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Nov 30, 2020
Dreamworks release New Episode or Final Batch Season 4 For Boss Baby Back In Business on dreamworks asia start 2 May everyday at 5:00 PM



That one that banters over Sony TV channels
Mar 29, 2018
True and I recall watching the channel when it was available in Portugal during the early 2000s.
Didn't knew that Portugal used to get it! I presume it also aired in Spain or?
Since I'm here, could I ask you which Locomotion "era" you preferred? The Hearst-Claxson era, the Hearst-Corus era or the very short Sony one? Now that I think, the newer logo was introduced near to the joint venture change? Still wondering what the Canadians of Corus wanted to do with a LATAM kids channel. Not that would be the last time they would have a joint venture together. The Canadian Cosmo(politan TV) was that.


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So NERF sells Minecraft toys apparently...
Something I've noticed about Popeye on MeTV's Saturday Morning Cartoons as of late- not only are there now 4 shorts instead of 3, they're mostly, if not entirely, ones from the 1950s. A decade that Warner Home Video has yet to tackle for the Sailor Man. Almost like it's a sign.
Here is my multisource Sparta "no BGM" remix. Enjoy! :)
I'm not sure what Nick waiting for: every weekend Nick is airing keep it here Nick ads for Warped! But still no word for whether it's cancelled or renewed.
Recently actor James Hong was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel. He's 93 but still going strong. Really cool!

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