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May 18, 2006
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"Star Mort: Rickturn Of The Jerri" - I complained in the last one that the ending of Rick if not winning at least having the last shot against the family didn't feel well earned especially after how that one turned out but guess they were making that one up with this one which yeah I really dig especially how it ended. Like I have to say was so expecting them after having re introduced the clone Beth to have one of them die or just leave again but the idea of both of them staying and actually messing with Rick pointing out how he's a terrible father threatening to punch him and rubbing in how he's not really considered a threat due to his tendency to run away from his problems and everyone just being fine with the situation so much more satisfying. Kind of like how season 3 ended except this one feels even more well earned due to having both Beths here and then finding out he cloned Beth when she decided "yeah do you want me to leave or stay YOU make that decision" and him not being able to even want to remember it actually bringing up the whole Morty Mind Blowers again and finding out how he couldn't even stomach that desire. Honestly I always thought it made sense how Beth's arc sort of ended in season 3 since I figured "Well Rick would be satisfied either way. If she wanted to say she wouldn't have all of these self issues choosing to be with a family and having a sense of comfort I might of never afforded but if she chooses to leave she can have all of those adventures and grow like he did and he'd be satisified either way. So Beth choosing to be with Jerry again realizing how much things matter would be the ultimate F U to him espeically showing he still needs to be with a family now thus why he doesn't just portal off world to try and just find another Morty or something" but adding in actually getting to see what was really the big choice for the clones and adding in how it really shows even Rick how terrible a father is actually does make that moment work even more. Plus hey we also get Phoenix Person probably going to be turned back to Bird Person again probably as another well if not runner at least something to put in the back burner as a plot. I am glad that they did actually have a plan again for Tammy and the whole train thing was just them sort of teasing at the idea with a whole Star Wars homage but going in a different way with it. I admit I was a bit confused at first since I thought "Space Beth" (what I'm calling the Beth that went off) had gone to different dimensions so it was a parallel Tammy and Bug Aliens following them but then remembered "oh yeah just the entire universe not other parallels they went to." I do really like the idea of having had this new take over hinted at in that ending teaser finally cemented on... granted taken care of in this episode but still good to finally get that closure. Also after this half season started with just a lot of Rick and Morty focused episode so glad to see us get two big family focused episode in a row with differing plots.

And honestly a fair amount of good jokes in that; the alien Space Beth was with constantly talking about perscriptions, Jerry being the only one with a decent arc of having this weird puppet obsession because he saw other shows do it and everyone telling him it was stupid but then using it to save the day in the end against Phoenix Person, Space Beth's cool warp through technology and Rick managing to counter that, Summer breaking the goggles and trying to leave with the belt but Morty having one over on her, Rick having wired Wong's office with various weapon triggers and her annoyance at being left behind after that fight (wonder how many people were annoyed they weren't getting more of her after Pickle Rick established her as Rick's probably biggest nemesis who can so easily cut through his BS but eh after he wasn't going to come on the trip anyway and then everyone doing it regardless wasn't so bothered by that), the aliens thinking Morty had super psychic powers thanks to the invisiblity, Rick's annoyance at having to do a Star Wars and the major weapon claiming it didn't have an easy to pinpoint weakness, Space Beth making fun of regular Beth for not exercising, actually mentioning the Wendy's deal (which is especially funny because on my end they played that commercial in the ad break spot) Rick and Phoenix Person's battle and Phoenix Person admitting Rick's a bad friend for always wondering who would win between them, Tammy being gunned down and using her for an eye scanner and Invisible Garbage Druck driver Jerry. Honestly really liked this ending as had a lot of good jokes and really loved that whole ending bit and makes me really curious what season 5 has in store.

So yeah Season 4 IMHO has been really good. There hasn't really been a dud episode as I've enjoyed all 10 and the weakest episodes IMHO I just didn't care for maybe like certain ending bits but the rest were really solid and easily made up for here so yeah really good stuff can't wait for more R&M... likely next year since you know there is no wait between season gaps like the last few seasons are and hey unlike other forms of media, most animation progress can still be made despite social distancing and what not being enforced so yeah can't wait for more from this show.


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Aug 1, 2012
In my opinion, season 4 was thus far the weakest season of the show (small note, I'm saying this as someone who liked season 3 and thought it was overall on par with the first two) with a lot of episodes that were just OK/"meh", two that I did not like at all ("One Crew over the Crewcoo's Morty" and "Never Ricking Morty" to be specific) and even majority of the good ones being good just by the standards of the season and not up there with the best of the show.

But, to give credit where credit is due, they ended it on a high note. They brought back old story elements, after trolling the fans with the possibility of ignoring them (and not giving any good reason to believe that they weren't serious), planted the seeds for the next season in an exciting way and furthered the character development/deconstruction (not really sure which approach they are going with) of Rick. Plus, we got some good jokes (my favorite being important character moments happening off-screen) and fun action scenes.

