"Green Eggs & Ham" Talkback Thread (Spoilers)


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Aug 2, 2020
I do wonder if hbo max can rescue green eggs and ham from netflix and put it on here giving that Warner bros animation did this show


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Dec 3, 2017
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Season 2 supposedly coming next month:

You know, I've been waiting for this announcement over the past two and a half years, and after that fake release date in November passed, I just kept telling myself, "Season 2 is gonna randomly drop one day. No warning, just BOOM. 10 episodes on Netflix, ready to go."

I'm glad to see that we instead get a (real) official announcement a month ahead of time (I consider CartoonBrew to be a reliable source). Enough time to get excited and rewatch the first season, but close enough to not add more time to the incredibly long hiatus.

Either way I'm pumped. Honestly, this is probably the only cartoon I'm really looking forward to right now.

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May 13, 2003
Watched three episodes so far. Good to have this show back. While the plot is definitely far removed from the original story by now (really, the second season could be called something else entirely), they've developed these versions of the characters enough that they can get away with it.

Love how they've combined the Green Eggs & Ham and Butter Battle Book universes this season- looking forward to if there's the equivalent of a nuclear weapon at the end just like the original BBB story!

Funniest joke so far is in episode 3 when one of Guy's inventions explodes yet again, and he gives a subdued smile of "I knew it" as it happens behind him. Sometimes the understated gags are just as funny as the over-the-top ones.

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Jul 29, 2017
I can't remember which episode of Season 2 it was in, but did anyone notice the reference to "Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!" in Sam's dream about his mom?

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Jan 19, 2004
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Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "The Mom Identity"

Not remotely on-board. The show was pretty near-perfect last year. It was the last show that needed a major retooling.

They created that jaw-dropping cliffhanger that Sam was the bad guy in last year's finale, and not only was that dropped here, but the endangered bird isn't even MENTIONED, much less wrapped up satisfactorily.

The new spy theme song is a major downgrade from the bouncy "Watch Me Backflip."

Do the producers understand how long we've been waiting for this show to return and address that awesome cliffhanger? And instead they act like it never happened. I'm actually really angry about it. **.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "Tinker Tailor Mother Spy"

I don't like that Pam doesn't actually seem to like Sam very much. He's not exactly the type of character I enjoy seeing their heart stomped upon.

They are sort of doing a loose adaptation of The Butter Battle Book here. Personally, I think Ralph's Bakshi's version was absolutely perfect, the second best Seuss project after Chuck Jones' version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and literally the most faithful Seuss adaptation of all time. Seeing the Yooks and Zooks here was sort of nerdy, I guess, but Bakshi already had me totally covered there.

I will say this. The character animation and facial expressions on this show continue to be amazing, even if I don't like the story.

And I don't really like the story. **1/2.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "Goldenguy"

I don't feel as sorry for Sam as the show thinks I should. Yeah, he's cute, but he's also annoying and a liability. The producers are essentially asking me to feel sympathetic towards Shortround. I not only don't have that in me, I think it's an unreasonable ask of me.

The Narrator wonders who the bad guys are with the Yooks and Zooks. The whole idea is that both sides are equally misguided. The Butter thing is the thing that makes that clear in the book.

I'm not loving this season. **1/2.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "Three Days Of The Mom-dor"

E.B.'s new boyfriend is annoying.

I like the Narrator being offended at the shots being taken at rhymes, lamely finishing his sentence with the word "rabies", and then conceding the kids had a point.

It was all right, but I'm still not on-board. ***.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "To Yookia With Love"

Maybe I'm misremembering things, but I honestly don't recall the show being this bad last year. Am I wrong? Am I the only one thinking this? It's not just the retooling that's the problem. The writing is actually much worse. And that's weird.

