I need help documenting the 4kids Funky Cops English dub


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Oct 11, 2021
4kids aired their Funky Cops English dub for about 16 episodes on the fox box before it was yanked off the air for poor ratings. It apparently streamed all it's 26 produced dub episodes on their website, but nobody archived them. Does anyone have the 4kkds episode titles for these 26 episodes or any old fox box schedule grids from back in the day? Thanks for your help.

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Jan 17, 2005
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These are the ones that aired.

01 08/23/03 105 Goldsinger
02 09/06/03 101 A Fool's Errand
03 09/13/03 102 Under Construction
04 09/20/03 103 Long Live the King
05 09/27/03 104 The Thief of Hearts
06 10/04/03 108 The King of the Ring
07 10/11/03 106 Funky Bankers
08 10/18/03 107 The End of Disco
09 10/25/03 109 Blast from the Past
10 12/20/03 115 And No Partridge in a Pear Tree
11 05/01/04 111 A Woman Scorned
12 05/08/04 112 Cruise Control
13 05/15/04 113 The Earth Mothers
14 05/22/04 114 Double Life
15 05/29/04 116 Read My Mind
16 06/12/04 119 French Disconnection


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