How would you have fixed/improved it? (live-action)


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May 13, 2016
I know there's a similar one to this but that's under the General Animation thread board:

So, how about one for the live-action shows?

I.R. Shokew's first comment on the thread from the General Animation thread board can apply to live-action shows on this thread:
I've been thinking about this for quite some time - Let's say it's a show you dislike or find mediocre, or even a show you like, with something you don't like in it. This question goes out to you... How would you improve upon and/or fix this show to make into something better / actually great, or at least more watchable?

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Jan 19, 2004
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I posted the following on Toon Zone years ago:

I fixed Buffy Season Seven! (Spoilers!)

Am I the only one who really likes season seven? It's better than seasons six and one at any rate.

I don't think seven's major problem is that Buffy is unlikable although she is pretty much despicable by the latter half of the season. I don't think this is TOO much of a problem because I don't think you are SUPPOSED to side with Buffy. It's annoying that Spike always does but as she pushes away every single other character through her incompetence or self-righteousness you're supposed to be thinking "This is the chick who's gonna save the world from the ultimate evil? Uh oh." When the gang kicks Buffy out of the house you're SUPPOSED to side with Faith which I think was the writers' way of saying how bad things had gotten and how out of control Buffy was. The ultimate grrl power message of Joss' finale is so rewarding for me because it ultimately came from someone who had to learn that she couldn't do it all alone and had to trust EVERYBODY to defeat the Big Bad. The fact that the final battle had a lot of logic problems and plot holes was besides the point. You could argue that the problem was that Buffy is acting out of character but I think even in the best seasons Buffy is already quite self-involved. That said, I would have gotten rid of the tension and not have Buffy be unlikable if I had my druthers. I just don't think that was the season's main problem.

No I think the problem with the season is that it is too long. They should have pulled a "Friends" and had the last season only come back for 15 episodes. They blew their wad early in the season by overhyping the Big Bad by making things go REAL bad REAL quick so they had no choice but to practically coast for the latter half of the season until the last five episodes. Here is how I think they SHOULD have done it.

Lessons: Keep the Same

Beneath You: Keep the Same

Same Time, Same Place: Keep the Same

Help: Keep the same. This should also have been the only standalone episode of the entire season.

Selfless: Keep the same.

Him: Eliminate. The episode added nothing except to make Buffy look like a fool.

Conversations With Dead People: Keep the same except for Joyce's ghost telling Dawn that Buffy would betray her which was never really paid off satisfactorily.

Sleeper: Keep the same. It's not a great episode by any means but if this had been one of the low points of the season we would have been in great shape.

Never Leave Me: Keep the same.

Bring On the Night: Keep the same for the most part. I would also have this be Buffy's ONLY "inspirational speech" until Chosen. I would also have most of the Potentials show up here except for Rona who should have NEVER shown up.

Showtime: Eliminate. I'd also keep the Ubervamp around until the end of the season as a Little Bad that you THINK is a Big Bad until Caleb comes along much like Spike and Dru were in season two until Angelus came back.

Potential: Eliminate.

The Killer in Me: Eliminate. Willow already had her "repentance before the final battle" moment in Same Time, Same Place. She and Kennedy should never have hooked up.

First Date: I'd actually keep this one. We could have Wood meet Spike by being with Buffy when she finally rescued him instead of the lame Xander subplot. She also actually AVOIDS the Ubervamp here who is still out causing mischief.

Get It Done: Eliminate. Have the army of Ubervamps be revealed in Dirty Girls.

Storyteller: Eliminate. One of the best episodes from the latter part of the season just doesn't fit in if we want to keep ratcheting up the tension. Too bad.

Lies My Parents Told Me: Keep but totally overhaul. Get rid of the Giles "betrayal" and have Buffy be mad at BOTH Wood and Spike for getting into it when they could least afford to be alienating each other. Introduce Caleb in last scene by having him kill the Ubervamp so that we know the dude is powerful but we don't know which side he's on.

Dirty Girls: Outside of the Buffy/ Giles tension keep the same for the most part. Buffy makes an honest mistake here instead of being an idiot. Reveal the army of Ubervamps halfway through the episode.

Empty Places/ Touched: Merge into one episode but get rid of the Buffy tension with the Potentials and the Scoobies. Use the rest of the episode to actually lay out what the First's Plans are and why it decided to strike when it does. Answer almost all of the questions about this season's mystery rather than annoying soap opera theatrics. If the writers don't actually KNOW the answers make some up. Eliminate bomb plot although Buffy DOES find the Fray scythe alone by refusing to put anyone else in danger despite the Scoobies objections.

End of Days: Keep the mostly same especially Buffy killing the three Ubervamps with the Fray Scythe. Eliminate the tension with the rest of the Scoobies but keep it with Faith.

Chosen: Keep mostly the same but fine-tune battle to deal with plot holes and logic problems (Xander and Dawn should NOT be slaying Ubervamps; they should be either be waiting outside Sunnydale city limits or at the very least only fighting Bringers like Anya and Andrew.) Sit back as accolades from fans roll in.

That's what Joss should do if he ever got the chance to go back and do a "director's cut" anyways.


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