The sermonizing in this episode was beyond hamfisted. What bothers me is that The Butter Battle Book is potentially Dr. Seuss' most preachy, political book of all time. But it doesn't really feel that way. Because the awful cliffhanger ending suggests no easy answers, and the book's cynical about not just the futility of war, but the inevitability of it too. Seuss is speaking a harsh truth to children about the subject parents would refuse to unless it was an allegory using something as silly as butter for the central conflict. This season of Green Eggs and Ham is going against that. And you can argue that's an important tone for today, and more consistent with this show. I would argue the entire PREMISE of The Butter Battle Book is inconsistent with this show, and should never have been attempted.

I'll tell you why I think the writing is worse. The Narrator accuses the viewer of also finding Michelee's stuff boring. I don't like being accused of that, because once she was in the doctor's office I understood exactly what was going on. I don't like the Narrator acting like the show put one over on me when it didn't. That's actually insufferable.

The show actually DID put one over on me last year with the surprise cliffhanger. But because the show did nothing with it, it gets no credit from me for doing so in hindsight.

I understand the importance of female representation in kids shows, especially for modern takes on things like Dr. Seuss, which had negligible female representation at the time. The thing is, it's not even GOOD female representation. All E.B. does this season is moon over and worry about a boy. Not a single scene for that girl this season would remotely pass the Bechdel Test. And that's a problem.

I really think that was a bad episode, and that this is shaping up to be a bad season. I don't get it. *1/2.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "You Only Mom Once"

Sam is a cute baby for sure.

But truthfully, I think the season has gotten so far off track because Sam and Guy have been separated this entire time. Their relationship was the heart and soul of season one, and the writers don't care about it anymore. If there is any specific reason this season is worse than the last, it's not the cringe preachiness, it's not the ignoring of continuity, it's the fact that the show has abandoned the exact thing that made it great. I've very unhappy about it. **.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "Guyfall"

I didn't like the episode at all, but I'll tell you this: It was the first episode this season that was actually interesting.

Guy was one of my favorite characters last year. And his actions in this episode are despicable and unforgivable. And the Narrator being alarmed Sam chose his Mom over him is the wrong reaction. Sam was actually right to do it. And I'm a person who doesn't actually trust Pam at all. But because Guy is turning Sam against his mom without even talking to her, I can't forgive that character.

He says the Butter thing is important. It's actually not. That's the entire point. And I was angry at him by the end.

So I didn't like the episode, and I hated Guy by the end of it, but it's the first episode this year to get a strong reaction out of me, good or bad. I won't dismiss that. **1/2.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "The Sam Who Came In From The Cold"

On some level the pathos here feels right, on another it feels a bit overwrought. Maybe that's okay because it's a kids show, but I think the pathos of the recent She-Ra cartoon felt genuine and not over-the-top. I don't know if "It's a show for kids," really flies there.

The episode was all right though. ***.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "On Her Dookess' Secret Service"

I did not like that here or there. I did not like that anywhere.

The teenage angst is so bad and cringe it would painful if it weren't so laughable.

And the "mislead" at the beginning and end sucked. I knew the writers were screwing us around the entire time, and that's no way to deliver a "surprise" plot twist. I freaking HATE that crap.

Also, not to put too fine a point on it, but the Narrator is being used far too much. He pulled focus away from the story during important moments at the end. Speaking as someone who has their own obnoxious Narrator, I think the series overstepped his bounds here.

That sucked. *.

Green Eggs And Ham: The Second Serving "The Mom Who Loved Me"

This show has entirely lost its way. I don't feel like doing a point-by-point deconstruction of how that finale and that season utterly failed this show's fans. But whatever faith and trust fans put into this show last season turned out to be entirely misplaced. I am beyond disappointed.

I'm not saying it was a perfect show last year. But it was a damn good one. And now it's a bad one. That's the thing that pisses me off the most. It didn't HAVE to suck this much. It simply chose to. And that's the thing that's unforgivable. *.


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Dec 3, 2017
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Allllllright everybody. It's been nearly two and half years, but I'm back with another long-winded review of Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving. Was it worth the wait? Find out by reading my spoiler-packed word vomit below!

