"DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power" Video Game Talkback (Spoilers)

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Yes, have some.
Staff member
Jul 13, 2003
Don't forget to be super every step of the way!


DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: June 4, 2021

Synopsis: Join the fight as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl from the animated series DC Super Hero Girls, and save Metropolis from the tinkering terror of Toyman! With the city in danger, even frenemies like Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Star Sapphire will need to band together to help.

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Yes, have some.
Staff member
Jul 13, 2003
The two knocks against Teen Power

1. The main story is essentially an extended rehash of the series premiere of the television series in terms of Lena Luthor's master plan.

2. There are only 6 playable characters: Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Star Sapphire. The villain girls are only playable in pretty much the second half of the game and Star is the last to be unlocked almost near the end so you hardly play her in the first go around.

In the middle

1. The fights get repetitive because the bulk of the enemies are Toyman's toy army and the boss battles don't get too strategic until later on.

2. You don't get to fully explore the world like going into buildings.

The good stuff

1. Stays true to DCSHG. It's not a cheap tie-in. The animated style translates very well into the game. There's a lot of neat callbacks and nods. Even Tommy is among the citizens. Great attention to detail like the girls's mannerisms like when Supergirl does her big punch, she does the wind up first.

2. Fun and big open world feel. You even learn some new details about Metropolis like the area where Sweet Justice and Metropolis Pier are is called Old City. There's 3 main areas: Metropolis High, Old City, and Hob's Bay but there's a lot to see and take in.

3. Lot's of side quests to do during the game or after you beat it the first time.

Odds and ends.

Characters are voiced by the same actors who voice them in the show: Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, Zatanna, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Star Sapphire, Giganta, Livewire, Poison Ivy, Lena Luthor, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, and Hal Jordan. New character Toyman is voiced by Charlie Schlatter.

10 boss battles: Giant Robot, Giganta, Livewire, Giganta, Abraham (a giant sized teddy bear), Catwoman, Proto Toybot (Toyman pilots it), Warsuit (what Lena used in the series premiere), Gigabot (a giant sized DemoBot), and Toybot (the finished working version of Proto Toybot that both Toyman and Lena pilot)

The enemies as mentioned are Toyman's toy army. There's basically 7 but there's variants of each kind with a different ability.

-There's the standard DemoBots then the variants are
--Rocketbots are gold versions that fire rockets
--Firebots are large red versions the shoot flames
--Gigabot is a giant purple version that is a boss character

-A girl's doll named Mary that uses telekinesis to hurl objects
--Tina is a large green eyed version in a dark green dress.
--Joilet is a grey version with red eyes that fires lightning
--Annabelle is a large green skinned version

-There's toy soldiers
--Alex is the red version and have a trumpet
--Ben is the blue version, usually many at a time, fire their rifles
--Chris is the green version, usually perch and snipe

-There's alien saucers
--Vega is the purple one
--Altair is a grey version that fires lasers
--Deneb is a red version

-There's teddy bears
--George is the standard brown version.
--William is a medium sized green version
--Abraham is a giant purple version that is a boss character
--Theodore is a blue version that slashes

-There's the monkey with cymbals
--Caesar is the standard version
--Cornelius is a pink version with a bomb
--Milo is a blue version that throws bombs

-There's a toy robot that loosely looks like Optiums Prime
--Alfa is the standard green robot
--Charlie is the purple version that delivers a pulse shot
--Delta is a red and orange version that shoots fireballs
--Bravo is a blue version that shoots a freeze ray
--Echo is a dark blue version that shoots lasers

The sole non-enemy are the Shady Boys, they appeared in a least one short - three teen boy delinquents that wear a colored ski mask.

Main game is split into chapters, seven total, each chapter has several missions organized like episodes with a hashtag in the title.

Chapter 1 Project Commenced
-DemoBots attack Hob's Bay, play as Supergirl, a Giant Robot appears and wrecks the area, Supergirl knocks it out before it can finish off the city with its laser cannon. Batgirl later deals with robbers in a back alley. Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl face Giganta, the 1st boss battle.
-#StoryHunting: Lex Luthor unveils his Hob's Bay restoration project, girls try to ply info on the project from Lois but she wants a scoop in exchange so the photo taking aspect comes into play, the notion of rogue DemoBots and toys attacking Hob's Bay routinely starts
-#ThrillsInTheSky: Supergirl flies, the teen's role in the restoration project starts to be revealed
-#Invaders: Wonder Woman deals with the Shady Boys in Hob's Bay, you meet Navibot and learn about how to pick what to build then a few days later Lex holds a ceremony for the unveiling then toys attack

