Are Adventure Time and Regular Show apart of classic Cartoon Network?

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Jan 26, 2022
I ask this because I find it interesting that there is still a debate about this given that both of these shows are 12 years old now. For me they're both kind of on the line between classic and modern. They both visit CN's schedule more often than other older shows and they aired most of their episodes while the current logo was in place, but both of these shows are over a decade old in 2022, and they both predate Gumball which is the oldest show that CN reruns very regularly. I mean, I think that there should be a point in which these two shows are considered a part of classic CN eventually. Regular Show for example hasn't aired a new episode in over 5 years. What do you guys think?


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Oct 2, 2020
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Yeah, I would say so. Adventure Time and Regular Show did help founded the animation renaissance, so I think they deserved to join the ranks of the CN classics.


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