1. Elijah Abrams

    Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick, Nick Jr., Nick on Paramount+ 2022 predictions

    What predictions do you have for Nickelodeon and its other units in 2022? Here are some of mine: "Kwarantined Krab", "Hiccup Plague", and "Patrick's Tantrum" air on Nick USA, finally bringing SpongeBob's twelfth season to an end. The Loud House is renewed for a seventh season, along with the...
  2. Asa

    Best and Worst of Nickelodeon in 2018

    With 2018 coming to an end soon, it’s time to highlight the hits and misses of Nickelodeon, TeenNick, and Nicktoons. What were your favorite and least favorite moments coming out of Nick this year?
  3. Anthony Riley

    Why does Nicktoons air live action when it should air on TeenNick?

    I think all live action shows that air on Nicktoons should move to TeenNick and replace the live action shows on Nicktoons with older Nicktoons like Carscratch, The X's, Kappa Mikey, My Life as a Teenage Robot, El Tigre Danny Phantom, and PLEASE cut down on the Spongebob marathons. We see...
  4. D-nice is the man.

    May 2017 Nick Premieres

    Here are some of the Premieres in May on the Nick Networks so far. This list is currently incomplete and will change as the days go by. Nickelodeon ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks Monday, May 1st - 5:30 pm - "He Said She Said" Tuesday, May 2nd - 5:30 pm - "Attack of the Zombies" Wednesday, May...
  5. D-nice is the man.

    April 2017 Nick Premieres

    Here are most of the Nick premieres for April 2017, here are most of them. Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Friday, April 7th - 12:30 pm - "Piggy 500" Friday, April 14th - 12:30 pm - "Pickle Power" Friday, April 21st - 12:30 pm - "Mega Mud Robot" Friday, April 28th - 12:30 pm -...
  6. AnotherRandomGuy

    What is the future of "adult" animation?

    With much anticipation over the new Samurai Jack revival, I watched this video And with the it got me thinking about the potential of animation aimed towards an older audience and what that could bring towards the medium as a whole. Now all this speculation and assuming the new season of...
  7. D-nice is the man.

    March 2017 Nick Premieres

    Here are some of the premieres for March of 2017 on the Nickelodeon channels. Plus, the Kids Choice Awards 2017 is rearing it's face there. Nickelodeon ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks Saturday, March 4th 11:00 am "Viral; Brothers of Dagarack" Saturday, March 11th 11:00 am "Overlooked; Wish Upon a...
  8. D-nice is the man.

    November 2016 Premieres

    Yeah, it's that time again. As always, this list is incomplete for now, so if you have any premieres let me know. Nickelodeon All in With Cam Newton Wednesday November 2 8:30 pm All In with Claire and Chase Wednesday, November 9th-8:30 pm "All In with G.G. and Brooke" Wednesday, November...
  9. D-nice is the man.

    October 2016 Premieres

    Here's the October 2016 Nickelodeon Premieres, the list is incomplete for now. Nickelodeon All in With Cam Newton Friday, October 7th-8:00 pm "All in With Jake" Wednesday, October 19th-8:30 pm "All in With Goldie and Jahan" Wednesday, October 26th-8:30 pm "All in With Sofie and Jiyah" Friday...
  10. toonmaster17

    Cyma Zarghami steps down from Nickelodeon

    I have some good news guys!(Especially for those who loved Nick prior to 2006) Cyma Zarghami the current president of Viacom/Nickelodeon is stepping down after being seriously criticized for the currently horrid state of Nickelodeon and it's sister channels. Finally we very well could be...
  11. superkeegan9100

    Nick Jr. and TeenNick still called Noggin and The N during DST on Nickelodeon's Website (LONG TITLE)

    Don't believe me? Apparently, SOMEONE at Nickelodeon thinks Nick Jr. and TeenNick are still called Noggin and The N.
  12. superkeegan9100

    Miraculous to air on...TEENNICK?!?!?

    I knew this would happen sooner or later, but... JANUARY 9TH: Don't be surprised if this channel and Nicktoons simulcast the episodes with Nickelodeon...

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