Korean Webtoon Film and TV adaptations?


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May 8, 2022
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For anyone who doesn't who doesn't what a webtoon, It's simply a Korean webcomic that has a infinite canvas and also read on smartphones, Most webtoons are made into a web series for sake being made on the internet, Sometimes, the Korean film industry gets involved on the webtoons and its popularity and decided to make a movie based on the webtoon, The first film to be based on a webtoon is APT in 2006 and its based on a second generation webtoon by Kang Full, Other films based on second generation webtoons were made in following year such as Dasepo Naughty Girls and Tazza as well as Le Grand Chef in 2007.
The first three films don't follow the source material like the webtoons did and doesn't capture the style of the webtoons either, Daespo Naughty girls looks more like a Japanese pink film and a Live-action anime rather than the webtoon Also the School uniforms in the film don't nothing like the webtoon, In the webtoon the female character's school uniforms were blue shirts, Pink ties and purple knee-length skirts, in the film. They wore white shirts, pink bow ties and short skirts, as for the males in the film they wore white shirts and a purple tie. I never watch the live-action film and TV adaptations based on webtoons before, but I did know about the animated adaptations of webtoons such as Noblesse and The God of High School since they were made into anime and it captures the style of the webtoon and being faithful to the source material, What are your thoughts on Film and TV adaptations on Korean webtoons?


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