Cartoon Network's (Upcoming) 30th Anniversary


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Feb 3, 2022
I mean, Nickelodeon aired Oh Yeah Cartoons! abruptly in 2007 for the Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend marathon despite OYC! not airing since it ended and they even aired Rocko, Ren and Stimpy, Angry Beavers and Aaaah!!! Real Monsters for the last times on the main network just for their animation catalogue skim through, but then again Nick doesn't have as much a history of short-lived and forgotten cartoons like CN does, and the shows I mentioned are remembered by 90s fanatics.
there was also "Random Cartoons" another show similar to Oh Yeah Cartoons! during the Nicktoons Network era.


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May 12, 2018
A half hour of Dexter is scheduled for October 1st... but cripes their first major success in original animation and it got 3 half hours total for this event.


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Aug 18, 2011
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Thank goodness for that livestream, I haven't had cable since 2019.

...I miss cable and watching episodes to discuss with you lot.

Also, CN's YouTube channel has been adding old episodes over the past couple of weeks. Ed, Edd n Eddy's "Invaded" special is currently up:

something about this art just feels off. i wouldn't say its out right bad, but
a lot of the images are stock ones, there's no show's outside of cartoon network studios (besides TTG of course), when i feel like those could be here. no johnny bravo, weasel, lazlo. etc/ its also weird what shows get more than one character. TTG gets the whole cast (because of course they do), there's gumball and darwin, although they use the young darwin design for some reason? theres finn, jake, marceline, PB, and LSP. but when it comes to regular show, theres only rigby, not even mordecai or pops are in it. nice seeing K.O and uncle grandpa (thank god) but there could've been WAY more, just look at the 20th anniversary poster. also not a big fan of the hues, other than that, it looks pretty cool. i dont like saying i think old stuff is better than new, since its common for people to say "this new thing SUCKS the OLD one is WAYYYY better" when most of the time its not true and there nostalgia blind. but in this case, the 20th art is way better than the 30th. (sorry for the long post)

You can see Scooby, Jerry, Bugs, and Yogi in the picture as well. Jellystone!'s existence is probably the only reason Yogi is in the group picture, but still.


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Oct 2, 2020
Miramar, FL
Happy 30th Anniversary, Cartoon Network!

Despite going through changes for the past three decades, a full network dedicated to animation left a massive impact in all of us. Colorful cast of characters, wonderful storylines, great diverse range of genre, and animation really make this network a true standout for many generations.

I grew up with network as much as Nickelodeon and Disney Channel has, but something about Cartoon Network is really special to me. If it wasn't for this network, then I wouldn't be fan of cartoons in the first place. I want to thanks this network for make me who I am today.

Once again, Happy 30th Anniversary, Cartoon Network. Here's hoping for another 30 years. In our hearts and our minds, you will always has and always will be the best place for cartoons.


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