Happy 80th, Tweety!


Putting Bleeps on a Streaming Show Is Stupid
Jul 9, 2008
Tweety is the only core WB cartoon character to have their debut cartoon lapse into the public domain as a result of the last copyright holder not renewing after the initial 28-year period in effect at the time. We can thank United Artists Television for the widespread availability of this short on low-budget home video releases.


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To think that it was 5 years ago on this day when Stella Zhau made her "technical"/off-screen debut. It wouldn't be until August 2nd of that year when she made her "formal"/on-screen debut.
Revivals are fine if a show was abruptly cancelled and didn't get to finish its story, but for Pete's sake, can we at least slow down on the reboots so that original content can take priority? Why are networks so afraid of innovating now as if they haven't done it before?
Reply if you're muslim (you can if you aren't)
It's been one year since NickRewind block ceased the operations.
it's that day of the year!

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