1. T

    Who has been Nickelodeon's best president thus far

    There have officially been five Presidents of Nickelodeon since its national launch on April 1, 1979: Cy Schneider (1980–1984) Geraldine Laybourne (1984-1996) Herb Scannell (1996-2006) Cyma Zarghami (2006-2018) Brian Robbins (2018-present) And if you want to be technical, then Dr. Vivian...
  2. P

    April Fools 2022 Megathread

    Frogs are all the rage thanks to Disney's Amphibia. Nick has decided to make a frog cartoon of their own, teaming up with Anheuser-Busch InBev to adapt the long-running Budweiser Frogs campaign from the 1990s into a Nicktoon. More details to follow.
  3. T

    Study: Kids' TV viewership on broadcast and cable TV suffers a steep decline

    The article mentions the proliferation of streaming services as one of the causes. SOURCE: INDIEWIRE Time spent viewing kids’ programming on linear television collapsed by a massive 53% from 2019 to 2021, MoffettNathanson says it found in its “State of Linear Viewing (2021)" report. Cartoon...
  4. LinusFan303

    Loud House Getting a Live-action Spinoff for Paramount Plus

    I hope this is the right spot. (If not, hope thread can be moved to right spot) Nickelodeon has ordered a 10-episode "The Loud House" live-action spin-off for Paramount Plus. Coming later this year. The series will be using cast from the Christmas movie...
  5. T

    Why did Nickelodeon cancel show many live-action shows in 2002?

    According to TV Tropes, it was the "SNICK Purge". In less than five months of each other, at least four shows: 100 Deeds For Eddie Mcdowd, Caitlin's Way, Taina, and The Amanda Show abruptly ended. To add insult to injury, The Brothers Garcia was placed on a year-long hiatus in between its...
  6. C

    Nickelodeon USA posted about Winx Club for the first time in a while (2022)

    A couple days ago, the official Nickelodeon Cartoon Universe channel made a post asking subscribers who's their favorite Winx Club member: It's the first time Nick USA has posted about Winx Club in a while, so maybe they have...
  7. Elijah Abrams

    Nickelodeon 2022 Upfront predictions and hopes

    With the 2022 upfront for Nickelodeon coming March 24th, what are your predictions/hopes for what will be announced at it? Here are some of mine (will be updated whenever I feel like it): - Jimmy Neutron revival - The Patakis (Hey Arnold spin-off for Paramount+) - Nickelodeon acquires the...
  8. PM13

    Should Nickelodeon start releasing new shows earlier on Netflix?

    That Girl Lay Lay finished its 1st season last month and was already released on Netflix this month. It managed to get in the Top 10 and just got renewed for a 2nd season. If Nick released their other new shows early on Netflix, then they may have a good chance at getting more attention and we...
  9. T

    The future of Nickelodeon

    What do you think the future of Nickelodeon is? Nickelodeon is obviously declining, like all other cable channels...
  10. T

    Best and worst of Nickelodeon in 2021

    What do you think Nickelodeon did well and did poorly this year in terms of animation?
  11. NixcoBox12

    International Kids Channels Thread

    In this thread, talk about international kids channels, stuff about them, past and present, schedules, news about them, dubs, general stuff about them, videos and screenshots. What counts as international? Anything outside of the US. What channels can we talk about? Any international kids...
  12. T

    Why was there no Kids' Choice Awards event in 1993?

    If you've seen the latest Nick Knacks retrospective by Pop Arena on the history of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (1988-2001) then you might be asking this question too. Also, why was the 1992 event (the first one to be broadcast live) held in November instead of April-May? I'm guessing...
  13. T

    Why is that Nickelodeon didn't picked up pilots besides Rugrats and Doug?

    Rugrats, Doug and Ren and Stimpy is the shows that people knew of Nicktoons today. What about the other Nicktoons? Crowville Chronicles, Big Beast Quintet, Weasel Patrol and Trash. Why is that they didn't pick up those shows instead of these three?
  14. T

    How did Nicktoons predate Cartoon Network?

    Nicktoons started in August 1991 but Cartoon Network began a little more than a year later. How did that happen?
  15. Elijah Abrams

    When will "Unfiltered" end?

    I know this isn't animation-related, but I am tired of having to see promos of that awful remotely-produced Unfiltered show on Nick and skim through recordings of it just to watch for Nick promos (which is something I like to do), and keep in mind that remote TV production is beginning to...
  16. T

    Why is that Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network refuse to get pilots by someone who is inexperienced?

    An independent animation studio never turns down a pilot from someone who isn't experienced. So, why the big names should turned down for that particular reason?
  17. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    September 2021 Nick Premieres

    September 2021 Nick Premieres. Summer is Coming to an end soon... What else is Nickelodeon going to offer?... The Thread for September Premieres on Nickelodeon, NickToons & Nick Jr + Nickelodeon YouTube's, Nick on Paramount + & Nick@Nite!! ALL TIMES ET!! Premieres and Finales... (Series...
  18. T

    What if Nickelodeon does an anthology series based on their forgotten Nicktoons?

    Nickelodeon is infamously known for rejecting shows Adventure Time and many others. They are also dumped their shows on Nicktoons. They got pilots from them that got made but was never made into a series. Since they're not interested in getting the pilots into a series, the way to go is to do an...
  19. R

    Side Hustle News And Talkback Thread

    I'm not sure if it's okay to put this one in the nicktoons thread because it's not a nicktoon, but I'll wait and see. Anyways, what are your thoughts on Side Hustle? What do you think about its most recent episode Mouth Noise?

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