Chapter 2 Who'll Get More Likes?
-Supergirl is embarrassed in an encounter with Livewire, a photo of her being electrocuted on power lines makes it to Superstapost
-#GoneViral: Girls begin to suspect Livewire is the mastermind behind the rogue DemoBots, naturally the villain girls are iffy on taking part in the restoration project, Doris/Giganta can't because of bad test scores, Carol decides to try to impress Hal, Supergirl does good deeds in Hob's Bay to fix her rep
-#PleaseFollowMe: Supergirl is pleased to learn a lot of fans are sticking up for her on Superstapost, more toys attack, Lois is interested in the toys but admits it could be anyone with a beef against Lexcorp
-#ConspiracyRevealed: Karen does an analysis and is positive the toys are hidden in Hob's Bay the day before Lex's ceremonies, Lois tries to interview Toyman but he's too precocious, Kara makes a joke and he storms off
-#Superstaddiction: Livewire announces she will demolish Sweet Justice, DemoBots happen to appear at Sweet Justice before her, after bots are destroyed Livewire is the 2nd boss fight, Supergirl eventually has to start knocking down poles so she can't recharge

Chapter 3 The Giant And The Brave
-The villain girls attack Hob's Bay
-#LikeOilAndWater: Pamela is anger at Doris for punching a tree, Jessica takes her to Sweet Justice to cheer her up but Pamela is horrified by a green smoothie, Doris insults Toyman's toy stand, a stolen delivery truck dumps out more toys, Poison Ivy summons vines to get revenge for the trees destroyed in Hob's, Supergirl chases the delivery truck
-#PutYourPawsUp: They notice the toys look like Toyman's but since he's just a kid, think someone is using his toys, they track down the owner of the delivery truck
-#Inter-vined: Kara saves some cats and is told the delivery truck belongs to a pet food delivery company in Hob's Bay's Port Area. Giganta rampages through Hob's angry about a test she got a 0 on. 3rd boss battle. Girls have to lead her to the plaza while Navibot evacuates people, then girls lure Giganta to Ivy's vines and she is temporarily immobile and have to attack her head
-#LetMeFixIt: Karen presents a device she wants to put in Navibot so they get early warnings about attacks in Hob's Bay however Lena has sabotaged it and the girls have to take it a higher part of Hob's for it to reset, toys attack the next ceremony

Chapter 4 A Legendary Comic!
-#Hurly-Burlies: Babs gets her reserved copy of the Batman vs. Joker: Ultra-Limited Edition comic, sees Harley trying to destroy the store because she can't get a copy, Batgirl arrives, sees Batgirl has the comic, tries to take hers, it falls down a manhole, more toys, Harley bails, search sewers - more toys to fight
-#BFFs: Babs takes Harleen with her to pick the next buildings with Navibot, more toys attack, girls are surprised to see Harley fighting them (Harley won't let them destroy the building Babs picked), temporary team up
-#AnOddAlliance: Batgirl and Harley search for the comic in the sewers, Harley goes overboard and activates several time bombs, have to race the clock to defuse each one
-#MyEnemy'sEnemy: Harley fights toys alone, a Caesar stills the comic, chase it back to the surface, the comic is dropped into the bay, 4th boss - Abraham, giant teddy bear, Jessica suggests they team up with the villain girls to track down the mastermind, at the same time Harleen suggests they team up with the Super Hero Girls, Selina is interested in the spoils of war

Chapter 5 Underground Secrets
-#ShadowOfTheCulprit: Catwoman steals some gems but she's attacked by Mary dolls, girls have to scour Old City to recover the gems, tail Toyman, sees a fancy car, overhears Toyman talking to someone in the sewers, fights more toys
-#DigForTheTruth: toys attack another ceremony, go back underground in Old City and run into Catwoman, 5th boss fight.
-#PurrfectPlan: Catwoman makes a plan to distract security so she can sneak back underground, fights toys
-#KingOdTheToys: Catwoman runs into the Super Hero Girls. Toyman pilots his Proto Toybot and uses the girls as targets for a performance test. Have to first destroy the force field generators in the room, attack the Toybot when the missile launch fails, Wonder Woman lassos him but Lex and the police take him and the robot into custody.

