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Jun 19, 2020


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Oct 28, 2016
Ok are there any versions that air classics during the day
No, I told you no, because most of these channels won’t care about classics anymore. I was telling him, that on linear TV, they don’t care about it, and this year, just CN France was airing only one classic, Dexter’s Laboratory.

I was saying just this Channel this year, which only airs that Classic. I didn’t say there are many channels, or there is another channel. I was mentioning about last year and this year.
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I'm currently watching Alex Bale's video about Goofy Goober, and it definitely goes into strange places, but it's quite interesting to watch.
I'm currently watching the livestream for DC Kids Fandome on YouTube. Batwheels comes out next year, and apparently, Batman: Caped Crusader and My Adventures With Superman come out in 2023. There's also a scene from DC Superhero Girls 2019 of Diana asking Barbara to not be friends with Harleen, and we see the Joker. Hopefully, there's an article that talks more about this.

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