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May 13, 2003
Unaired pilot: Anivision

Season 1:
1. I, Duckman: Anivision
2. TV or Not to Be: Sunwoo
3. The Gripes of Wrath: Anivision
4. Psyche: Sunwoo
5. Gland of Opportunity: Sunwoo
6. Ride the High School: Sunwoo
7. A Civil War: Anivision
8. Not So Easy Riders: Sunwoo
9. It's the Thing of the Principal: Anivision
10. Cellar Beware: Anivision
11. American Dicks: Sunwoo
12. About Face: Sunwoo
13. Joking the Chicken: Anivision
TOTAL: 7 Sunwoo, 6 Anivision.

Season 2:
14. Papa Oom MOW MOW: Anivision
15. Married Alive: Sunwoo
16. Days of Whining and Neurosis: Sunwoo
17. Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial: Anivision
18. America the Beautiful: Sunwoo
19. The Germ Turns: Anivision
20. In the Nam of the Father: Sunwoo
21. Research and Destroy: Anivision
22. Clip Job: Sunwoo
TOTAL: 5 Sunwoo, 4 Anivision.

Season 3:
23. Noir Gang: Sunwoo
24. Forbidden Fruit: Anivision
25. Grandma-ma's Flatulent Adventure: Anivision
26. Color of Naught: Anivision
27. Sperms of Endearment: Anivision
28. A Room With a Bellevue: Sunwoo
29. Apocalypse Not: Anivision
30. Clear and Presidente Danger: Sunwoo
31. The Girls of Route Canal: Anivision
32. The Mallardian Candidate: Sunwoo
33. Pig Amok: Anivision
34. The Once and Future Duck: Sunwoo
35. The One With Lisa Kudrow in a Small Role: Anivision
36. Aged Heat: Sunwoo
37. They Craved Duckman's Brain!: Anivision
38. The Road to Dendron: Sunwoo
39. Exile in Guyville: Anivision
40. The Longest Weekend: Anivision
41. The Amazing Colossal Duckman: Sunwoo
42. Cock Tails For Four: Anivision
TOTAL: 12 Anivision, 8 Sunwoo.

Season 4:
43. Dammit, Hollywood: Sunwoo
44. Coolio Runnings: Anivision
45. Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat: Sunwoo
46. All About Elliot: Sunwoo
47. From Brad to Worse: Sunwoo
48. Bonfire of the Panties: Anivision
49. Role With It: Sunwoo
50. Ajax & Ajaxer: Anivision
51. With Friends Like These: Sunwoo
52. A Trophied Duck: Anivision
53. A Star is Abhorred: Sunwoo
54. Bev Takes a Holiday: Anivision
55. Love! Anger! Kvetching!: Sunwoo
56. Haunted Society Plumbers: Anivision
57. Ebony, Baby: Sunwoo
58. Vuuck, as in Duck: Anivision
59. Crime, Punishment, War, Peace, and the Idiot: Sunwoo
60. Kidney, Popsicle and Nuts: Anivision
61. The Tami Show: Sunwoo
62. My Feral Lady: Anivision
63. Westward, No!: Sunwoo
64. Short, Plush, and Deadly: Anivision
65. How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying: Sunwoo
66. You've Come a Wrong Way, Baby: Anivision
67. Hamlet 2- This Time it's Personal: Sunwoo
68. Das Sub: Anivision
69. Where No Duckman Has Gone Before: Sunwoo
70: Four Weddings Inconceivable: Anivision
TOTAL: 15 Sunwoo, 13 Anivision.

GRAND TOTAL: 35 Sunwoo, 36 Anivision.
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Putting Bleeps on a Streaming Show Is Stupid
Jul 9, 2008
Comedy Central should revive this since it is now a sister company to CBS Studios which owns the series.


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