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Feb 6, 2022
New Boomerang CEE websites update:
Thomas got moved on the shows bar and is now the first show on the list, also the description of the show got updated with the Cartoonito airing hours.
New show on the website: Lucas the Spider. The description also has Cartoonito hours, and there's no videos or games yet.
Also, there's something might be a hint at Boomerang changing to Cartoonito, the description of the Lucas show (in link above) says "w witrynie Cartoonito", which translated to English means "on the Cartoonito website".
ALSO, Ninja Express and Taffy are back on the websites.
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The last time Cartoon Network aired Looney Tunes and/or Tom and Jerry (i.e. the classic shorts) was on September 29, 2017, just two days shy of the channel's 25th anniversary.
As of 2022, CN's campaign against bullying is still using the logo it had since its inception.
The latest video of the campaign has the RYW graphics, even though CN USA is ditching the look. Likewise the campaisgn's logo uses a font CN used heavily in the early 2010s and doesn't seem to use a lot anymore,
I wish a happy birthday to Alan Rachins (80) (voice of Clock King and Norman Osborn) and TJ Hill (37) (musical composer for Fancy Nancy, Amphibia, and The Owl House season 1).
gotta catch em all cause he’s greeny phatom

gotta catch em all cause he’s greeny phatom

gotta catch em all cause he’s
greeny phatom
Who else here is enjoying CN's 30th-anniversary live stream? I can say I'm glad they're showing a balanced mix of classic and newer favorites along with some of the old promos.

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