International Disney Networks Thread Part 9

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Feb 6, 2022
Here's a little error on DC Poland.

This is the new episode screenbug that they use. It's in English and also not in the same spot as the normal ones.


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Oct 2, 2020
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More information about the 2022 Disney Channel EMEA rebrand are now available on Behance, including typefaces, line heights, color palette, and credits. Disney Channel Spain were the ones dealing with Flopicco, the design studio that developed the rebrand.

Massive applause to the people who did this rebrand because that was just...(mwa) chef's kiss. Perfection! Love it! :D

I know this rebrand is made for the EMEA regions only, I get that, but it has so much potential to revitalize Disney Channel for the longest time that I wish it becomes a worldwide thing.

If this rebrand becomes very successful, then I can guarantee you that Disney will make it worldwide sooner than later. Maybe by next year for their 40th anniversary. Who knows?

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Jul 29, 2016
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About @Frontier's concern on the recent DCEU plans, while I understand his worries, I really hope it doesn't mean it's the end of non-DCEU content like the DTV animated films but yeah.
Oh, and I feel like I should add: contrary to Bart's accurate calling out of Comic Book Guy's nitpicking when this show was on network TV, I PAID for Disney+ to watch The Simpsons, thank you very much, so I think I'm entitled to a certain level of customer satisfaction. Maybe it's because it's cheap, because HBO Max certainly delivers, and boy, that one's pricey.

This quote used to be a hilarious meme I'd use to counter salty fanboys. But now that I've seen it in context of the episode... yikes. No wonder the Simpsons went downhill when the writers thought so little of what garbage they're feeding their audience. Meanwhile, South Park...

Also, ironically, this quote felt far more obnoxious than most of SP's lines because of the context.
episode 4 of the really loud house has the same stock scream sound effect from that "its monday... already?" garfield meme

and they play it twice in 15 seconds
Check out @Sam the Cartoonist 's thread in The Drawing Board, The Shapes!

There you'll find a link to a truly wild and funny comic strip. It's great.

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