Creators Whose Styles Have Changed Over Time


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Jan 5, 2014
When a creator gets famous for a specific show/shows, you often think of a specific style associated with them. Like, when you think of Tom Ruegger, you think more wacky comedies like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. Thus, it's surprising he would work on a show like Animalia, a mostly serious show that's also educational. That's what this thread is for. For any creators who created/co-created more than one show, talk about the style you commonly associate with them, and how they've changed over the years.

Take for example Doug Langdale. Most people tend to associate him with wacky comedies like Earthworm Jim or Dave The Barbarian. Even with the down to earth nature of The Weekenders, it's still a slice of life comedy. As such, it's definitely a surprise that he would go for more story driven shows later in his career. While shows like The Adventures Of Puss In Boots and Cleopatra In Space (both of which he co-created) have plenty of humor, they're also more story driven with some kind of big end goal. They do embrace being action comedies. Similarly, the upcoming A Tale Dark And Grimm, while there still seems to be humor, the trailer seems to indicate something darker. Likewise, he and his wife are showrunners for another upcoming show, Samurai Rabbit The Usagi Chronicles, which also seems to be story driven.

On the flip side, there's Rob Hoegee. When you hear his name, you usually think of more action oriented affair like Legion Of Superheroes, Slugterra, and Niko And The Sword Of Light. As such, it's surprising how he would create Abby Hatcher and be showrunner for Stillwater, both preschool shows that, while tonally different, skew for a younger audience and are more episodic, slice of life.

And now I turn this over to you. Who are some creators whose styles have evolved during their career?

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Oct 2, 2020
Miramar, FL
Oh, that's a tough one.

The only ones I can think of were Genndy, Craig, and Lauren.

Genndy- Dexter's Lab (episodic), Samurai Jack (action oriented)

Craig- PPG Classic (action comedy), Foster's (episodic comedy), Kid Cosmic (story driven)

Lauren- MLP FiM (slice of life comedy with fantasy elements), DC Superhero Girls (action comedy)

Oh, here's a bonus:

The Ralph Brothers (I forgot the name was)- Swat Kids (action), Mega Babies (gross out comedy)


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