C&C - Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon - "Double-Edged Moroha" [11/6]

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this episode was pretty good. While I haven't been that bothered by Moroha not getting much attention, it was still nice to see her get a full episode of focus. We got to learn more about her backstory, how she ended up in a bunch of debt and her relationship with her former master. Although, I feel like this either should have been a two parter or the master was introduced much sooner. Covering her history with Moroha and her death in the same episode really reduced the emotional impact. It was hard to get invested in their relationship not only because of how suddenly she was introduced, but Yawaragi came off as a bit too much of a jerk.

It was clear by the end that she did care about Moroha, but she also gambled her former student away pretty easily and had no problems leaving her in a mountain of demons where Moroha could have easily died. I did like how they showed how dangerous Moroha can be with relying on her demon blood. She has been generally in control when she has used it before, but giving Yawaragi her scar showed how dangerous she can be. That decision also led to Yawaragi to be in that cursed armor. I thought that Yawargi's point on how Moroha relies too much on that demon blood was also pretty spot on. While she hasn't used it for awhile, Moroha does quickly consider using it whenever a battle is getting too difficult, so wanting Moroha to not overly rely on something that is quite dangerous to her and others around her is pretty reasonable.

The battle was pretty good. Even with the obvious outcome, the farewell between Moroha and Yawaragi was pretty effective. I still think they needed to established their relationship a lot sooner, but it generally worked for what they wanted. Moroha feeling so alone as a quarter demon made sense. She isn't really human or a demon and she wouldn't be as powerful as half demons. Plus, it fits in with how isolated and lonely she was growing up. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.


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