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Dec 31, 2020
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What's your favorite show from CN that is considered underrated by many online communities?

Mine is Squirrel Boy. That show deserved more chances. I enjoyed the dynamic between Andy and Rodney and Rodney's annoyance of Andy's father Mr. J. Not to mention the adventurous storylines and inspiration taken from classic cartoons. Having a main character voiced by Richard Steven Horovitz helps too.


Aug 15, 2018
I don't know if Chowder and Flapjack are still considered underrated. But man those shows were so ahead of their time and they got embarrassingly screwed over for live action reality shows.


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Jun 4, 2007
Uncle Grandpa. I never understood why this show received so much hate. The only reason I can think of is because it wasn't in any way serious or serialized like many other CN shows at the time were. It was unabashedly and unapologetically silly, wacky and weird, which is precisely why I enjoyed it.

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Jul 10, 2016
Ben 10 reboot. While it was mostly comedy, it was still enjoyable to watch. I actually liked the jokes and plots here. Doesn't have to be exactly the same like the original. Having new ideas might work.


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Apr 23, 2007
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I'm going to go with a top 5 list. This isn't necessarily ranked, but I wouldn't be opposed with this order if you asked me to:

1. Sheep in the Big City- The closest thing we had to a return of Jay Ward's comic sensibilities since his passing, Sheep was the perfect balance of witty and ridiculous, smart and stupid in a lovely package. I understand why the series never caught on- it was too esoteric for many- but I wish that it has been able to pick up more of a following than it has over the years. It feels like history has doubled down on its obscurity.

2. Class of 3000- A rare highlight from a weaker period for Cartoon Network originals, this one had a welcome playful sense of humor that Camp Lazlo's dryness was never interested in matching, while Gym Partner's butt jokes dragged itself down. Not to mention a nice, wavy art style and a killer soundtrack, often featuring songs set to different animation styles- try getting "Cool Kitty" out of your head if you see the video. Andre 3000 even holds his own alongside a murder's row of voice acting greats. Sadly, 3000 just premiered at a bad time, as most everything else ended around the time it did, and the show didn't last long enough to maintain much of a legacy and disappeared quickly.

3- The Secret Saturdays- Cartoon Network definitely had Ben 10-esq ambitions for this one, giving it a toyline and marketing push, but from what I understand, the retro-inspired art style turned kids off, and the series didn't make it to the 2010's. And that's a shame, as there was an interesting story and likable characters here, not to mention that the art style was a plus for me. I liked it better than any Ben 10 series, at least.

4- Uncle Grandpa- Now this one seemed to have been a hit, as it ran for a few seasons and got a decent push for a while from CN. But it seems like it disappeared from CN the moment it was over, and it turned off many cartoon fans at the time who thought it was stealing Steven Universe's spotlight or something. I remember plenty SU fans complained about the "Say Uncle" crossover in particular. But you know what? This was a fun show and that was a good special. I'm sure that many kids appreciated both shows to a near equal amount and had fun with the crossover, as they should.

I wouldn't call Uncle Grandpa a top 10 CN original, but I enjoyed just about every episode I saw of it. UG himself is a fun character, and I like the balance Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, and others brought to his world. And it's wacky, but not that gross or annoying, like many of its detractors wanted you to believe. Granted, the reception doesn't seem as sour now, but hey, I'll gladly still go to bat for it.

5. Clarence- This is another stretch, as like Uncle Grandpa, Clarence seemed to be at least a modest hit, but I'll go with it for two reasons anyway. One, like UG, the series did turn off some cartoon fans who wanted their shows to only be philosophical or whatever, as if the interest of a young adult is more important for a children's cartoon than how a child feels about it. But also, I feel like Clarence should have been bigger in general, and maybe had at least one more season.

sometimes got pigeonholed as a slice of life series, which I don't think is quite fair. Sometimes yes, it's mostly a school-based series, but the show is able to go in weirder directions than you'd expect, even after you familiarize yourself with its world. It's really the perfect middle ground between Ed, Edd n' Eddy and Craig of the Creek. Although I'd call it the lesser of the three show- it doesn't quite have the pathos or classic cartoon ethos of EEnE, nor does it quite match Craig's character development. But Clarence deserves to be remembered for more than its creator's unacceptable behavior.


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