Closed TV channels you miss.


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Jun 4, 2007
Tech TV - The channel for techno-geeks. I learned a lot about tech and PCs from The Screen Savers and I also enjoyed a show on there called Eye Drops, collections of PC and CGI shorts, which was more or less their version of MTV's Liquid Television. Comcast killed Tech TV and devoured it from the inside because they wanted X-Play, so they gutted the channel and turned the best show on it, The Screen Savers, into Attack of the Show!, which admittedly wasn't that bad, but I still missed TSS. Eventually, G4 (the channel that Comcast used to swallow Tech TV) went rotten and died out as well. The sad thing is: a merged G4/Tech TV channel could have and should have been awesome.

Fuel TV - Fox's now defunct extreme/action sports channel. Fuel TV boasted a lot of cool surf, skate, snowboard, wakeboard and BMX shows in exotic locations and some actually decent comedies like American Misfits, Stupidface and The Captain and Casey Show. The channel also spotlighted a lot of cool music that I would never have known about otherwise.

HA! - One of the predecessors of Comedy Central, which was merged with HBO's Comedy Channel to form the latter. Whereas Comedy Channel spotlighted stand-up and movies, HA! was more of a schticky Nick @ Nite, focusing mainly on sitcoms and sketch comedy shows from the 50's to the 70's, though they there were a few stand-up shows on there as well, like London Underground.


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Aug 20, 2017
I sort of miss G4 but really that channel was going downhill in it’s later years.
I would say that back then, NBCUniversal didn't know how to manage G4 (or in better terms, videogames can't fit the typical format of American cablecast too well, not without HBO-style scheduling, anyway).
There's no reason that G4 should have failed nowadays, but Universal seems to be interested in attacking certain demographics for that sweet, sweet ESG credit (who wouldn't want any fraction of that US$3 trillion credit in their stock?) than actually serving customers nowadays.


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