Mario Party 1 N64 controversy- too out of hand since the Pokemon shock?

Oct 11, 2010
The Wolverine State
As a possible man who will be using his hands a lot at his possible job using with lots of stirring, this made me think of the now-overblown Nintendo 64 controller controversy for the original Mario Party. I have done the palm trick before. It was sore and guess what- IT HEALED ON ITS OWN! No pain, no gain. So I can't buy the fact that people got "injured" from all these mini games. It felt like a dumb soccer mom move here in the USA and maybe even for some in Japan who got sensationalized in that country. Here's a trick- don't use the wrist trick all the time if you're that bothered by it.

Maybe it was different for some people I don't know, but this little controversy was enough for Nintendo to try to bury the game a little. Maybe it will be seen on NSO Expansion Pack sometime. (I want the game to be on there so badly I like the soundtrack and it's my favorite Mario Party next to 4).

So, what's your take on the controversy? Was it overblown and slightly oversensationalitzed like the Pokemon Electrc Soilder Porygon controversy of 1997? Or did people get hurt that badly.

Post your thoughts here. I think it was a dumb move for soccer moms and Nintendo IMO.


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gotta catch em all cause he’s greeny phatom

gotta catch em all cause he’s
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