Chapter 6 Fugue of Love and Hate
-#Insistence: Hal Jordan is missing in action for football practice, the girls piece together he's on a forced date with Carol, toys attack, Selina thinks something fishy is going on at Lexcorp and doesn't think Toyman built that Toybot himself, they pursue the fancy car from earlier
-#DrivingMeCrazy: Star Sapphire refuses to work alongside a Green Lantern and chases the car on her own, only to fight more toys
-#UnintendedParty: Super Hero and villain girls temporarily team up to get into the underground control center and fight toys. Lex arrives and denies he's the mastermind, threatens to have them arrested.
-#SurpriseGuest: Zatanna uses her hat to teleport the Warsuit to a subspace reality where it can't wreck Hob's Bay, 8th boss fight. have to lure it into Zatanna's white light to temporarily neutralize it to attack it

Chapter 7 Best Frenemies!
-#WeAreReady: grand event at Hob's Bay's Bayfront Park to celebrate the completion of the restoration project, even the villain girls conspire to meet in Hob's but Livewire and Ivy aren't interested, Selina wants to crush whoever is in their way, Super Hero Girls see Lena throwing a tantrum in front of Lex and the car because he deleted her Superstapost account
-#ShallWeBegin?: Toyman makes a viral post saying there will be a toy's parade at Hob's Bay that night, more fights with toys, learn Toyman is on a rampage in Old City, more toys
-#StrongerByTheDozen: they team up and chase Toyman underground, more toys, can't advance into the control center, Livewire arrives and tries to deny she's helping because she's made Toyman has more likes than her, Toyman tries to trap them in a room with giant bombs but Zatanna teleports Giganta in with her hat and she raises up the doors so they can escape, they encounter the Gigabot - a giant DemoBot is 9th boss fight, realize the room they're in is full of shipping containers all with toys stuffed in, Ivy arrives and seals the containers with her vines - GL convinced her to help to save the plants
-#PowerOfOne: the 12 girls make their way top side but realize they're in Lexcorp, the now finished Toybot activates and Lena reveals she's the mastermind, she reveals it was her idea to rebuild Hob's Bay so she hacked the DemoBots to wreck it but Lex swooped in with his own plan to rebuild Hob's so she declared war and teamed up with Toyman, they want to rebuild Hob's Bay as land for kids and paradise for toys, the girls are underwhelmed. No, Toyman's identity is never revealed just that implicitly he's an evil engineering genius boy the same age range as Lena. Final boss fight. Attack the legs when the plates open then Ivy holds the bot with vines and attack the chest laser cannon. 1/3 of the way, Lena and Toyman activates barriers, so have to lure Toybot near GL and Ivy at an antenna in corner of room to zap it then attack the head. 2/3 done, have to start attacking the arm cannons when they are revealed, then Zatanna launches Giganta at it then can attack the head while it's stunned.

In the end, even though the Toybot is crippled Toyman decides to risk it and activate the laser cannon. Toybot explodes and Lena and Toyman are ejected. Lena throws a tantrum. Lex enters the room and takes them away to be punished. Lex tells the girls to hurry on home. The next day at the last event, Lois laments things will go back to slow news days. That night, the Super Hero Girls and villain girls are enemies again and face off on the roofs of Old City.
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May 13, 2006
Advanced Idea Mechanics
Yeah, there's not really much for me to add that Yojimbo hasn't covered. The other three main girls not being playable, some repetitiveness, and the bland environments are the biggest issues. Well, okay, also the obvious budget restrictions are there, but that's to be expected from most tie-in games. Still, it felt like they placed a lot of effort into it, from the combat system to the open world, the alternate outfits, social media and even town building aspects. Some of these mechanics felt like odd fits to the franchise (town building), but they all made the game feel more than just a simple combat game.

The plot itself was pretty pedestrian and it even felt too much like the pilot, with the only new aspects being the Toyman's involvement with Lena and the hero/villain team-up. I guess this takes place before the heist episode, since the girls seem oblivious to Lex's villainy and seem surprised he could be the mastermind. Then again, they're also surprised that Lena is the true villain. :rolleyes:

I was actually more interested in exploring the town. Some of the side quests are pretty amusing and even have some dark humor in them. There's even some surprising Easter eggs. Try taking a photo with the kids who are waiting for an UFO, for example. ;)

Toybox is the developer, which also worked on the Deadly Premonition re-release and sequel. There's not much of that in this game, but it does have a Japanese game vibe that is missing from the show. Different music, presentation, etc. It certainly makes it feel unique.


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