplayed on nick and the merchandise. I’ll admit there are a couple episodes I like like mighty pups and the Pups and the hidden golden bones and mission paw quest for the crown. However I would not put these episodes over any...
  9. Dora the Explorer

    How many episodes of Dora are there actually

    I’m curious how many episodes of Dora are there really are. The internet says there’s 172 episodes. The Dora wiki says there’s a 180 episodes. Another wiki says there’s 182 episodes and then some people say there are 286 episodes. So I am confused of how many there actually are. I’m also...

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