1. E

    Lets test your knowledge about tom and jerry

    Leys test your knowledge about tom and jerry! This is a list of names of some of the classic episodes. Without using google or any helping tool can you describe the plot summary for each of them and tell which era (Hb/Gene deitch/Chuck jones) was this episode from? And by the way one of these...
  2. S

    Help me know the names of these tom and jerry cartoons

    Can someone tell me the name of the tom and jerry episodes written below, cause I really want to know and tried to google them but didnt find anything. please if you know the name of any of them comment it 1-theres a cartoon where a little hatched duck sees tom and thinks he's its mum and jerry...
  3. E

    Favorite and least favorite Tom and Jerry cartoons from each era?

    for me: Hanna-Barbara era-favorites: Pecos pest, The cat concerto and Jerrys cousin Least favorites: Heavenly puss(its has many unacceptable things) gene deitch era: favorite: buddies thicker than water, least favorite: dicky moe,switchin kitten and sorry safari chuck jones era: favories...
  4. E

    Anyone wants to know the name of a Tom and Jerry episode? I can help

    describe that episode and I can help tell you the name of it, if its a Hanna Barbara or Deitch or Jones episode
  5. E

    What are your favorite tom and jerry episodes from the Chuck Jones era?

    There was a poll before for favorite tom and jerry episodes but almost everyone answered with episodes from the HB era. This question is about the favorite from the Chuck Jones era. Mine are: The cat above and the mouse below The cat's me ouch Jerry Jerry quite contrary Puss n boats Catry...
  6. Cool_Cat

    Little Quacker (ORIGINAL TITLES FOUND!!!)

    This is the only short which had the original titles restored, which was supposed to be on the Golden Collection Volume 2. Warner made it available on YouTube for a couple dollars. Now WB, is it so hard to put these AT LEAST on the Warner Archive, so it's up to the user if they want to...

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