1. A

    Korean Webtoon Film and TV adaptations?

    For anyone who doesn't who doesn't what a webtoon, It's simply a Korean webcomic that has a infinite canvas and also read on smartphones, Most webtoons are made into a web series for sake being made on the internet, Sometimes, the Korean film industry gets involved on the webtoons and its...
  2. Mostezli

    Manhwa General

    So, this past year saw a consecutive release of adaptations based on Korean comics, "manhwa", which have been growing in popularity globally thanks in part to Webtoon & similar publication sites. Not to be confused with "manhua" as those are Chinese comics, which have had adaptations for quite...
  3. Kaitlin Tailor

    The journal of an Anime fan. Day 01

    Of all the questions I’ve ever asked myself, there is only one that seems to change with time. Who am I? I guess we all begin in the same place, a young child, curious about the world. We learn from what is closest to us… a mother, a friend, a story. I wonder which of those has the most impact...

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