So, at a certain point during this season I was little worried of this show getting such a huge episode deal, since the crew seemed to be running out of the steam and motivation, but now I'm back on board again. Granted, I'm not sure if it is a good sign to be mostly excited about the "story episodes" when those make the smallest minority of the episodes of each season, but I'm willing to give season 5 a chance when it comes out.


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This season finale (S4) alone makes up for Episode 9 being just another crappy episode to dump on weakest charcater Jerry, honestly. Actually remembering Tammy and Bird Person and the Beth clone and what actual Beth's been doing? It's all too priceless, really.

This show is still whatever, though. It's bad, it's dumb, but at least I can still watch it and enjoy it 75% of the time, regardless.

Jerry is a terrible character; Summer is unfortunately worse. As for Rick - make him less of a Mary Sue, like in earlier seasons, and my enjoyment of the show might climb up as needed, again. As for Morty? It makes me happy seeing him stand up to Rick more, first and foremost. Beth is the real best character for me here, even if she's kinda terrible, too.
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Feb 3, 2018
Season 4 has been the most inconsistent so far but at least it ended on a pretty good note. It had some of the funniest jokes in the season (particularly the Wrangler™ sponsorship of Annex 5) and it furthered the developments for almost every character, save for Summer. I don't think they did anything meaningful with her character this season, which sucked. Bringing back the clone Beth plotline to tie up the season was a great idea. I also just realized that, in the grand scheme of things, Rick didn't really do much to save the day. Morty's Wrangler™ jeans were what stopped the canons and Bird, I mean Phoenix Person was switched off by clone Beth with the aid of Jerry. I think that was the writers' ultimate way of showing that Rick isn't really needed anymore, an idea that the season, or rather the show, has been building up to. Making him such a Gary Stu might be to contrast Rick's decreasing relevance in the family. Regardless of how rocky season 4 was, its finale showed me that there are still potentially great stories to be told and I'm looking forward to season 5, which I hope we won't have to wait too long for.
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Jun 11, 2016
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Glad season 4 could end on a good note. The episode was pretty enjoyable. I laughed more than the last few (though the Vat of Acid was good too). My favorite part was the Jerry and invisible garbage truck. Didn't care for the parts with Morty and Summer and seeing Rick realize he isn't the perfect guy was nice too. It brings more depth to his character. He realizes he's a ****** person by the end and that leaves for some cliffhangers for next season. The Beth clone part was okay. I didn't really care if it was back or not; but it does lead to the ending which was a solid one for all the characters. I liked how Jerry saved the day with his puppeting. Nice to see him get the win instead of being the punching bag all the time. I hope they rewrite his character in season 5. RIP to Tammy though but all in all a good episode with some solid animation, laughs, and fun action scenes.

4.25/5 (but likely might change my score)

Season Review:

Half of the episodes were good and half of them were mediocre or straight up shit. But it ended with a good note instead of season 3's finale which was pretty bad. So this season was definitely the most inconsistent but I enjoyed it more than season 3 I think so. So I'll be kind to it since season 5 hopefully is better because I still enjoy watching this, but with Solar Opposites out, I definitely enjoy that show more due to it's more silly plotlines and the wall plot, which was amazing. So Rick and Morty definitely can still improve. And let's hope season 5 comes out in 2021 please. I don't want to wait until 2022 for it.

Season 4 score: 7/10


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Jul 13, 2003
I see they went with the sad Rick ending this season. So he'll probably have a big rebound in the next season premiere like when he escaped Federation prison.

I can't believe Jerry saved them by puppetry. lol. By man, hope he has less appearances next season. I like the potential of Beth and Beth Clone. They're basically twin sisters and that could change up her perspective and the dynamic for the better. Morty and Summer doing their part without injury and without Rick -- I feel like they're gonna get too cocky about that and falsely conclude they're invincible, leaving Rick to bail them out next season and he'll totally rub it in their faces somehow.

I loved that they addressed the Federation, Tammy, and Phoenix Person. It was a nice surprise in light of them trolling us with their non-canon cameo earlier in the season. I wonder if Rick will rehab Phoenix Person or won't.


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Apr 12, 2016
I don't know where to post this but here's your first look of Rick and Morty Season 5 that they showed yesterday on their [adult swim] Con panel.


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Jan 5, 2014

We're getting Pickle Rick flavored Pringles around the time of The Super Bowl.

Remember those Pickle Rick pringles go promote the Super Bowl? Not only are there back, we have two new flavors: "Honey Mustard Morty" and "Look At Me! I'm Cheddar And Sour Cream!".


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