Looking for an European cartoon about some woman obvious to being pursued by admirers


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Sep 25, 2022
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I remember coming across some random indie European (I think French, but I'm not certain of that) cartoon around 2 years while surfing on TV Tropes. The premise (and the basis of the gags) was about a young woman carrying out her daily life while being oblivious to all of the men lusting over her. No matter how aggressive and harassing those would be suitors were, it would always fly over her head. If my memory is serving me, I think it was also set in Paris, though it could've been in Venice or some other famous "romantic" European city.

From what little I can recall, the protagonist's design was essentially riffing on Jessica Rabbit (especially her red hair style and body form), with some Marilyn Monroe thrown in as well. The hand drawn animation was crude, and seemed to be essentially traced over live action backgrounds. I think it was made around the late 80s to early 90s.

There was also an episode featuring a mummy coming to life in a museum that the protagonist was visiting. That is all that I can remember from it.

Does any of this sound similar to anyone here? Any help would be appreciated, as I haven't been able to retrace my steps to find it again.


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