C&C - Black Clover - "Stirrings of the Strongest" [10/2]

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Opening: Grandeur by Snow Man
Ending: Beautiful by Treasure

Last Time: Vanica decides to kidnap Lorpechika instead of killing her. Before she leaves, she also murders all her minions. Meanwhile, Asta and Yami team up against Dante. Asta also manages to communicate with his demon, who agrees to supply Asta with more power. Together, Asta and Yami defeat Dante, but before they can finish him off, Zenon appears and manages to incapacitate Yami. The Black Bulls attempt to stop Zenon, but he escapes with Yami.

This Time: A depressed Asta deals with the fall-out, and meets a secret member of the Black Bulls.

NOTES: As always, no spoilers. And heads up: Next week, the last two episodes of the show will both be airing. Don't miss them!


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Intriguing, Grey totally repaired Gauche's wound equal to or better than a healing spell even. That would be the game changer for her spells.

Ah, so the spy was a Black Bull and Yami's Vice-Captain. Nice! He dislikes stubborn people like Yami, lol. Guess Asta found a new teacher to level up.

Holy...Nacht has 4 Devils?! What the what -- I guess this will soon be explained during training. We are talking devils. So a literal deal with the devil. But why would those 4 acquiesce to one person? Asta's won't even deal with him after awhile. Is it really what the devil perceives as "strong" and a Jinchuriki kinda situation? Hmm.

Yeah, that's about what I gauged Asta's reaction to Yuno being a prince. heh heh.

Though I think Nacht gave some food for thought. If Zenon is both bone and spatial -- then the latter could be negated by another spatial user - so they will need either Langris who is MIA or Finral. Sounds like Asta, Nacht, and Jack and maybe Charlotte will take on Dante -- I guarantee there's a Spade healer who will fix him up for a rematch. Noelle and like I started guessing last week the Water Spirit will take on Vanica but I wonder who Julius will send since it doesn't sound like those in Heart will be able to strategize with them over these 3 days. Perhaps Charlotte.

The elves?! Nice time to show up in the Heart Kingdom, dudes...
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So yep, Yami's Katana is now part of Asta's Anti-Magic Arsenal.

We meet Nacht who is No. 3 on Black Clover's latest popularity poll and he knows about Devils as he is a host of four of them.

Also worth noting, Jack might have known Nacht before but the latter says he's gone. Must be his brother or something?

But yes if they don't stop the Dark Triad from opening all 7 gates, the final devil Lucifero who is Dante's is strong enough to destroy the world and Yami and William will die once the Tree of Qliphoth ritual is complete.

In the meantime, Noelle is safe and in company of familiar elves in an unknown land.


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