Film series where you watched every film in a theater

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May 6, 2002
Kind of an odd one, but what are some film series where you saw every film in the series in a theater (as opposed to video, tv airings, or streaming)? The only ones I can think of is Lord of the Rings and both It films. Splitting up the MCU films, that adds in Iron Man, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Dr. Strange. Other than that, there have been films from a series I was either too young or late to the party to see the whole series in theaters (ie, Indiana Jones, but I did see Last Crusade and Crystal Skull on the big screen), or just never got to see in a theater for other reasons.

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Sep 26, 2022
Even though it’s based off the TV show, I’ve seen all Jackass films unless you count the Bad Grandpa spin-off thing I still haven’t watched aside from clips.

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May 14, 2002
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If the Hobbit movies don't have to be included, then I've seen all three Lord of the Rings movies in the theater.

I've seen the first three Ninja Turtles movies in theaters if the rest of them don't have to be included.


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Sep 10, 2006
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If I’m only including movies with at least three films then Toy Story (including Lightyear), Despicable Me/Minions, and How to Train Your Dragon. Also Hotel Transylvania as the fourth one was never released to theaters (I haven’t seen it anyways).

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May 13, 2003
I've seen all four Indy films in theaters, though only Crystal Skull on initial release.

I would say Star Wars as well (post-Lucas live action films included), but I've never seen Empire on the big screen (yes, I know). Same with Jurassic Park- I skipped Lost World in theaters but saw the rest.

Uh... what else? Seen all five Daniel Craig Bonds in theaters. And I've seen both Ted movies in theaters, though that's not much of an accomplishment really.

EDIT: Forgot about the Cars trilogy- saw all those in theaters too.

EDIT 2: Can't believe I forgot this one: The Rush Hour trilogy. I had a good time at all of these, even the much-maligned third one. "He is Mi! And I am Yu!"


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Mar 22, 2002
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I'm struggling to think of any. I've even missed a couple of Marvel films in theaters (and I used to pride myself on going to see every single Marvel film, even the X-Men films).

I guess I've seen all 3 "Lord of the Rings" films in theaters, if that counts, but I've only watched the first Hobbit film in theaters. While the "Hobbit" films were "good enough", the magic just wasn't quite there.

I've seen all four Indy films in theaters, though only Crystal Skull on initial release.

I was alive, but don't recall seeing the first two Indiana Jones films in theaters (in 1980 and 1984). But watching "Temple of Doom" on VHS is one of those "first time renting a movie from the local VHS movie rental store in the mid 80's" memories (on our brand new VCR).

I did watch the the 3rd and 4th films in theaters though.

I would say Star Wars as well (post-Lucas live action films included), but I've never seen Empire on the big screen (yes, I know). Same with Jurassic Park- I skipped Lost World in theaters but saw the rest.

"Return of the Jedi" is the first movie I remember seeing in theaters (in 1983). Since then, I've seen every Star Wars film in theaters since then (even "Solo"), but I was too young for the original 1977 Star Wars and 1980 Empire Strikes Back.

EDIT: Wait a minute! I went and saw every one of the "Special Edition" Star Wars films, released in theaters in January, February and March of 1997! Such a special time period. It kicked off the "late 90's" era, and started getting Star Wars fans pumped up for the then upcoming Prequels.

So I guess I HAVE seen every Star Wars film in theaters! :)

I don't know why, but I've seen every Jurassic Park film in theaters as well - except for "Lost World"! Not sure why we didn't bother going to that in 1997, were we busy that year? about this one: I've seen both "Independence Day" films in theaters!

Problem is, they keep making films in some of these series. I want to brag that I've seen "all 3 'Scream' films" in theaters, but the problem is they've kept making "Scream" films (somehow there was a 4th film that I don't recall, and I know they just did the 5th film for the 25th anniversary).
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Apr 23, 2007
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On the top of my head, I know that I've seen every MCU film in theaters. Love it or hate it, but they still have my money, at least on the big screen...

For less impressive feats, I've seen all three Kung-Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragons in theaters, as well. I'm surprised that this is it for animated franchises, as I even skipped the fourth Toy Story, but did see Lightyear.


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May 13, 2016
For me, I've seen every instalment from the Warner-Legendary Monsterverse, The Maze Runner, The Lego Movie and Kingsman as well as all five Disney era Star Wars films and the Jurassic World trilogy in cinemas. I've seen most of the DCEU and MCU films in cinemas, as those I didn't see in cinemas, I saw them somewhere else on the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now.


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Aug 11, 2001
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I've watched all James Bond movies in a theater first. ...All of the Star Wars movies. On the very first
Star Wars movie...I watched it in a movie theater on the 2nd day it was released. Whenever that was..??
I don't remember. Yes, 2nd day on a Saturday..I think it was on a Tuesday or Wednesday, before that,
that I went to the Chicago Public Library and saw a book on a rack on a rack called, "Star Wars" (Yes, it was a paper back book, so, I took it out and read the whole book in 2 days.....
........Book cover said a movie was coming out soon. So, I finished reading the original book, and
went to the movie the 2nd day it was released. I loved that film and saw it 5 times on that original
run. (maybe 4 times.) When the sequels came out, I saw the first sequel the first day, then the third
in the series...I waited a while...& saw it later (not the first day or first week) but somewhat later..
...When Lucas announced there would be ..."MORE, AND EVEN MORE movies.... I was somewhat
alarmed but I saw them..even the last one?? (don't remember the name

Yes, I bought the 3 package edition and others?? I would have to go down to my tape collection to
see this one or that one...Yes, I have a tape collection. Video Tapes. going back a long way..I think I got
some that maybe worth a fortune. .......And yes I have a disc player too. Rarely use it ...........

.................................HELLO TO EVERYONE....!!!

Then some on DVD. First in a theater then at home.
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