the casagrandes

  1. Eurbane

    The Casagrandes Series reviews thread

    in response to the talkback thread not being used for quite sometime. I decided to bring them back Staring with the casagrandes. let’s start with my reviews of some of this year‘s episodes. the kids plays In the picture: this got on everyone‘s nervous skills when they saw the imaginary cloud...
  2. Elijah Abrams

    Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick, Nick Jr., Nick on Paramount+ 2022 predictions

    What predictions do you have for Nickelodeon and its other units in 2022? Here are some of mine: "Kwarantined Krab", "Hiccup Plague", and "Patrick's Tantrum" air on Nick USA, finally bringing SpongeBob's twelfth season to an end. The Loud House is renewed for a seventh season, along with the...
  3. Elijah Abrams

    Nickelodeon is a jerk!

    They aired an unaired episode of The Casagrandes on the Nicktoons channel, which would signify that the show is getting the Nicktoons death treatment! We cannot let these things happen anymore, and this is bad, especially when it’s a Loud House spinoff! I bet the show staff will fire back at...
  4. M

    Nicktoons April Fools 2021 Megathread

    Apparently, as another cost-saving measure, ViacomCBS today without announcement closed the US feeds of TeenNick and NickToons and replaced them with their German-operated Global feeds. Yes, the Americans now receive channels with shows often airing time compressed/PAL sped-up withouth any...

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