"Aquaman: King of Atlantis" Animated Trilogy (HBO Max) Talkback (Spoilers)

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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
Aquaman: King Of Atlantis "Chapter One: Dead Sea"

I will concede that wasn't very good, but I still kind of dug it because it was unusual and unique.

I was shocked and pleased it turned out to be a kiddie cartoon. First DC one for HBO Max. I had expected a painful adult comedy.

Speaking of which, the hour-long runtime surprised me too. Hour-long cartoons are almost unheard of, and the one or two that happened before this were dramas. This is the first 45 minute length comedy cartoon. Most live-action comedies are a half-hour too.

I like Aquaman pointing out at the beginning that choosing the king shouldn't work like this. Frankly, I think this should go for Black Panther and Wakanda too.

Mera taking the moisture out of Arthur's face for her water attack was funny.

Bad things? The designs are TOO grotesque. Even compared to ThunderCats Roar the animation looks especially ugly. They could have used this exact script with animation that actually looked good. I don't get the appeal of this specific style and I think it greatly hurt things.

I'm not bowled over by this, but frankly I sort of like it for messing with every part of the DC toon formula. More cartoons should do that, whether I am bowled over with them or not. ***.

Aquaman: King Of Atlantis "Chapter Two: Primordeus"

That was not good. It pretty much decided me that I don't like the miniseries.

Who is it for? Kids? Did kids actually like ThunderCats Roar? I doubt it because if they did it wouldn't have been canceled so fast.

Honestly, this entire show is crap. **.

Aquaman: King Of Atlantis "Chapter Three: Tidal Shift"

Well, that was pointless. I should also mention that it wasn't funny. Which is the biggest reason it was pointless.

I went out of my way to be fair to the first two weeks and that was a mistake. It's not technically the worst modern era DC kiddie cartoon (that would be Shea Fontana's version of DC Super Hero Girls) but it's way down there. I am a bit shocked at how little I ultimately liked it. *.


Active Member
Jun 19, 2015
Saw bits and pieces of the Aquaman special on CN a few days back. It was alright. I was entertained throughout the duration of it though. It looked very similar to Thundercats Roar, although, I feel like the style worked a lot better here.

Didn’t see the new Teen Titans Go after it. I have to get back to it since I have it recorded on my DVR. Overall, that was a fun Aquaman night. :)


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