But before we get started, how about a blast from the past? November 18th, 2019:
The only bad part is that the series will probably have a two and a half year hiatus between seasons because the animation is so complex and takes a lengthy amount of time to complete. *sigh* Guess I’ll see you in May 2022, Green Eggs and Ham.
Wow, one month off! Not a bad prediction if I do say so myself. Anyway, on with the review!

-The new intro was FANTASTIC. I loved the trippy animation style, and the theme song really fits the James Bond-esque feel of season 2.

-The animation this season is just as amazing as ever. I found myself mesmerized by the facial expressions yet again. It's incredible how nuanced they are; a little shift of a line goes a long way.

Sam’s criminal past is something I want to see explored in season two.

-Wow Rainbow Cupcake of the past, you're on fire with these predictions! While I do wish we learned a bit more about Sam's con man history this season, there were some moments where it came into play. I thought Dr. Linda Schwartz was a one time subtle gag, but it was a BIG part of episode 4's plot. And it was hysterical. I also loved when "Dr. Linda" tried counseling E.B. in episode 7 with puppets ("R.V." had me in stitches).

-Initially, I was worried about Michellee getting left behind in Glerfzberg, but the writers ended up using her in some creative ways later in the season. I also loved the pregnancy twist in episode 5. I caught it at the doctor's office, when did you?

-Speaking of getting left behind, I am SO glad they didn't forget about Glutz. They ALMOST fooled me into thinking she'd only be used for a cheap gag in episode 1, but knowing this show's writing style, I'm ashamed that I fell for it. The "big reveal" in the last episode wasn't quite as funny as I thought it should be, but it was still a really fun way, albeit small, to incorporate Glutz this season.

-I'm glad they didn't go the route of making Pam the hidden villain. I had a bad feeling they might at the beginning of the season, and then it almost seemed to be set in stone in episode 7 when Guy started accusing Pam of mixing up which country buttered their toast which way. Usually when this happens in fiction, the accuser ends up being right, and then the victim has to come crawling back on their knees begging for mercy (Frozen is the first example I can think of). I liked how they made Guy wrong with his suspicions, even if he was only trying to protect Sam.

-Is it just me, or was the Narrator used more this season? I know I mentioned in my season 1 review that I wouldn't have minded hearing him more. I mainly liked his antics this season, from vaguely acknowledging the between seasons hiatus at the beginning to arguing with the female propaganda narrator. However, some of his lines felt a bit…forced. Maybe it's because I'm not a huge Keegan Michael Key fan, I don't know. But I still overall really liked him.

-I also noticed a lot more 3D assets this time around. Not necessarily a bad thing since a lot more gadgets and vehicles were needed. But I definitely noticed..

-Favorite episode this season…hmm. Quite possibly episode 7 (Guyfall, which is the perfect punny spy title). I think this show does a great job of creating intimate moments between characters with strong dialogue. This episode showcased that once again. It also contained my favorite joke of the season, when Sam questions Guy's age ("40…80…? I'm not actually sure how old you are").

-By the way, how old is Sam supposed to be? I'm guessing early 20s? Because he's obviously older than E.B. but younger than Guy. Guy often refers to him as a kid, but his mother called him a young man in the last episode. Not that it really matters but…

-I also quite liked episode 5 (You Only Mom Twice). The Bermuda Triangle parody was a neat location, and the time skipping aspect was a clever way to have Pam relive Sam's childhood years. Yeah, I'm not afraid to admit that I almost cried when Pam held baby Sam and said that they were in their "perfect spot."

Overall, I can gladly say that yes, the painfully long wait was definitely worth it. If I had to pick a favorite season, I would probably say I prefer season 1 a wee bit better. However, I would rank seasons 1 and 2 equally in quality. It's clear that the people assigned to this show genuinely care about the show as a story rather than a product. I doubt there will be a 3rd season greenlit, but I don't mind since I feel that this plotline has been resolved (but hey, I wouldn't complain if we got more content).
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